Where is the Neverland Ranch by Michael Jackson?


Michael's Neverland, his former home!

We always like to visit Solvang, the small Danish town near Santa Barbara. It is a cozy place to stroll, with many small Danish shops. The Danish pastry tastes great and our little grandson loves this place, because there is a great playground in the Danish style.


As we watched the kid play, my son said, "Mom, do you know that Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch is close by, only about 20 minutes away? "

Of course I did not know that, but now I wanted to go there immediately. For every Michael Jackson fan it's still a dream to see his former home.

The address is: 5225 Figueroa Mountain Rd Los Olivos, CA 93441

The ride from Solvang was leisurely through the Santa Ynez Valley, a well-known and popular valley among wine lovers, where delicious tastings are offered at wineries. During the drive, which sometimes only went on this country road through this peaceful area, we saw horses and cows grazing in lush, green meadows, which could not be disturbed by us. We could not believe that we would find something peaceful and lonely there, because Santa Barbara with its many tourists, is not far away. You hardly saw a car or people on the street, the peace and seclusion there was really gorgeous!

You really feel like you are in the middle of nowhere, that must have been Michael Jackson's feeling.

Actually we had thought before the Neverland Ranch it would be full of fans and tourists, but nothing indicated that she is there. The road is nothing more than a better way and even the very low fence, which could easily be overcome, did not suggest it.

We drove past the gate, so inconspicuous is this place, even fans were not to be seen at this time. Unfortunately, the nameplate NEVERLAND can no longer be seen and you can not get through the gate, but nevertheless it is a reminder of one of the most popular megastars of all times!

The gatehouse was occupied, because one has seen how the security cameras have moved. The security guards apparently got used to the fans, they did not come out when we looked around and took our pictures.

In front of the gate of the Neverland Ranch, there is a small memorial on a wall with small gifts. Many of the bricks are described with declarations of love from the Michael Jackson fans who visited this site.

Also on the fences hang letters and hearts of fans from all over the world, thereby one sees how much he was loved. Unfortunately, I have heard that these things are removed regularly, which I find really very sad.

The drive to Neverland Ranch was worth it for me, even though you could not see much except the gate. It really was a very special experience for me to have been in this place.


  • I would also have taken the opportunity in your place ...

    • It was kind of a strange feeling, I can not describe it. To see how it all slowly disappears is very sad

      • that's the way of things ...
        but the RANCH will surely be preserved as a kind of GRACELAND ...

        • That would be nice, but I do not think so, one has a very oppressive feeling when standing there and his life's work
          because looks so abandoned. You should make a museum of it but who would pay the 67 million to buy the ranch.

          • the money-horny Jackson clan is not there yet ... wonders ...

            probably has the inheritance reasons ...

          • First, it should be sold for 100 million, now they are down to 67 million. It's a bargain!

          • I have to agree with the previous speaker (or prescriptions ;-)). I too would have visited the Neverland Ranch when I was around.
            I am also surprised that this Jackson clan does not exploit the ranch financially.
            Do you see anything of the rides from the fence?

          • The Gebite is 11 km ² large, unfortunately you can see nothing. But that was an ideal retreat.
            Best regards

          • Thanks for the answer. 🙂
            Greetings from Linz

          • have big difficulties to answer your comments ...

            nothing is going on in READER ... and things are getting harder here ...

            on your "SPECIAL OFFER" I wanted to say:

            * wait ... I'll take a look ... what's in the postage ... *

          • But that is seltdam, why could that be?

        • Carina from STMK

          The fact that the ranch can not be used as a memorial park is due to the fact that the residents and the residents completely reject it. They do not want a bustle. And to rebuild the whole ranch so that it is presentable or even in the old condition would cost a fortune. And the next reason is that Jackson's favorite place does not want to make it all open to everyone. The house and everything was then vacated at his departure. There would not be much to see anyway. Clear. For me as a fan it would still be a dream. And one more reason, the ranch is very secluded. Unlikely that the insane costs would be covered by admissions.

  • Hello Sigrid,

    such a nice article! I would have expected that the ranch would be stormed by tourists and more like an amusement park ...
    But I think that just the pictures radiate such a real peace!

    Best regards, Lisa

  • Wow really impressive!
    When I saw the link on Facebook, I had to click directly in front of curiosity. Had really thought that there is still a lot going on today - Tourigruppen and Touri-Tours included. Madness! On the one hand, really sad!

    Greetings 🙂

  • I never thought the ranch was in Denmark. I took it for granted that she was in the USA. Really impressive pictures, I love those lost places.

  • Hello, are really beautiful pictures that radiate peace, great contribution. Thought too it would be full of tourists.
    best regards

  • now my KOMMI is rejected here too ...

    so it's no fun ...

  • as an answer, the connection was rejected ... and again I do not want to type the whole thing ...

    sorry ...

  • Hey, I think that's absolutely exciting. Too bad that you could not see it anymore.
    Best regards!

  • Have your impressions already admired on Instagram and am blown away from your trip!


  • I would also go there without being a fan of Michael Jackson?

  • Oh, my heart is crying. Michael was the best person ever. Nice that you share this special memory with us. Greetings ronja

  • How cool is that!? I would definitely have gone there in your place. Too bad that you could not see anymore. But that is also very cool 🙂
    Love from


  • Dear Sigrid

    OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my favorite report from you! I'm a big fan of Michael Jackson and will definitely go there in the next few years!

    Thank you for the great and interesting report!


  • What does it have to be a great feeling to be in this memorable place? I just miss him, Michael ... The way you make me feel

  • Michael Jackson - a really big <3! I would not have missed this place. I've always found the regular baiting during his lifetime so bad ... and after that ... how quickly he was "forgotten" ...

    Greetings and have a nice evening!

  • mary dream team fitness

    That's very sad! Where once was joy and pleasure is now only silence. Must have been strange to be in the place. But thanks for the insights.
    best regards

  • Thank you for this great contribution. For me, Michael Jackson was the biggest pop star of all time. I would like to drive to this place, even if you do not come in. I think you do a favor with the announcement of the address many fans. It's just a kind of historical place. But it makes me sad, too. LG Julia

  • What a beautiful area, in the middle of nature. Alone and abandoned. Just the right thing to relax and be creative. That's what Michael thought. Very nice post, and thanks for sharing <3

  • That's just crazy, I could never imagine anything, thanks for that

  • There's something magical about it, right? I always feel very strange when I'm in places where real greats once worked, lived, loved or did anything else ...

  • Thanks for the great contribution, I would have been curious and visited the ranch.

    LG Jasmine

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