Melrose Avenue the Instagram Center of Los Angeles!


Melrose Avenue is a shopping and entertainment street in Los Angeles that begins on Santa Monica Boulevard and ends on Lucille Avenue in Silver Lake. It is considered one of the trendiest streets in Los Angeles with its many bars, cafes and boutiques.

If you like small, trendy and trendy galleries or boutiques, this street is the right place for you. But of course there are also designer shops such as Alexander McQueen, Paper Bags Princess or Paul Smith. Not to forget the prettyLittleThing's pink showroom, of which my granddaughter really wanted to have photos.

Los Angles is known for its painted works of art on buildings that attract thousands of people to take the perfect photo. These wall art pieces are scattered all over the city, which makes it a bit difficult to photograph them all.

Melrose Avenue is the Instagram center of Los Angeles. If you want to see the most popular walls, you should definitely start in this street, because there you will find the most famous and most photographed of the city. These include, for example, the Pink Wall by Paul Smith and, of course, the Cisco Home's Made in LA Wall.

Marilyn Monroe!

661-673 N Kilkea Drive Melrose Avenue

On Melrose Avenue, on the corner of Kilkea Drive, you will find this huge painting by Marilyn.

Rainbows Wall The Paper Bag Princess!

8050 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles

On the southwest corner of Melrose Ave and Laurel, just across the wall from Made In LA, you can see two colorful rainbows on the wall. When you get closer you can see that these bows are not painted, but crocheted. I found the wall totally cute with its colors and flowers and of course I really wanted a photo.

Cisco Home's Made in LA Wall!

8025 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles

Just a few steps from the Pink Wall on the side of the Paul Smith building is Cisco Home's Made in LA Wall.

This wall, which is supposed to show the pride of the locals about their city, has already become a real Instagram icon. It's definitely worth stopping by for the right photo.

8221 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles

If you're on Instagram, you've probably seen pictures of Paul Smith's Pink Wall in Los Angeles. The pink facade on Melrose Avenue has become one of the most popular locations for fans from all over the world.

Dozens of people are patiently waiting to pose on this famous pink wall to take the perfect picture.

7767 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles

One of the most popular Instagram spots is certainly the Angel Wings wall by Colette Miller. These beautiful angel wings are meant to remind people that we are all angels on earth.

There are several of these wings in Los Angeles, but in front of them on Melrose Avenue, Instagramers are lining up for a photo.

Those were the most popular walls on Melrose Avenue, but of course there are many more that aren't as well known. Whether Lagerfeld or Hundeshop, you could really take pictures of painted walls for hours and still find no end.

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