Walhalla Hall of Fame high above the Danube!


If the weather is right, we will gladly take our time and go on an expedition in our native Bavaria. We drive to one of our beautiful lakes for hiking, or explore the sights of our cities.

Because whether Nuremberg, Munich, Bamberg or Würzburg in every city there are magnificent buildings to explore, which are known worldwide such as the castle Neuschwanstein, the Festspielhaus in Bayreuth or the Bamberg Cathedral.

For a long time we wanted to visit once again the Wallhalle Hall of Fame Ludwig I. and last week it was finally time. We sit in the car and drove via Regensburg to Donaustauf.

Gebäude zwischen den Bäumen h och über der Donau stehen. Even from a distance you can see this unique inside and outside with marble clad buildings between the trees on the Danube. It is strongly reminiscent of the Acropolis of Athens, as it stands there impressive in the white-blue sky.

The access by car is easy, you can drive almost to the very top and park it in the corresponding parking for € 2.50. From there, a short, slightly uphill path through the forest leads to the Hall of Fame Hall of Fame.

Once at the top you have a great view down to the valley, where the Danube meanders through the landscape. We also like to observe the ships that drop their visitors or with which you can drive into the middle of Regensburg's old town.

The Walhalla Hall of Fame of Valhall takes its name, according to Norse mythology the resting place of brave fallen warriors. The order for the construction of this impressive, impressive cultural monument was given by King Ludwig I. of Bavaria.

Inside are busts and memorial plaques of glorious German-speaking personalities such as Goethe, Schiller, Lessing, Albrecht Dürer and Martin Luther . Well-known composers such as Mozart, Richard Wagner, Franz Schubert and Ludwig Van Beethoven are also honored with busts.

It is very interesting to see the images of the personalities who played a political or cultural role in the history of Germany and Europe.

But we have saved this time, because we have been to this hall several times already.

We preferred a tour of the Walhalla, sat on the steps and enjoyed the wonderful view.

Afterwards we enjoyed a coffee and a delicious piece of cake in the nearby kiosk, which is equipped with a few benches to sit down. With a popsicle it went back to the parking lot, because it was time to start the way home.

A tip from me!

Especially beautiful is a visit to the Hall of Fame Hall at dusk, when the sun disappears on the horizon. Then you are almost alone, can sit on the steps, while drinking a glass of wine and enjoy a romantic evening and views.

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