Underwood Family Farms Easter Festival Fun for all ages!


Underwood Family Farms is one of the best known agricultural production areas in California. They are located in beautiful Ventura County.

There are various seasonal events such as the Easter Festival, which we wanted to visit with our family.

After the Easter Bunny brought home gifts and the many Easter eggs were found, we made our way to the Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark.

It was a pleasure to see how excited our little grandson was when he was allowed to feed the animals in the Animal Show. The food for it was sold there and we have plenty of it covered. There were small pieces of carrot that he had to throw into a tube and the animals were already waiting eagerly at the other end. He could have spent hours feeding and marveling at goats, cows, pigs, emus, alpacas and many more.

Also the pony riding, which was offered made him a lot of fun. He almost forgot to visit the Easter Bunny.

Visit the Easter Bunny!

The farm offered many Easter activities for children. For example, they could look for Easter eggs on a huge area of ​​grass and have their pictures taken with the Easter bunny. There have also been games such as shooting tennis balls on a big pumpkin with the kids and much more.

After that, our grandson wanted to go to the wooden track, which was pulled by a tractor, and onto the combine harvester, from which you came down with a slide. He also wanted to climb the Heupyramide and of course drive with an electric tractor.

Tour with the tractor!

To get to know the farm operation at the Underwood Family Farms, we made a tour with an old tractor. He pulled a big wooden car behind it, on which one could sit. With that the journey went past lemon plantations, vegetable fields, big eucalyptus trees and huge strawberry fields. There you could watch the farmers at work, even pick their own fruit, and nibble on it, as much as you wanted.

Fruits and vegetables fresh from the farm

Before the drive home we bought radishes, cucumbers, peppers and delicious tomatoes for a salad. The Farm Market at Underwood Family Farms offers a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables for a good price.

The three kilos of strawberries, which we also indulged, were sooo delicious. We already ate a few during our trip home.

It was an exciting and beautiful day with our family at the Underwood Family Farms. We learned a little bit about the farm and our little grandson had fun with the egg hunt and romping around.


  • Bodyguard4you

    delicious STRAWBERRIES ... 🙂

    wish you happy holidays ...

    lg André

  • Oh wow, the farm looks really huge! Since your grandson had fun, right? Does he want to become a farmer now? 😉

  • A real paradise for children, as I read. You had a great day 🙂.

  • Dear Sigrid,

    That would be perfect for my two kids! They would love this place ... really versatile. There's something for everyone. Too bad that it is so far away for us, but I hope we will come back to America soon.


    • I can not wait any more, but since my husband broke his knee, he is not allowed to fly yet.
      Best regards

  • That was certainly a great and eventful day. Getting to know such a farm is certainly fun.
    All the best

  • Strawberries would be a really nice breakfast idea now.
    Unfortunately, it is snowing here rather than that the strawberries can ripen 🙂

    Best regards, Katja

    • I love strawberries, but I have to be very careful with them. I am suffering from a histamine intolerance and unfortunately the sweet fruits are forbidden.
      best regards

  • I have always loved USA and have some friends there too. I also love reading as much as possible about USA and I really liked your contribution. To have a day with you .. What a nice thought. I am glad that you had a nice day and I will take a closer look at your other posts 🙂
    best regards

  • Whoa,
    these strawberries. I would have accessed that. Great impressions that you share with us again.
    Warm greetings to you

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