Starbucks, Starbucks is just totally delicious!


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When we first visited Las Vegas and our hotel did not offer a proper breakfast, we went to Starbucks. , da es unweit von unserem Hotel dem Bally 's lag. There are many stores in Las Vegas, we chose them at the Hotel Mirage , as it was not far from our Bally 's hotel. There a very rich offer of sweet and savory awaited us. Brownies , Marmorkuchen und Schokoladencroissants. Since we are both sweet-toothed, we ordered blueberry muffins, chocolate brownies , marble cake and chocolate croissants. brewed coffee und der schmeckte erstaunlich gut, nicht so schwach wie in anderen Kaffees. There was a cup of freshly brewed coffee and it tasted surprisingly good, not as weak as in other coffees.
During our annual visits to the US, we have visited many Starbucks stores. auf dem Flughafen in Philadelphia. It starts with the stopover at the airport in Philadelphia.

In the area around Los Angeles, our vacation destination, there are many Starbucks stores and of course we always like to take a break. You can find them there on every corner and also in almost every mall, in these there are sometimes even several. At Starbucks you just keep getting the best coffee in America. The range is the same in all stores, so you can be sure to get the same taste and almost everywhere it is well-attended and slightly hectic. It also looks very comfortable in all with comfortable sofas and dark wooden tables. All branches are clean and there are the usual souvenirs and free wifi.

Whether in the Universal Studios Hollywood, on Hollywood Boulevard or on a visit to the Calabasas Commons. Starbucks are everywhere and there is always time for a delicious Frappuccino.

We prefer to visit the Starbucks at Malibu Colony Plaza, where we go ice cream very often and shop for example at Ralphs . As in all other Starbucks stores, there is also the best coffee here. It is a little quieter and you have the feeling, not just to be processed.

After a day at the beach enjoying a frozen Caramel Frappuccino and watching the people, this is especially fun. We have already seen Halle Berry, Lady Gaga, David Beckham and several others in this place. They are doing their normal business here, buying ice cream for their children, or getting a cup of coffee at Starbucks, as we do.

Stars are everywhere in this area, for example, in a supermarket in Thousand Oaks Pink stood in front of us at the cash register. Nobody would take a picture because it is normal there and they certainly want to have their peace, which should be respected.

During our stays in the US we pretty much tasted the whole range at Starbucks. My favorite is the Frozen Caramel Frappuccino, from time to time there is also a Strawberry Smoothie, sometimes even both.

Another plus points for Starbucks. The chain is Fairtrade's partner, meaning they serve coffee for which the workers or coffee farmers are really paid for their work.

In Germany you can also find Starbucks stores, but the prices are not cheap here. But of course we treat ourselves here and now a good coffee, because we have come to the taste.


  • There's a lot of fuss about Starbucks. But I also like to get coffee or something to eat, because it's so easy to get something vegan!

  • That's true, you just have a pretty good quality standard. I also noticed that there are many Starbucks around LA, but in the meantime one or the other will have joined in as well 🙂 I am actually more into smaller cafes but you have to look for them first and you can look at them as well fall ... so it means for me when I'm on the road and not just in Italy, either Starbuck or Balzac 🙂

    • So it is with us, which is also great at Starbucks, you can go to the bathroom, that is very pleasant, if you are traveling in Los Angeles.

  • Are the Starbucks as good here in Germany as in America? Although I know a branch, but was not a guest.

  • Good evening.
    I once went to Starbucks and thought it was just fine. That was in Hamburg. Would get there again and again something.

    Dearest greetings,

  • I have not been to Starbucks for ages, which is mainly due to the outrageous prices here in Germany. The Caramel Macchiato has always been my favorite. 😀

  • I also think that Starbucks is much, much, much, much better in the US than in Germany. Here I NEVER go to Starbucks. But in America - sure! But I have not seen any stars there yet * sigh * For breakfast I still prefer Denny's or iHop 😉
    Love from

  • Dear Sigrid

    Another great report!

    Unfortunately, I can not write anything about coffee, since I do not drink any! ; oD

    But the muffin from Starbucks is amazing!

    Have a nice day!


  • I love the coffee from Starbucks too. Mostly the only coffee in the USA that is stronger and sweets cake is also a dream ....

