California Poppy one of the state symbols of California


What are the state symbols of California?

When we were in Los Angeles this year, we visited the Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark with our family. These are one of the best known agricultural production areas in California.

Sitting on a big wooden car pulled by a tractor, we made a tour of the farm to learn about farming in California . It went past lemon plantations and strawberry fields and everywhere at the edge of the fields stood yellow flowers.

My daughter-in-law called her California Poppys and told me that this flower is one of the many state symbols of California.

Like every state in the US, California has its state symbols. There are, among other things state colors, butterflies, birds and flowers. All these symbols are considered as landmarks of the respective state.

Why did the California poppy (California poppy) become a state flower?

The California poppy is resistant to drought, heavy frosts and dryness. It has adapted to the Californian climate and also survives long dry periods very well. The plant provides magnificent flower fields in spring and summer and was therefore appointed 1903 State Flower of California. Its golden calyx is a symbol of the Golden State and is considered a protected plant.

We were able to experience the state flower in full bloom, because the yellow to orange plant blooms in spring to full splendor.

ist ein Strauch beziehungsweise Busch, den es in vielen Variationen gibt und der heißes, sonniges Klima bevorzugt. The California Poppy is a shrub or bush that comes in many variations and prefers a hot, sunny climate. He can grow up to 60 cm high, has blue-green leaves and yellow to orange flowers. These close in the dark or in cold weather and open in the sun or the next morning.

California Poppy as a medicinal plant

Already by the Native Americans of this plant was used as a natural remedy and even today it is still used for example in nervousness and sleep disorders.

Every year on April 6, California celebrates California Poppy Day. There is also a Poppy Week and even a California Poppy Festival.

Incidentally, we also find the California poppy in gardens as a decorative shrub.


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