Where does Thomas Gottschalk live in Malibu?


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As many of you know by now, each year we travel to California for several weeks to visit our family there. We are native Franks and live in the city of Bayreuth, which is known throughout the world through the Richard Wagner Festival, in beautiful Upper Franconia. Our son lives with his family near Malibu and is now an upper Franconian in California as well as Thomas Gottschalk. Of course, as real Franks, we also wanted to know where does Thomas Gottschalk live in Malibu? What is the area where this man, who has been accompanying us since our youth, lives?

I think I was 15 or 16 when I experienced him in Kulmbach in the discotheque Old Castle. At that time, we were told in Bayreuth that great plates were laid up in a disco near the Plassenburg. So we headed back to Kulmbach to see something different from the local dance halls. I can still remember the pretty boy with the blond curly hair and the many girls who swarmed him. None of us would have thought back then that he once belongs to the most famous celebrities in Germany.

A few years later he could be heard as a presenter on Bayerischer Rundfunk. Legendary was his program Pop after eight, which one did not want to miss. His career on TV is certainly well known to everyone.

But where does Thomas Gottschalk live in Malibu?

We had heard a lot about his mill in the middle of the hills above Malibu and thanks to google we found out the address quite quickly. We discovered that the Ramirez Canyon Rd is very close to us, only about 30 minutes from our home. If we drive to Malibu almost daily on Kanon Rd and Kanan Dume Rd, it is close to the search for Thomas Gottschalk's domicile.

We love this road that leads us to Malibu and the Pacific Coast Highway and I will write an extra report on it.

The ride leads through a beautiful landscape and offers many viewpoints for taking pictures. Of course, we like to use it again and again.

You'll also pass on some highlights, such as Malibu Rocky Oaks, the Impressive House from some scenes of the movie Hangover 3.

Once in Malibu, turn right and drive to Winding Way. After a short time, a small crossroads, there is already a sign that indicates the way to the Ramirez Canyon.

Where is the mill of Thomas Gottschalk?

It's still a bit through a really narrow and very quiet street. It is lined with large trees and beautiful flowering shrubs. From there you have a great view of a beautiful landscape and also on some worth seeing houses.

After a while, unfortunately, the trip was over for us. We came to a gate with a sign on the private road. Of course we have respected that, the celebrities living there want to have their rest. But at least we were able to take some memorial photos of Thomas Gottschalk's mill over the fence.

Where does Thomas Gottschalk live in Malibu?

As a fan, of course, I was not only interested in the question where Thomas Gottschalk lives in Malibu, but also why he chose this spot. As Gottschalk writes in his autobiography * recommend the book *

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