Devastating Forest Fires in California!


Unfortunately, forest fires belong to the sunshine state of California, such as burger, sun, sandy beach and the deep blue sea. They are feared and always present, because usually already a small spark is enough to trigger a giant fire.

A few months before our trip to California, the images and videos of the Thomas fire went around the world. Many have sympathized with this land and its poor people who have lost all their belongings overnight.

In our last visit in May of this year, despite recent growth, the traces of the devastating forest fires in California were still visible everywhere.

The fire, known to everyone under the name of Thomas Fire, ignited on December 4 in Santa Paula. It was driven westward by strong Santa Ana winds from the dry interior of the country at a furious pace. The speed reached up to 4,800 square meters, per second. Many people in parts of Ventura had only a few moments to get out of their homes in time.

It burned for over a month and has been considered the biggest fire in California history. Large parts of southern California went up in flames, about 18,000 hectares many victims of the fire.

We like to travel with our little grandson through the Los Padres National Forest to Ojai, eat ice cream in the city and visit the great playground. The drive there offers great views of wildly overgrown mountains and wild ravines, and the winding roads are lined with lemon trees and colorful flowers. There is hardly any traffic and you can enjoy the wonderful sight of the impressive landscape.

This time everything was different, we were shocked!

The California forest fires have also destroyed much of Los Padres National Forest north of Ojai. Terrible for us was the sight of the burned-down bare landscape on the hills and it does not change the sparsely growing new green. On the contrary, it makes you even more aware of what fire has done for an Immense.

arbara, Montecito und Carpinteria! Santa B arbara, Montecito and Carpinteria!

There are favorite places in California that we visit several times each time we stay. So we often drive together to Santa Barbara, walk through the city, have a drink or just enjoy an ice cream.

Sometimes we all go to the zoo, which is not big but very nice.

From time to time we take the exit to Carpinteria just before Santa Barbara and make a detour to the beach. Like all children, our grandson loves to walk in the waves and romp in the water. We gladly let him have his fun and enjoy playing the game.

The beach is uniquely beautiful and by far not as crowded as z. In Santa Monica. He is a real insider tip and it is worthwhile in any case to make a stopover there.

Carpinteria is located right next to the well-known Montecito, where the villas of some of California's richest citizens stand.

Sure, people in Germany have heard a lot about it, including the Montecito and parts of Santa Barbara have been evacuated. To see with our own eyes, which damage the forest fires in California unfortunately also left in these places, went very close to us.

The contrast of palm trees and colorful blooming flowers in the foreground, to bare burned hills in the background, was a shocking sight.

At the moment, clouds of smoke are darkening the skies of California and thousands of firefighters are fighting against the flames spreading like a tornado.

Such as the Ferguson fire, which led to the closure of the famous Yosemite National Park for several days due to heavy smoke. Or the Carr fire, which since Monday parts of the village Redding has been reduced to ashes.

This fire, which broke out at the beginning of the week, has so far destroyed almost 42,000 hectares, an area larger than Denver's. It killed six people and destroyed more than 900 buildings. The fire is considered the worst of the large-scale fires in California's history.

According to the experts, the high temperatures and the prolonged drought will aggravate the situation.
The fire risk in California continues to rise, the population was warned.


  • Violent to see that way.
    Sure you can see it in the news, but there it is so terribly far away and you do not know what was actually destroyed.

    Really shocking to see your before and after shots. You can see what climate change is having. Except a monkey heat in Germany.

    I just miss the words.

  • We spent 6 weeks on the West Coast last summer and I still know too well how many roads and forest areas were completely closed. Sometimes we had to make detours of 200 miles, because the forest fires were too strong.
    In the Yosemite Valley we woke up every morning with smoke in our lungs because there were 11 forest fires scattered throughout the national park. Finally, we left early for Santa Barbara.

  • It's really bad to see something like that. Fires are actually quite natural, but due to climate change and the eternal heat, the dimensions unfortunately take on quite unnatural dimensions. This is really disturbing and a shame to see. One can only always hope that you will be spared yourself.
    best regards

  • That's pretty hard when you look at it all. It is increasing everywhere with the forest fires, knows that also from Croatia, but this year it is extreme, was also here in Germany stronger. One can only hope one is spared.
    Greetings Bo

  • Hi! I think so many times, what forests really burn every year. I got it from Greece and find it terrible. For the people but also for the environment. How will that be all? VG! Sirit

  • I've already followed it - it's really bad that this happens again and again in this area. This year must be really bad 🙁

    will really have to do more for our environment!

    Best regards too,
    ❤ Tina from

  • It is very sad that such things happen. That was true in Athens too. Really bad

  • It's really awful how often there are forest fires. It's top topic in the media. And it's as dreadful as many people ever have and lose well
    Glg check

  • It is really so blatant! Even in Germany, it has burned a few times this year because of the drought: - / Real so sad!

    Dearest greetings,

  • Unfortunately, I am afraid that will become a habit in the next few years. Climate change has been fully implemented and, unfortunately, far too little is being done to stop a fraction of it.

    One can only hope that not too many people will lose their lives now and in the near future.

    All the best,

  • Just terrible, considering that many of these fires are triggered by careless people. We had to experience it a few years ago in Spain very close. Just bad, because you get really scared.

    Best regards Anja

  • Really shocking to see it that way. In the media, you usually get only the fire itself, but not how it all looks like then ... Really violent, that it comes in California just always such violent fires. Hard to imagine!

    Love, Sarah-Allegra

  • It's definitely awesome to see how the dark side of summer can turn out. Forest fires is definitely the biggest among the disadvantages of the long-lasting heat. I must also confess that here in Germany I also currently see the danger very big and we should be aware of it.

    Greetings, Milli
    ( )

  • Dear Sigrid,
    it's just terrible. And the worst thing is that you just can not change it. I think the kids are being brought up to pay attention, but when the fire starts, it's almost too late!
    Thanks for this informative contribution!

    Love Linni

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