Hotel Bellagio in a prime location on the Las Vegas Strip!


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When we first arrived in Las Vegas, the Bellagio hotel with its water features was at the top of our list.

Seeing documentation about Las Vegas, this hotel is always a highlight. Even in magazines there is no article without a picture of this luxury hotel in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip.

The Hotel Bellagio is a glamorous, stylish, very luxurious and one of the most famous hotels in Las Vegas. Its exceptionally good location on the Strip make the hotel one of the best in town. Although it has been around for a few years, it is undergoing continuous renovation and belongs to the group of Leading Hotels of the World (a group of luxury hotels all over the world).

As soon as we entered the spacious entrance hall for the first time, we were impressed by the elegance and the luxury around us. The ceiling is decorated with hand-blown, colorful glass flowers by the artist Dale Chihuly and in the middle a horse is completely covered with mirror mosaic.

By the way, slot machines like many other hotels in Las Vegas are being looked for in vain.

One of the most impressive highlights of Las Vegas are the water fountains in front of the Bellagio Hotel . They are already pretty to look at during the day, but in the evening the water show is even more impressive.

The fountains run every half hour and are accompanied by changing music. The whole thing is accompanied by magical lights of different shapes and colors.

The dancing fountains, accompanied by the music of, for example, Game of Thrones in the background, is a great experience for all spectators and passers-by.

The best part is that you can enjoy this very impressive spectacle like many others in Las Vegas completely for free.

The fountains can be seen from many places in Vegas and as soon as the music is heard, the water starts to dance.

Anyone who knows the Oceans movies with Bratt Pitt and George Clooney certainly remembers it. The Hotel Bellagio was the venue for some scenes from Ocean's Eleven and Oceans 13.

We remembered a very specific one from Ocean's Eleven when we stood by the water fountains. Because that's exactly where the actors stood at the end of the film and were just as impressed as we are.

Of course, the Hotel Bellagio also has a very attractive shopping mile. You walk along noble tiles and carpets under high glass ceilings, past small but fine designer shops such as Chanel, Gucci or Dior. This shopping street at Hotel Bellagio is considered one of the most luxurious on the Las Vegas Strip.  

Even the huge, very well-kept casino is very sophisticated and sophisticated.

In the Bellagio, the well-known Bobby's Room is a classy poker salon that we, of course, were very interested in as passionate poker players.

There, the wealthiest and best poker players in the world play at a minimum buy-in of $ 20,000.

A feast for the eyes and definitely worth seeing is the conservatory of the Hotel Bellagio. There are elaborate decorations of flowers and plants.

We have been there several times and are always surprised what you can do with flowers. For every season or festivity there is a new impressive decoration of real plants.

Hotel Bellagio is also home to O , one of the most popular Cirque du Soleil shows in Las Vegas. In this very varied show, water, fire and ground actions change wonderfully.

A show that pulls you into their pan right from the beginning and is also worth seeing, even if the ticket is not cheap.

There is also a shop on the shopping street where you can buy souvenirs of the show.

The Hotel Bellagio in Las Vegas is always worth a visit, although not necessarily priced.

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  • Looks really cool, I'm inspired by such hotels sometimes for their own home furnishings! My furniture planner knows my ideas very well, so I visited Las Vegas a couple of times (of course, to go on holiday: D)!

    best regards

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