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Los Angeles has over 4 million inhabitants, making it the second largest city in the United States after New York. It is located in the state of California, covers almost 86,000 square kilometers and counts people from all over the world as its inhabitants. It is also called the city ​​of angels after their original Spanish founding name El Pueblo de la Reina de Los Angeles. The history of the emergence of Los Angeles can be read here .

Every year, thousands of people are drawn to this city, attracted by glitz and glamor, nightlife, sun and beach. Of course, not to forget the stars and especially movie premieres that you can attend and that are really an experience.

We were fortunate this year that the Word Premiere of Guardian of Galaxie II took place during our vacation.

The top attractions of Los Angeles are very diverse.

The city is better explored by car, as the distances in Los Angeles are very large. With public transport you would have to change way too often.

In the second largest city in the US, you can do so much that it's hard to decide. I'll show you some places that I like to visit again and again.

Los Angeles's top attractions include beautiful beaches.

The Venice Beach where Schwarzenegger trained!

The Venice Beach is known from film and television. The beach is huge and the beach promenade very long. One shop joins the other and one meets the most diverse people there. Musicians, joggers, beautiful skaters, street artists and musicians who want to sell their CD. On Muscle Beach, known by Arnold Schwarzenegger, you can see muscle men training in the sun and lifting weights.

Santa Monica Pier with beautiful sunsets!

There, the Pacific Park is a small amusement park. You can do some laps in the rollercoaster or in the Ferris wheel and during this you have a great view of West Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean. There is always a lively bustle and here is also the end of the famous Route 66.

Of course, Los Angeles has other things to offer.

Hollywood the center of the American film industry!

In the Hollywood Hills is the famous Hollywood Sign, the city's landmark. One knows these nine letters among other things from film and television. Every tourist should have seen it and taken a souvenir photo of it.

The Walk of Fame walk on stars!

One of Los Angeles' top attractions is, without a doubt, the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This extends for about 2.5 kilometers along Hollywood Boulevard. He is a single, very well staged show, bizarre, funny and very lively. Jack Lemmon, Peter Falk, Jerry Lewis, Harrison Ford, Bruce Willis, John Travolta, Brian Adams, Nicolas Cage, Michael Jackson and many more can be found here as a star perpetuated on the sidewalk. You can feel the feeling of many years of cinema history everywhere.

The Chinese Theater Los Angeles!

It's a huge movie complex on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood. It has the shape of a Chinese pagoda. The cinema premiere is known for the hand and shoe prints of many stars who have immortalized themselves in cement blocks in the entrance area of ​​the cinema. Incidentally, one can follow in the footsteps of a Hollywood star here.

The Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood cult for every rock fan!

The cafe is just steps away from the Chinese Theater. It offers ample seating on 20000 square meters, a live music bar and two shops selling limited edition Hard Rock Cafe goods and souvenirs. This is one of my favorite places in LA.

Beverly Hills glamorous scene of well-known films!

Beverly Hills, the city with the world's most famous postal code, 90210. A residential area for the well-to-do with palm-fringed streets and beautiful gardens. On the hills above Sunset Boulevard are magnificent villas! Many movie stars and musicians own their Nobeldomizile here. Also, for many, this is an experience to see how Cher, Tom Cruise, Jacky Chan and many others live.

The Rodeo Drive, pure luxury!

Rodeo Drive, arguably the world's most famous and expensive shopping street, is located in the heart of LA. Gucci, Prada, Cartier, Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Dior, Louis Vuitton, all international luxury brands with very exclusive offer are represented here. Also Julia Roberts in the movie Pretty Woman went shopping here. It's fun to look into the displays, although you can usually buy nothing because of the very high prices.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery a slightly different cemetery!

An extraordinarily well-kept, cemetery! Many stars such as Ramones Johnny Ramon, Burt Lancaster, Jayne Mansfield, Rudolph Valentino and Douglas Fairbanks have found their peace here. You can even drive the cemetery by car, although you can see more on foot. In summer, there are regular open-air screenings and concerts, and horror nights are held on Halloween.

Of course this was just a small cross section of the Los Angeles T op sights , but there are so many more. It takes weeks to see all the sights of Los Angeles and get to know this city.


  • Of those sights I have been lucky enough to experience some myself! Of course, I loved the Walk of Fame, which in reality and without a movie premiere was not really glamorous. But I found the Santa Monica Pier all the more beautiful!
    Best regards, Ina

  • The best directly to the Venice Beach ... show the PUMPER once again REAL muscles ...

  • Wow I was unfortunately only for a stopover in LA. But I always wanted to go to Beverly Hills * dream *

  • You are also everywhere where there are beautiful things. I am getting a bit jealous - but I am grateful that you share this with us;).

  • I just had a picture of one of the beautiful sunsets in Santa Monica in my hand. Unfortunately way too long ago ... I would definitely like to visit LA again soon. Nice post, makes you really feel like the West Coast!

  • Great post with great photos. I've already visited the west coast, that's why I often caught myself dreaming. It was too long ago and we did not have time for everything. Unfortunately I do not know the Santa Monica Pier yet. Your photos make you want more.

  • Very nice sights, I really want to go there. I really have to persuade my fiance.
    Thanks for the beautiful photos.

    LG Jasmine

  • Dear Sigrid,

    I've visited all the squares up to the cemetery 🙂 ... you've really picked out the best sights here. Oh, when I look at your photos like that I want to go back ... I'm really wanderlust and I miss Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco! Is there actually the "Schatzi`s" of Schwarzenegger in LA? That was always on our plan, but I do not even know if it still exists.

    Greetings and have a nice evening!

  • Sigrid,
    these are dream pictures that you show us here! The nice thing is that I do not know where to go first. San Franciso or LA? That's two pairs of shoes! In any case, it will soon go back to the US.
    Thank you very much!
    Best regards,

  • Wooow great contribution ... Los Angeles is such a dream of me but very expensive ... Generally a USA trip so I like to read your posts ... Since you feel every now and then as if you were there 😀

    LG Danie

  • Scotlandfever

    Sigh, now I'm almost a little jealous?
    Although many times in USA never in LA!
    As always great report and even better photos ??

  • It has been a long time. Los Angeles has a lot to offer. All the sights you have listed, you should have seen.
    Your photos awaken memories in me.
    LG Tanya (Travelday)

  • Los Angeles would be one of the few places I would like to visit in America. Your photos have made me again Gusto. They are already famous names that you list and for many I think, yes I really want to see that - like Beverly Hills or Santa Monica Pier or Venice Beach.
    So nice, thanks!

  • Not bad. California is on the list! At LA, do I always have to think about Beverly Hills 90210?

    Best regards, Stefanie *

  • On our west coast tour, we skipped LA because it seemed too short for one night and we could not afford to spend more time. for the next year is just east coast in planning, but since we do not know if that really works, LA would also be worth considering as an anchorage ne, as our domestic airline currently offers direct flights. oh, so many possibilities!

  • Great report! LA is definitely one of my next destinations 🙂 I love California. San Francisco is currently one of my top favorites. Unfortunately, we did not make it to LA at the time. The photos have become beautiful.
    LG Steffi

    • For me it's the other way around, I've never made it to San Francisco. When I am in LA, I can not always part with my grandson.
      best regards

  • Dear Sigrid

    These are really great ideas!

    I'm really looking forward to going to Los Angeles again!

    Thank you for the inspiration!

    Have a nice day!


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