American Idioms | Funny sayings Part 3


In American English, there are a lot of phrases (expressions) that have a very different meaning than the single words say. Their frequent use sometimes presents a real challenge to me, as one could read on a piece of cake .

We're done cookie puss ... ..we're done!

A few days ago I phoned Skype with my family in Los Angeles again. In the middle of a conversation, my little grandson says " come on cookie puss !" I thought, what is he talking about biscuits and asking my son. He explained to me, mildly, cookie puss means kitty, so rather something not so fine. He told me the kid heard it at The Rock's Universal Studio Tour in Hollywood and it's his favorite saying right now. Of course, he does not know the meaning with his not quite three years old, he simply liked it. So good that the next time he visited the restaurant, he called to the waitress " We're done cookie pus ." Already a little embarrassing situation, alas I would have liked to have been there and would have seen her face.

It costs a lot of money ... it is very expensive.

My daughter-in-law and I love to drive to Westlake Village and see the great houses there. This is a small town about 25 minutes from Santa Monica and Los Angeles, which is right next to Thousand Oaks, where we have our home. Many celebrities have settled there, such as Tom Selleck and Heather Locklear. But also others had in this small noble town beautiful villas such as Will Smith and Jessica Simpson.

I really liked the house upstairs. My daughter-in-law said you can buy it, it's Smith's house, but it's an arm and a leg! I did not have to think about it for quite a while now to understand that it was very expensive

It's not to praise the day before the evening!

It was one day in February, he started with a fantastic sunrise. No clouds showed up in the blue sky and we had very pleasant temperatures. It was exactly the right conditions to do something together. I asked in the round, "What are we going to do today?" My daughter-in-law said we should not wait too long because the weather forecast says rain. I did not want to believe it, rain in California on such a day! "It 's not over the fat lady sings," came from her. There it was again, one of those american idioms that I do not always understand. It's not over until a fat lady sings, what does that mean again, I thought to myself? The explanation was quite simple, you should not praise the day before the evening! Of course it really rained then!

Finders keeper, losers weeper ... .. as won, so demolished.

From time to time Klaus and I also spend some days in Las Vegas. We love this city a lot and visit a casino there to gamble a bit. Mostly we play poker tournaments but I also like to sit in front of a one-armed bandit. The last time I had some luck and have made a euro 100, but unfortunately continued to play and lost everything again. I got annoyed but the man next to me said, " Finders keeper, losers weeper ."

The finder keeps it, the loser cries, a good description for how won won, I think.

There are still many American idioms that I would not want to withhold from you, of course, but I think for now it's enough.

See you later alligator!


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