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A day at Paradise Cove Beach in Malibu!

Paradise Cove Beach family friendly beach in Malibu! Paradise Cove Beach is located in a quaint corner off the Pacific Coast Highway. It is surrounded by high sandstone cliffs [...]


La Brea Tar Pits Excavation site of ancient bone finds! There are skyscrapers in Los Angeles, beautiful beaches, beautiful coastal roads and of course Hollywood with its celebrities, [...]

Devastating Forest Fires in California!

Forest fires in California! Unfortunately, forest fires belong to the sunshine state of California, such as burger, sun, sandy beach and the deep blue sea. They are feared and always present, because mostly [...]

Free Los Angeles Attractions!

Another 10 Free Attractions in Los Angeles! Since many found my article about free excursion destinations in Los Angeles interesting, here follows part 2! Attractions can be [...]

American Breakfast by Denny's

American breakfast as you would expect! (Unpaid advertising by attribution) Denny's, 2830 Camino Del Rios North, Newbury Park, CA 91320 Our American daughter-in-law has [...]

The Americans and their dog!

The Americans and their dog, a big love! The dogs being treated like family members is a trend that has been going on for some years, especially in the US [...]

Agriculture in California

California also called the fruit garden of the USA! (Unpaid advertising by attribution) More than half of the products grown in the US come from agriculture in California. This is [...]

What is an American Funnel Cake?

What is an American Funnel Cake and how do you make it? Funnel Cakes are a sweet pastry made from viscous dough that is fried in hot fat, in the pan [...]

Why do Americans say oh my gosh?

Oh my gosh, expression for emotions in the US! Advertising, contains affiliate link! Since we always live privately during our visits in the USA, we [...]

Beverly Hills Hotel Los Angeles!

The Pink Palace, the Beverly Hills Hotel Los Angeles in Beverly Hills! (Unpaid advertising by attribution) During our visits to Los Angeles we are already [...]

What do Americans love most?

America land of fast food? (Unpaid advertising by attribution) What do Americans like best? Many think fast food but that's a prejudice! As we […]

Christmas lights in Camarillo

Santa is coming, christmas lights in Camarillo! With these Christmas Impressions of the Christmas Lights in Camarillo I wish you a Merry Christmas and contemplative [...]

American horror story freak show!

American horror story freak show, fourth season of the American horror story! The American Horror Story is a popular and successful American television horror series of the extra class, which meanwhile [...]

How do Americans celebrate Halloween?

Soon the time has come, Halloween is getting closer and the anticipation for the horror festival is increasing! Halloween in the US is one of the most important festivals besides Christmas [...]

Universal Studios Hollywood!

The Universal Studios Hollywood a top attraction of Los Angeles. As a theme park fan, Universal Studios Hollywood was a must for us, of course. We visited the studios [...]

Sights in New York

The top 5 attractions in New York that you must have seen. Many thanks to my guest author Thomas H. He is much around the world [...]

Where is the Hollywood Sign?

The Hollywood Sign, more than just nine white letters! Where is the Hollywood Sign, this impressive warning sign? The address is; Griffith Park, Los Angeles, CA [...]

Paramount Ranch in Agoura Hills

The Paramount Ranch in Agoura Hills is a piece of Hollywood history. My son had planned a surprise for our last day of vacation. He said we do [...]


Where is the CityWalk in Los Angeles?