Christmas lights in Camarillo


Santa is coming, christmas lights in Camarillo!

Who has the most beautiful Christmas Lights?

Mickey Mouse, Coca Cola Bear and the Peanuts in the front yard.

Christmas in the US is always a magical time with lots of Christmas decorations on houses and in the gardens. Very popular and well-known are the Christmas Lights in Camarillo in Ventura County. Every year a competition is held there and the most beautiful and imaginative garden is chosen by the Neighborhood Administration. For a lot of time and work was invested for months but the result is really worth seeing. The homes of Gemini Street and Waverly Avenue in Camarillo are magnificent, adorned with countless lights. Many families with children enjoy well-known, illuminated cartoon characters, railways, Santa Claus, reindeer, snowmen and more. You can drive it through the streets or take a look at the Christmas lights during a walk.

With these Christmas Impressions of the Christmas Lights in Camarillo I wish you a merry Christmas and contemplative holidays


  • Dear Sigrid,

    I love this partly "cheesy" Christmas lights in the USA - for me that's just part of Christmas :-)! This competition in Camarillo sounds great - there is certainly a lot more to see as everyone wants to excel. I hope I get there! Thank you for this tip!

    best regards

  • Hey you.
    Oh how great is that? Much better than here in Germany. 🙂 Would like to be in NY this Christmas? *. *

    Dearest greetings,

  • I totally love this American Christmas kitsch 🙂 We have also spent Christmas in the States one time or another and I love it !!

    best regards

    • Unfortunately, we were not over Christmas, because I do not want to leave my mom alone at the age of 89 at this time.
      best regards

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