Shopping in the USA | Souvenirs, clothes and co!


Shopping in the US, souvenirs must be easy!

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During our US stays in the US, we like to go shopping! °

We have a big family and everyone wants a gift from the land of opportunity. There is of course everything from food to clothing on the wish list. Not only do we visit outlet malls, but also large supermarkets, cheesy souvenir shops and many more.

Shopping at Universal City Walk!

We mostly buy souvenirs at the Universal CityWalk . There are some shops where we visit regularly, such as at Magnet Max the Hard Rock Cafe or Universalstore. From clothes, hats, bags, cups, socks to key rings, everything is offered there.

It may also be cheesy, magnets at Magnet Max!

Very impressive are the more than 1,000 unique, funny and sometimes weird magnets. Donuts, hamburgers, ice cream cones, euro bills, Hollywood stars, and much more can be found there, there are no limits to the imagination.

Next go to the Hard Rock Cafe!

With the huge guitar in front of the door, it is already a real eye-catcher from the outside. Inside the Hard Rock Cafe is quite modern, bright and friendly. There are of course a shop with limited shirts and souvenirs that are a very popular souvenir.

Dive into the Studio Store in Harry Potter's Magic World!

In a dim atmosphere you will find a lot of souvenirs like clothes, wands, Hogward cups, key chains and much more. A dream for Harry Potter fans like my grandson and my daughter in Germany.

But of course there are souvenirs to all other theme worlds of universal studios.

Of course we also buy clothes such as Levis jeans, Calvin Klein shirts and underwear and much more. We like to get these things in the Camarillo Outlets where you can find designer goods at exceptionally good and affordable prices. In the, consisting of three very large building complexes outlets with about 160 shops, we will always find something. You can often find very good bargains there, and sometimes the shops offer even more percentages.

Shopping in malls always an experience!

There are countless malls but my favorite is the Westfield Topanga Mall. This mall offers 260 shops on two floors. The mall is located in the San Fernando Valley just 30 minutes from LA. There are many fine shops but of course many shops for the smaller purse like Forever 21, Hollister, Victoria's Secret , Guess or Macy's. I love the shoe shops there and without shoes or handbag, I never come home. This time there was also a matching leather jacket. Then of course I needed a few little things like body sprays from Hollister and Victoria's Secret.

How good that our suitcases on the outward journey almost only souvenir for our family there and thus we have enough space for our purchases.

Target good and cheap!

If you want to shop cheaply, Target is an insider tip. There are all clothes, shoes, cosmetics, baby clothes, kitchen utensils, food and even furniture. You can find very adorable and very cheap baby or kids clothes. It's worth a while to browse, there you can make really good bargains.

Shopping and Ralphs!

In Thousand Oaks, of course, we often go shopping in supermarkets. Preferably Ralphs, because there is a large assortment. Whether meat, fish, sausage, fruit and vegetables, flowers or pastries all at good prices. The entire store is always clean, and the staff are always available and very helpful and friendly. There are also one or the other gifts or something we treat ourselves. Hot BBQ sauces, nerds and jellybelly and for me buttermilk pancake mix.

Another tip for shopping in the US!

Non-prescription medications such as ibuprofen are cheap to get in certain departments of supermarkets. Kosmetik ist oft günstiger als bei uns wie zum Beispiel Produkte von Eucerin, Neutrogena und Nivea. Even cosmetics are often cheaper than ours, such as products from Eucerin, Neutrogena and Nivea.

Purchases up to a total value of 430 euros per person are tax-free if you travel by plane. For children under 15, the exemption limit would be 175 euros. Of course, we always use the 860 euros. I buy clothes and shoes that I buy in the USA during my stay so they are not new and nobody cares.


  • Shopping in the US would be my downfall. Great post, you obviously had fun <3
    I still have a few shops on my trip list ... Next year we will fly!

    best regards
    Jasmin from

  • I'm jealous! USA, my dream! We used to live there for a year as children, but I was only 2 years old and do not know anything about it. There are only a few pictures. That's why I really want to go back. That you were there in the shopping delusion, I believe you like. Great parts here!

    best regards


    • It is a pity that you can not remember it. You should fly there and refresh your memories.
      best regards

  • Wow I also really want to go to the US. All the sweets that are there 🙂 Thank you for your great insights and tips for a trip to the USA. Maybe I'll manage to fly there, too? Anyway, it's high up on my wish list.

    dearest greetings
    Caroline |

  • I think I would strike at MakeUp and Converse. Above all, there are just a few makeup products just not here. 🙂

    All the best!

  • yes, I think if you are so connected to the USA as you dear Sigrid, that you can not do without souvenirs and co. 🙂
    I know that from the old days, when we were in France a lot, so that was no different - most of them were food souvenirs

    Best regards too,
    ❤ Tina from

  • Hey,

    I love all kinds of souvenirs and I could buy stupid and stupid. 🙂 No matter where I travel, it has to be something.



