Cheesecake Factory a well-known restaurant chain!


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There are about 165 stores under this name, the first was opened in 1978 in Beverly Hills.

To my delight, I was lucky enough to celebrate my birthday with my family in the United States this year. It was a beautiful, unforgettable, surprises day for me.

In the morning I was awakened by my little grandson with flowers.

My daughter-in-law surprised me with a huge ice cream cake for breakfast.

Then we drove to the mall. My husband gave me a birthday ring that needed to be resized.

That was no problem for the jeweler, and a day later I had it suitable again.

A tip from me, jewelry is much cheaper in the US than in Germany. There are always cheap special offers. You get a gold ring for a price that costs us an expensive silver ring.

Then it went to the Panda Express, I had wished.

I love Orange Chicken!

Then I got a voucher for the whole body Thai massage given by my son with the note, in the evening there is a surprise .

So first off to the massage! I have never had a Thai massage and I was looking forward to it because I have strong tension in my back. I was very surprised, the whole body was massaged with warm oil. That was painful, sometimes pleasant. If the masseur had found a point that was hardened, she would do everything to solve it. Hands, feet and even the knee were used. The conclusion was then the hot stone massage. She put hot stones on certain points. Now I was ready for my surprise.

The Cheesecake Factory

When we visit The Oaks , the shopping mall in Thousand Oaks, I usually watch the delicious cakes in the display of the Cheesecake Factory   on. I thought there are only cheesecake in different variations. But even though it sounds like a bakery and looks like it at first glance, the cheesecake factory has a lot more to offer.

This time I did not just look in the display, this time my birthday was celebrated there. The 20 minutes waiting time for a table, we shortened ourselves with a drink at the bar.

If you want to have lunch or dinner, you get this in a large selection. The menu is huge and leaves nothing to be desired. Whether meat, fish, pasta, Asian dishes or classics, there is almost everything here. If someone is really hungry, then the Cheesecake Factory is just the thing.

The salads are good and huge. They are freshly prepared with a variety of ingredients and also serve as main course. My daughter-in-law ordered one:

Barbecue Ranch Chicken Salad,

that was really a big helping

Since I really like eating burgers and have been recommended to me, I ordered the:

Smokehouse BBQ Burgers

The taste was great and the meat was still really juicy. But the burgers there are not for the small appetite, I had to wrap up half of it. That is so common in the US and no problem. On the contrary, left on a plate you would think it did not taste.

Our men wanted a piece of meat on the plate.

They ordered steaks that they loved.

Before eating, the waiter brought us ice water and bread with butter at the expense of the house.

But not just a slice but a whole loaf of bread.

After that came our ordered food very fast. It was very tasty and the portions large! Our drinks were promptly changed to a full one as soon as the glass was nearly empty. Also for the Cheesecake Factory applies, as in almost all restaurants in the US Free Refill for non-alcoholic drinks. The food was so plentiful that we took the famous cheesecake home to eat later.

The staff was attentive and courteous, as is known in the US!

As a surprise, they brought me a cupcake with a burning candle and sang for me a Happy Birthday Sigrid.

Unfortunately, the photo of it is so blurred that I can not put it in here.

That was a great ending to my birthday in the USA

The Cheesecake Factory, huge selection and top quality. Staff attentive and friendly. Parking is sufficiently available due to the location in the mall. I'm looking forward to next time.


  • I always like to visit you. The reports remind me of my visits to the US.
    LG Nadine

  • Hello,
    that was a great birthday! That's the way he would like to look for me! 😀
    Did not know what the Cheesecake Factory so everything offers, but that looks very delicious!

    Best regards and have a nice weekend!

    • Yes, this birthday was so beautiful, I'll never forget it and the cheesecake factory is highly recommended.
      Greetings Sigrid

  • When I was in the US - we were there too - the selection of cheesecakes is really amazing!
    Unfortunately there was no free space at that time - would have eaten there as well!
    glg katy

  • So when I hear about Cheescake Factory, I immediately think of Big Bang Theory ^^. But as from the series, it does not look * laugh * Nevertheless, a great insight. The ring is really pretty and the food looks sooo delicious.

    All the best

  • ftuchscheerer2017

    Good Morning…
    the madness, I really like being on your side! Only one downside is that when I drop in here ... I'm hungry most of the time (laugh). No, very nice photos, and that was definitely a very nice day for you. If I could have decided the day, I would not do anything else.
    LG Frank

  • What beautiful photos. Since the surprise has succeeded with you, I am very happy

  • With your report, I get directly wanderlust! 🙂 I also like all cheesecake and now I really feel like trying ... jummyyyy <3

  • Sounds like a wonderful day in the circle of your loved ones! :) And the photos from the Cheescake Factory make you want to - such a burger I can now smoothly 😉

    Sunny greetings,

  • Well that looks like a good day for you! Now I feel like making cheesecake! 😀

    Best regards,
    Anni from

  • When I stop by, I always feel like traveling. Thanks for the Inspo! LG Ronja from

  • Dear Sigrid,

    but that sounds like a great birthday! The flowers are also beautiful and the ring is a very special gift. But there's nothing better than celebrating with your loved ones anyway! I also do not know the Cheescake Factory - a nice blog post, as always <3!

    Have a nice evening!
    best regards

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