Tiramisu a culinary treat


Of course, when we visit our family in California, I sometimes cook for my son and little family. I like to do it and my daughter-in-law is happy when something else is on the table. Of course we invite some friends to dinner, they love my schnitzel with potato salad.

It is sometimes difficult to get the right ingredients, but with a little search that works. Except for quark, which I once needed for a cheesecake, I've got everything so far.

Tiramisu classic with amaretto, coffee and ladyfingers!

ein kulinarischer Leckerbissen und wird sehr gerne als Dessert gegessen. Tiramisu is also a culinary treat in the USA and is eaten as a dessert. The ingredients for it, such as mascarpone, and spoon biscuit, there are therefore everywhere to buy, these cookies are called by the way Ladyfingers. There is a very tasty creation in the USA, the Tiramisu Crepes. These are wafer-thin chocolate pancakes filled with tiramisu cream and taste great.

But I chose the classic version with coffee and amaretto, it's made quickly and tastes great. Since there were also children there was for them the Tiramisu without alcohol and coffee.

Ingredients for 12 people

750 g mascarpone

250 g cream cheese

600 ml whipped cream

400 g of powdered sugar

100 ml of milk and two packets of vanilla sugar.

500 g sponge fingers

200 ml Amaretto

800 ml strong coffee or espresso

Cocoa powder to sprinkle

The preparation is very easy and goes fast!

Stir in a large bowl of mascarpone, cream cheese, powdered sugar, vanilla sugar and milk and set aside. Then beat the cream until stiff and add it carefully to the mascara mass.

Put the coffee and the liqueur together in a bowl, dip the dumplings in half and place them side by side in a large casserole dish. Now a layer of mascarpone cream is distributed on it. Repeat the whole thing again, so again biscuits and cream. Then cling film on it and for at least 4 hours in the refrigerator, longer would be even better.

For the little ones, I replaced the amaretto with cold cocoa and spread a layer of chocolate sauce over it.

Sprinkle thick with cocoa powder before serving and the culinary treat is ready.

The tiramisu had eaten so fast that I had to hurry to take a quick photo.


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