  • I would also like to go to the US and go shopping there. I think Converse would be my favorite, Wrangler jeans and cosmetics.

    Thanks for the nice post, which inspired me at least mentally.

    LG, Bea

  • Very great insights again! Thanks for that 🙂

    I would not know what I would buy in the US now -?

  • Thanks for the shopping insights. On the road, we like to buy clothes, as cheaper as here and everywhere greater choice.

    LG from Norway

  • Hello Sigrid
    These are great tips again. I would also like to go shopping in the US. Well, at least where do I know? Thanks for that!

    Love Linni

  • So interesting and diverse! I would like to see such an outlet inside ... I've heard a lot about that!

    All the best,

    • It's a lot of fun to shop there. You are outdoors, the sun is shining, you sit down somewhere and watch the goings on and then you go off to the next shop.
      best regards

  • The black / white shoes are really great! I want that too !!! You have great shopping tips there. I always have to bring souvenirs, so the holiday lasts longer 😉

    • The shoes are also super comfortable, so I bought two pairs, you treat yourself otherwise nothing ... laugh.

  • Yes, I think in the US I would also buy myself "dead". In Paris, I was able to pull myself together so well, but in the land of opportunity ... NEVER. If I already see the Hard Rock Cafe showcase on my own and the awesome magnets, then my heart beats 🙂 And my wallet 🙂

  • One more reason to finally visit the USA! But if I then the duty-free border is enough, the question is 😀
    Best regards, Dorie

  • Great tips! Make up and souvenirs would totally irritate me there!

  • Dear Sigrid,

    yes, sure! I have always brought souvenirs from my USA trips. Mainly clothing for me, but also food that does not exist here. Mostly the "Sprühkäse" and similar things were the bestseller in our house ;-).

    Nice post!
    best regards

    • I did not know that with the spray cheese, so I'll look for it this year.
      best regards

  • Hach yes,

    If you think that I just want to go shopping in the US, then I do not want to know how broke I come home again. Magnets would be mine, too. And Minions - I love Minions.
    There is so much there that does not exist here.
    Maybe I'll do it someday - would be great

    Thanks for the interesting insights.

    Warm greetings to you

    • If you just want to go shopping, you should already take a big wallet dear Sandra ... ..and of course empty suitcases.
      best regards

  • Dear Sigrid,

    I'm a big Hard Rock Cafe fan! With me always had a souvenir from the respective Hard Rock Cafe with ... I have some at home now ;-).

    Thanks for your souvenir tips for the next USA holiday!

    Have a nice evening!

    • Dear Verena,
      There is nothing better for me than eating something at the Hard Rock Cafe and letting the atmosphere take effect on me. I am already looking forward to May, because I will enjoy it again extensively.
      best regards

  • I love the USA, I'm rarely there and shopping is always a big event. The exemption limit is always a close thing 😉 Best regards, Cindy

  • Yes shopping in the US is really an experience! Even me as Shoppingmuffel was during my 3-week road trip even 3 times shopping! The outlets are just too inviting that you can hardly resist 😉
    best regards
    Veronika, from

  • Aww I also love to shop in the US. It has stores that do not exist here, and cheap it is. In the malls you can even get lost so big are the sometimes 🙂 hach ​​now I would really like to be there?

  • Dear Sigrid

    We always go shopping when we are in the USA! That must be easy !!!

    Since last year, I always say that I only buy stuff I can not get, otherwise I'll need a plane just for me! ; oD

    Have a nice day!


    • I always have two empty suitcases available, there is already a lot of pure love Jacqueline.
      best regards

  • Dear Sigrid,

    your contributions are always so great. The pictures really make you want to travel to the US and spend a lot of money there. The Magnet Laden would be so annoying 🙂 I have never traveled to the country, but what is not, can still be.

    Best regards,

  • Presumably, I would after a real shopping madness entry ban when I'm done 😉 Your review reads great and the pictures instantly convey wanderlust 🙂
    Thanks for the great contribution.
    best regards

  • I also loved shopping there. I liked being in the outlet center 🙂

  • Oh God, I would like to be there and shop until the doctor comes (Goldselessanted?)
    I buy souvenirs on every holiday, mostly magnets, they take no space and a nice piece of clothing or a bag, which reminds me of the holiday / the city. In the US, it would be safe jeans, Convers and cosmetics?

    • Jeans and cosmetics are always on my list, but there are still some things in between that I really need.

  • Since you have but bought properly and I can understand it only too well. I do not even need a foreign country for that. Mostly when we are on vacation, I also do a shopping trip. Simply because it is much more relaxed on vacation. But of course that's even more exciting in the US.

    All the best


    • Dear Freya, I feel like you, I like to shop and everywhere I go. Only in the US is everything around a few numbers larger and the selection fantastic.
      best regards

  • Huhu, you have been nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award, I would be very happy if you would join.

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