We dream of our favorite places in California!


Favorite places in California that almost everyone knows!

California is the third largest and most populous state in the United States after Alaska and Texas and already has twice as many inhabitants as New York. The Golden State, as it is also called, is a dream destination for many tourists. It is for many the most popular state of the USA and offers many attractions.

There are small, picturesque places on the coast but also large, fascinating cities such as Los Angeles and San Diego. California is a mix of beautiful beaches and breathtaking landscapes. Many of them are known through film and television around the world.

We love California and dream with Roy Orbison!

Which US fan does not dream of driving along the coast on the world famous Highway Number One? The Pacific Coast Highway, as it is also called, is a very popular and varied dream road in California. It winds along the coast of the Pacific Ocean and is considered one of the most beautiful roads in the world.   The PCH passes through tight hairpin bends and deep canyons, past impressive cliffs and beautiful sandy beaches. It is therefore next to Route 66, one of the most popular roads with bikers.

Malibu is located north of Santa Monica on the Pacific coast and is known for its endless, beautiful sandy beaches. These are not as crowded as the beaches in Santa Monica and Venice and surrounded by much more nature. Here you can relax in the sun and listen to the sound of the ocean. The balmy wind that constantly blows from the ocean does not let you feel the high temperatures. Or just close your eyes and think of Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff, who guarded the beach here. Here and in Santa Monica was shot for the series Baywatch, which most of us know.

Of course, Malibu is also known for its many famous personalities who own a house here. Some live on the beach and others prefer to stay quieter in the hills of Malibu. Barbra Streisand, Cher, Thomas Gottschalk and many more have discovered this beautiful area for themselves and own a noble residence here.

The Santa Monica Pier is bustling and never boring. There are painters who instantly immortalize in a picture, musicians who offer a great show, many smaller stalls, souvenir shops and restaurants. Highly recommended is, for example, the Bubba Gump, that in connection with the movie Forrest Gump knows. Unfortunately it is usually very crowded and you have to wait a while for a place. Meanwhile, you can take a ride in the Pacific Park with the roller coaster or enjoy the Ferris wheel the great view of the Pacific and West Los Angeles.

At Venice Beach, while relaxing in the sun, you can watch the planes rising from LA Airport. Or you watch the many young people who show their tricks on the skating rink directly on the beach. There is a mile-long promenade where one shop joins the other and you can buy everything from clothes, kitsch to marijuana.

Not to mention, of course, the muscle beach known by Arnold Schwarzenegger, where you can train muscle men in the sun and lift weights.

We still have many favorite places in California but of course a report is not enough.
The next part will follow soon!


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