Curious and crazy laws in California!


Bizarre from California!

I've come across some weird and crazy laws, some of them over 350 years old. Since the old codes were not dedusted, they could still be used today. There are a lot of them, but in this post I limited myself to California.

Sheep on Hollywood Boulevard!

Sure, sheep also want to go for a walk on Hollywood Boulevard and watch the Oscars. But please do not lead more than two thousand, that is strictly prohibited.

Do not get caught, otherwise go behind bars !

Dear dogs, always take care that you are far enough from a church since. It is a crime for dogs to mate to a church within 500 yards . gegen werden mit $500 oder 6 Monaten Gefängnis geahndet. Offenses will be punished with $ 500 or 6 months in prison.

This can be dangerous Men, please measure accurately!

A man may not beat his wife without a player's consent with a strap or stick wider than 2 inches. If he wants to use a wider strap or stick, he needs the prior permission of his wife.

However, whether the wider one is allowed is unlikely because 2 inches are a good 5 cm, but everything is possible.

Guaranteed sun!

The residents of California are guaranteed by law sunshine. The sun is shining because we had two days of rain during our stay in Los Angeles. Actually, we could now sue the sun.

In San Francisco, elephants can only walk on leashes along Market Street without being banned. Well, hopefully they are familiar with the local traffic rules.

Bathing establishments prohibited by law!

In California, bathing establishments of all kinds are prohibited by law. This includes, among other things, whirlpools, saunas, steam baths and public baths such as swimming pools. This law was created in the early 1980s to stem the spread of AIDS.
At the time it was thought that there was more sexual anonymity in such public baths than anywhere else.

Well and now you can think about which Aquapark you want to go to. There are Raging Waters, Wet'n'Wild, Knott's Soak City, Splash Kingdom Waterpark and many more.

In Chico, you pay $ 500 penalty if you detonate a nuclear weapon within the city.

A mousetrap may only be set up by persons with a valid hunting permit.

In Pasadena, the boss and his secretary are not allowed to be alone in the room.

Persons identified as ugly should not use a walkway.

In San Francisco, car owners are not allowed to polish their car with used underwear.

In Los Angeles, two babies are not allowed to bathe together in the same tub.

Even licking toads is prohibited in Los Angeles, the secretion could trigger a state of intoxication.

In Ventura County, dogs and cats need prior permission to have sex with each other.

In Eureka, it is forbidden for Schnurbart wearers to kiss a woman. This is prohibited everywhere in the apartment or hotel.

There is also a law that prohibits planting vegetables in California cemeteries.

You must not have a snail or an elephant as a pet.

When riding a bike in the pool you should not get caught, because that is prohibited by law.

A vehicle without a driver may not drive faster than 96 km / h.

I do not believe that in any country there are as many strange and crazy laws as in the USA!

I would be glad if I made you smile for a while, to be continued!


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