American Breakfast by Denny's


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Denny's, 2830 Camino Del Rios North, Newbury Park, CA 91320

Our American daughter in law told us so much about the American Breakfast by Denny's that we wanted to have breakfast there. She also said we should definitely visit the one in Newbury Park, he would be more comfortable than any other Denny's. There she was already happy as a little girl with her parents and later with her friends from school. Now she's visiting this restaurant with her own family, my son and my little grandson.

Incidentally, children are free here most days.

It finally worked out during our stay in California this year. We were traveling by car, stopping and just went to Denny's for a late breakfast

Dennis is a well-known restaurant chain in the United States that operates over 1,600 restaurants in all states of the United States. Unlike other chains, restaurants are open around the clock, even on most public holidays. You get all food and drinks throughout and can feast at late hours with friends.

We were immediately greeted very friendly and led to a place. The decision was not easy with this large selection, but the very friendly and courteous service gave us very good advice.

Make the American Breakfast by Denny's!

Build Your Own Grand Slam , I think that's a great idea from Denny's!

You can from many offered dishes such as bacon strips, eggs, pancakes, sausage and much more breakfast together. You just choose four things that you would like to have, that was the ideal for Klaus.

He chose hash browns (a type of potato cake), crispy bacon strips, sausages, and scrambled eggs. There were 2 toasted slices of toast and of course a large cup of coffee.

I had a really big appetite for a burger and decided to go for a double cheeseburger with fries.

The fries were the best I have eaten in the US so far and the burger tasted delicious too. It was so huge that I did not even know how to eat it.

The food came quickly, although many visitors were in the restaurant. The portions were big and delicious and the service very nice.

The American Breakfast by Denny's did not disappoint.


  • What cool impressions! The burger is riiiesig.
    Greetings Lisa ♥
    lisa lovely world

  • orange diamond

    Ciao Sigrid,
    That's what I like about the USA! The portions are big enough and you do not think to order another one right away! The burgers look terrific! I rarely eat meat - vegan cooking at home!
    Best regards;

  • Woah! The burger looks great.
    Now I have gotten really appetite.
    I'd like that one now.
    I also really like to go to America.
    There are so many things to discover = ^ _ ^ =

  • I've been to Denny's before. The breakfast I think great. By the way, by the way, I think the food in USA is super fast. Just as fast as the bill, often while you're still eating. I think, so the customers are gone faster and the table can be reassigned.
    Do you also think that more food is being consumed in the US than here? The restaurants are always full. I do not know that from here. And I live in NRW, where many people live 🙂

    • In California, for example, the cost of food is very high. If I go shopping for four people there are a minimum of $ 50 left. I go burger I eat at about $ 36. It's not worth cooking. That with the quick calculation, I think not necessarily nice, but since the waiters earn very little and live more or less of the tip is understandable.
      best regards

  • desire wrought

    Hello Sigrid,

    Thanks for the great blog article - that's the USA! For a visit to the United States includes such a breakfast!

    Many greetings


  • The burger looks really delicious! It's like the water in your mouth. 🙂
    Your blog really wants to go on a trip to the USA! <3

    By the way, I also know from Vienna that cooking is not worthwhile. If I go shopping (for 1 person) are always 25 - 30 euros away. But if I go eat, are a maximum of 15 euros away. Sure, cooking yourself lasts longer but it's somehow not proportionate. 🙁

    Best regards, Jana

    • That's right, actually it should be the other way around and the food is special.

  • Haha that's what I call a decent breakfast! Looks very cool. Something you can treat yourself. Greetings ronja

  • Dear Sigrid

    Again a great and helpful report!

    Will look out and maybe I'll find the restaurant in a few weeks, then think of you! ; oD

    Have a nice weekend!


  • Dear Sigrid,

    This is a breakfast to my taste! Of course, I've been to Dennys's and have had some delicious breakfast. I hope to be back soon.

    Have a nice evening!

    • I can not wait to travel to California again, I miss my family very well wish you a nice Sunday dear Verena.

  • Dear Sigrid,
    I would not know what I would choose, fries or such a delicious breakfast. It all looks great.
    Best regards

  • I'm already looking forward to traveling to the USA for the first time. Your photos look really great!

    Greetings Fabian

  • Scotlandfever

    Oh, I would take blueberry pancakes and french toast! Menno now I really feel like it?

  • I always think your ideas are great!
    Although you get hungry right away (hihi 🙂) but a great overview!
    Greetings Sarah

  • yes what is going on there ...? ... you can still see the little woman behind the BURGER ... 😉

  • At Dennys I have often had a breakfast. However, I always find the dishes so rich that I do that a maximum of 1-2 times per US stay. They manage even to drown their waffles in syrup, cream and frying fat! Tastes great but enough for the next two days. 😉
    Best regards, Ina

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