A visit to Beverly Hills makes it easy to understand why this city is the favorite playground for the rich and famous. This city in the heart of Los Angeles, just a few minutes drive from Hollywood, offers everything imaginable in terms of glamor and glamor.

Many tourists visit this fascinating city every year with its world-famous attractions such as Rodeo Drive. But the zip code 90210 from the eponymous series also attracts many fans.

Here are some TOP attractions in Beverly Hills for which you should take some time.

If you are in Los Angeles then you should definitely visit the Beverly Hills Hotel . This impressive and very attractive hotel, also called Pink Palace, is known worldwide for its celebrity guests. It is nestled in a huge, lush, tropical garden with many exotic plants and offers a luxurious ambience in a beautiful, beautifully landscaped environment.

In the unique garden there are 23 bungalows. There lived movie icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. Even the musician John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono were already guests of the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles, as many other famous stars.

Even without an overnight stay you can easily see parts of the garden and some bungalows.

The hotel provides the ideal base from which to explore the luxury villas of the stars. You can take part in an organized tour, or simply wander the streets on your own. On Crescent Drive, Bedford Drive, Roxbury Drive or Lexington Drive the luxury villas are lined up.

If you've ever wondered where the most expensive properties in Southern California are to be found, you've found them in this area.

Although most of the houses have high screens or hedges, some still allow a glimpse into the interior.

We walked past the homes and gardens of Frank Sinatra, Lucie, Ozzy Osbourne, Jackie Chan, Tom Cruise, Steven Spielberg, Cher and many others.

Every time we come to Beverly Hills, we turn to Sharkys. The food tastes great, the ingredients are fresh, the price is cheap and the staff very friendly. The nachos taste really good there and the chicken salad or the shrimp burrito taste very delicious.

We like to sit outside and enjoy watching people while eating.

The Rodeo Drive just under 2 miles long, is an exclusive shopping street with very impressive, worth seeing facades lined with beautiful palm trees.

Gucci, Prada, Cartier, Armani, D G, Roberto Cavalli, Dior, Louis Vuitton, all the international luxury brands are represented here. It is fun to look at the exclusive goods in the shop windows, which are only affordable for well-filled purses.

Also Julia Roberts in the movie Pretty Woman went shopping here. The Rodeo Drive   leads directly to the hotel Beverly Wilshire, where the film was partially filmed.

The hotel has not lost its charm, it is very luxurious and elegant and has a fantastic location right in the heart of Beverly Hills.

Surely almost everyone would immerse themselves for a short time in this world of luxury and experience magical moments in front of the beautiful backdrop of the city of Los Angeles. Of course, this wish can be fulfilled, but it has its price.

But you can also, without living there as we put on the terrace of the hotel restaurant and with a glass of wine or orange juice in an elegant atmosphere, the environment on itself.

Of course, where rich and famous people go shopping, you can also see many fine luxury cars parked in front of the shops and along the roadsides.

Always worth seeing and popular photo subject is the black and yellow Bijan Bugatti Veyron of about 1.700.000 $ of the late fashion designer Bijan Pakzad. This one stands directly in front of its boutique on Rodeo Drive.

At the intersection of Rodeo Drive and Dayton Way, a sculpture in the form of a female torso stands on the green strip in the middle of the street. It is one of the last works of art by the late artist Robert Graham.

The city's most popular promenade is where three streets meet, Rodeo Drive, Wilshire Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard. Called the Golden Triangle, it houses shops even more exclusive than those on Rodeo Drive. With the exquisite displays in the shop windows one searches in vain for a price, because who buys there does not care, what costs something.

A tour of Beverly Hills should not miss the Beverly Hills Civic Center, located in the heart of the city on Santa Monica Boulevard. The building complex includes the city's main buildings such as the town hall, the library, the police and the fire department. Lush palm gardens, numerous balconies, stairs and fountains invite you to explore.

The Ivy should not be missed when in Los Angeles. It is a beautiful restaurant with a small terrace surrounded by a fence right on the street. The ambience is beautiful, the restaurant and the tables are gorgeous and lush decorated with roses.

There you can wonderfully end the day and watch the other guests. Sometimes you can also see celebs that you do not meet on Rodeo Drive anymore, but around the corner at Robertson Blvd.

You have to book a place long in advance, as the Ivy is very popular.

These were my top attractions in Beverly Hills, I hope you enjoy visiting.


  • Wow, absolute madness, what's there to see. I would like to take a look, even if I'm more of a nature man. Fantastically beautiful, thanks for introducing!

  • Beverly Hills is definitely worth the trip and your pictures look great 😉 I definitely have to go there.
    Have a nice Sunday 😉
    Best regards,

  • I'd love to go there. Just absorb the flair and visit that I only know from the TV. Certainly not comparable.
    Your class illustrated contributions read and I like to see. Since I'm always ready to jump into the next plane and to visit.

    Best regards,

  • What a great summary; because you get to fly directly Lust yourself.
    I'm always impressed by these amazing cars 😉

    Love, Elisa

  • Take a stroll over Rodeo Drive and pretend that you belong ... I would like that! Hachz. Someday. And until then, please bring out your own guide, which I can take with you! Thank you dear Sigrid for this again very great report!

  • Thank you for your idea. I love your contributions because I've never been to America before and always get a new insight.

    Dearest greetings,
    Sarah from

  • Thanks for the impressions! So you can imagine it much better than from the movies. Really great this area. 🙂

    best regards

  • Oh wow, that's great pictures! I would also like to stop by 😉

    best regards

  • At some point I would like to go along the Rodeo Drive like Julia Roberts and say "Here I do not buy anything, have a nice day!" 😉 Your contribution really makes you want 90210! Sprintzenminzige Greetings, Iris?

  • When I look at your photos, I am really jealous 🙂 I also really want to go to Beverly Hills, or generally to the US. I should definitely tackle that!

  • Really funny how the whole city is a single show. Is it really allowed to run through the celebrity district and see? I expected it to be closed.

    • Of course you can walk there, so there are also tour buses through. The streets, however, are dead. To meet someone with a stroller or a dog like ours is not there.

  • Totally nice report. Beverly Hills would be interesting to me. I also like to run in this country sometimes through some expensive residential areas, look at my architectural styles and dream a little in front of me, because I would have there in the Promiecke course, a lot to Rumalbern.
    Best regards,
    Tama <3

    • I think so too dear Tama!
      You can see figures there that you do not believe, you do not just look twice.
      The residential area is of course the finest.
      best regards

  • Madness, Beverly Hills is really worth the trip. Alone to see all the great houses and go shopping then yes anyway. The shops are even more beautiful than in other cities, but in BH is also a lot of money at home. With all the celebrities, the shops there are sure to have as much sales on a day as others in a week.

    Many greetings Anja

    • It is already impressive to see how the celebrities have their many shopping bags made into a luxury car.
      best regards

  • Hach, I think I would just look at the villas all the time. I am a big fan of beautiful houses and could watch them for hours 😀 But the Rodeo Drive would also be on my list, at least look 😀
    Best regards,
    Leni 🙂

    • We like to drive around and look at the houses. Especially in the evening, when all the lights are on, it looks very impressive.
      best regards

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