What is an American Funnel Cake?


What is an American Funnel Cake and how do you make it?

Funnel Cakes are a sweet pastry made of viscous dough, which is fried in hot fat, in the pan or deep fryer golden brown.

They are a delicacy from the States and are offered everywhere. What the German his steamed noodle with vanilla sauce is the Americans Funnel Cake. Hardly a festival or festivals where this classic is not eaten like. Even in amusement parks and on the beach promenades, such as Venice Beach or the Santa Monica Pier you can not miss this treat.

You'll find the funnel cake on every corner, even when visiting a farm.

Thank you very much for your help my daughter in law!

No problem for me, my son is married in California and my American daughter-in-law always provides me with recipes.

This time I wanted to make original funnel cakes, this crispy, sweet pastry. Purely sprinkled with powdered sugar, it tastes great with a cup of coffee. Covered with bananas or other pieces of fruit and a scoop of ice cream, it becomes a fruity dessert. There are no limits to the imagination of this pastry. My favorite is Funnel Cake with fresh strawberries and a lot of cream.


2 eggs

120ml of milk

120ml of water

1 packet of vanilla sugar

350g of flour

40g sugar

1 tbsp baking powder

1 pinch of salt

powdered sugar


Mix eggs, milk, water and vanilla sugar well in a suitable bowl. Then add the flour, sugar, baking powder and salt to the mixture.

In the meantime, heat the deep fryer to 200 degrees or just let plenty of oil in the pan get hot.

Take a middle funnel, hold the lower opening with one finger and fill up to half with the batter.
Take your finger off the opening and move the funnel in a circle until all the dough is in the hot oil.

If the bottom side is golden brown, turn the Funnel Cake over gently and let it turn golden brown on the other side too.

Remove the finished Funnel Cake from the fat with a ladle, place on prepared paper towels and drain.

Sprinkle heavily with powdered sugar and serve immediately, because the funnel cakes still taste the best.

What is an American Funnel Cake?

A delicacy that you should also enjoy after your vacation.

These homemade funnel cakes really taste just like the ones we always enjoy in the US.


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