  • I must confess that I love the Starbucks coffee and its many variants and have spent many hours there in a relaxed atmosphere. Meanwhile, I have my own little syrup collection at home and try a variety of variants rather own - especially for cost reasons. All the best, Kathrin

  • well ... now I feel like coffee ... you seductress ...

  • I come out as "not a Starbucks goer." First, I find the prices outrageous and secondly, the coffee does not taste at all. Fortunately, there are many coffee houses in Austria with really good coffee. ☺️

    Best regards, Nicoletta

  • I'm a bit of a coffee nose and I must honestly confess that I'm more into Starbucks in the US. In the city we have a Starbucks but it is very poorly located and very uncomfortable. We have the Campus Suite, and in terms of quality and taste, both are really high up. As far as the prices are concerned, I have to say that Starbucks is a bit more expensive, but as you have already described: Fair coffee is a little more expensive and that is justifiable 🙂

    best regards

  • So I've been to Starbucks before and somehow I can not beat them. I think the selection is good, but the simple coffee. I prefer drinking in the cafe around the corner;) ...
    Nevertheless, when I am close again, I want to try something different. Maybe he can convince me after all.

    All the best

  • Dear Sigrid,

    I think I'm the biggest Starbucks fan ever! In Ö, Starbucks has not been around for too long ... before that, it was always mandatory in the US. Now I'm 5x week at Starbucks. Of course that's really expensive ... but I'm addicted to the Toffenut Latte. You will not believe that I get it at my regular branch (where I am every day) throughout the year ;-). But it is really like that!

    best regards

    • Another Starbucks fan, that makes me very dear Verena. Have received some not so nice comments in Facebook.
      best regards

  • mary dream team fitness

    A Starbucks coffee is and always will be a Starbucks coffee 😉 And although we know it's certainly overpriced, we always go back for a coffee 🙂 I love not only the coffee at Starbucks, but also the atmosphere at Starbucks. I really enjoy working at Starbucks with my laptop and it's really happening all over the world 🙂
    best regards

  • I totally agree with you: For me Starbucks has the best coffee. I love the exceptional atmosphere at Starbucks. 🙂


  • Hello,
    I rarely drink coffee, but tea tastes very good there too 🙂

    Love Linni

  • I think the coffee from Starbucks is pretty good, but I find it a bit too expensive ..

  • I am not a coffee fan, but Starbbucks also has really delicious tea, especially in London I was absolutely thrilled with the tea assortment. In Austria, I have to say I rather put myself in a proper Wienercafè and eat Sacher cake 😉

  • Is the price difference between Starbucks in the US and Germany so big? I think the coffee is really incredibly expensive here: / But he is delicious, that's right. 😀

    best regards

  • I'm not a big fan of Starbucks. Although drinks and food are really delicious, but personally it is just too expensive.

  • I also love Starbucks, but find the drinks very sweet and expensive.

  • I really like Starbucks in the US, but in Germany I drink the actually good as never before. I have only one in the city and that is in the outlet, because you are so not so often on 😀

    Greetings Moni

    • I'm also so dear Moni, I would have to go to Nuremberg every time, but 80km for a coffee is already a bit far.
      best regards

  • Makes a MUCH better impression than ours. I know only grubby, too stuffed and shut down branches here in Good Old Germany and avoid the store. So then for a coffee to USA 😉 😀

  • I love Starbucks. When we were in the US, we also got a coffee every day at Starbucks. But above all, I love the Frappuchino Caramel?

  • I love Starbucks, when I'm in Milaneo in Stuttgart, I have to make a detour every time. 🙂 Of course I do not know if the German tastes different.

    LG Jasmine

  • I also like Starbucks coffee, the many flavors. The Pumpkin Spice is back now, and now I'm in for a second. The only thing I find in Austria quite violent, are simply the prices - there it is like you in Germany. 6-7 € for a coffee is just not really cheap, where you just have a few sips. but good .. Starbucks 🙂
    Carol Karolina

    • Sure, the price is a bit high but Fair Trade helps the coffee farmers in building their future, that I find then not too expensive.
      best regards

  • my dear Sigrid,
    a very revealing contribution! and I realize that the American Starbucks must be clearly different from ours in Europe! Although I like the coffee drinks here too, I still think there is better coffee than this 😉

    there may be the German version of the American like to look something else 🙂
    Best regards too,
    ❤ Tina from

    • There you are, dear Tina,
      You already notice the difference, but maybe you just think that because you drink it in America. Everything is better on vacation.
      best regards

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