Country music in California best feeling for the road trip!


We never thought that country music was so popular in California, for us it was Texas or Tennessee, but not California.

In the meantime, we know that California is not considered the mecca of country music, but in the last century it has produced some great country musicians such as Merle Haggard and Buck Owens.

The two made the Bakersfield Sound, a new kind of country music that originated in the 1950s and 60s and was influenced by rock and roll, beyond the area of ​​Bakersfield known throughout the surrounding area.

Other country musicians, such as Jon Pardi, Big Rich or Brett Young have followed in their footsteps and are currently at the top of the billboard charts.

They have shown that Country still has a place in the golden state.

Country music in California at 105.1!

When we travel with our family on the streets of California, we almost always hear country songs, mostly on 105.1.

When we get stuck in a traffic jam, which is almost normal in Los Angeles, we join our daughter-in-law, who loves to co-sign country songs by Sam Hunt or Keith Urban.

Almost all of these country songs are about the relaxed lifestyle in California. It is about the beauty of the state, lost love or longing for the homeland.

This song from Home Free describes the California Dream!

From Mulholland Drive, look out the Hollywood sign, walk down Hollywood Boulevard or barefoot through the sand. We do all of that when we're in California.

Big Rich sing about the love of California!

Of course, as we drive along the Pacific Coast Highway and sing Big Rich of love for California, voices are loud. The beaches, the sunset, the hills and Hollywood, we all love that too.

Brett Young describes California wonderfully!

The sky is blue and the view of the ocean and the hills of Malibu is indescribable. This Californian dream, who would not like to live it.

A funny way to describe the Rascal Flatts California!

We love the songs of the Rascal Flatts! In this they compare women with the most beautiful places in California such as Santa Barbara or the beach of Corona del Mar.

Roy Orbison is singing about the yearning for California!

I think nobody describes the yearning for California as well as Roy Orbison in one of the last songs before his death.

I live my life with you in my thoughts and think of things that I have left far behind.

Country music in California beautifully describes the lifestyle of the people of the golden state!


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