The most beautiful sunsets on California's coast!


Romantic sunsets are a real highlight in California, no motive is so popular with amateur photographers.

There's nothing like watching a romantic sunset on California's coast. Everywhere people gather around themselves to capture this moment in pictures. This impressive spectacle, when the sun disappears on the horizon with an impressive play of colors of yellow, orange and red or sinks into the sea, is always a nice experience for us.

The Griffith Observatory very popular with photographers!

A very popular place to experience a spectacular sunset over the Hollywood Hills and Los Angeles is the Griffith Observatory. From there you have a magnificent view over the city and in clear weather to the coast. Many photographers set up their tripods so as not to miss the right moment. But they take a lot of time and wait hours until it's finally time.

But it's also a great spectacle to watch the sun go down over Los Angeles and then the sea of ​​lights illuminate the city. The many spectators are enthusiastic and applaud with Ohs and Ahs.

Also on the Hollywood Sign you have a great view up there. Unfortunately, it is not lit at night, so you can not see it anymore when the sun disappears behind the Hollywood Hills.

Sunset at the Santa Monica Pier!

When the sun sets and sinks into the sea, the sky above the Santa Monica Pier is indescribably beautiful. No wonder that the sunsets there are among the most popular photo opportunities among amateur photographers and lovers of this natural spectacle. Always looking for the best place for the perfect picture, as of course Klaus!

The pier with its rides, bars, cafes and restaurants provides a great backdrop for a photo shoot. Incidentally, one can turn a round in the Ferris wheel or the rollercoaster at Pacific Park.

Carpinteria State Beach a quiet beach!

We were on the way back from Santa Barbara when the sun began to set, so we headed right towards Carpinteria. This is a suburb of Santa Barbara, right next to the deluxe Montecito. We were really pleasantly surprised by the beach, it was very nice and not as crowded as Santa Monica or Santa Barbara.

A report about this place will follow soon.

Newport Beach not just for whale watching!

As part of a holiday in California whale watching we drove to Newport Beach. This is a small town on the west coast of the USA. The area is very wealthy and its proximity to Hollywood has made Newport Beach home to the top 10,000.

It was a rainy cool day but in the evening the clouds slowly disappeared and there was a beautiful sunset.

You can not really tell where the best sunsets on California's coast are. The next day in any small place or on the roadside of the Pacific Coast Highway you can see a nicer one again.

You see, the pictures of a sunset are among the most beautiful holiday memories for us. We are always happy when we find an ideal place overlooking the sea and from there can admire a romantic sunset with all its color palette.


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