How do you celebrate Father's Day in the US?


The original Father's Day comes from the USA and has always been celebrated on the third Sunday in June since 1910.

President Richard Nixon passed a law in 1972 that officially declared Father's Day in the US a holiday. Since that time, all fathers, grandfathers or stepfathers, are honored and celebrated in the USA.

The story of Father's Day in the USA!

A woman named Sonora Dodd founded a movement in 1910 to honor the country's fathers. Her father had raised his six children alone after his wife died in childbirth. Sonora wished that her father, as well as all fathers who took on maternal duties, received the recognition they deserved. It was not common at that time for a widower to raise his own children, but rather to marry him again.

There is no holiday in Germany for the father !

In Germany it is the Ascension Day, a Christian holiday on which Father's Day is celebrated. On this day, men from young to old make trips together or hikes. It is usually consumed a lot of alcohol, which is taken for example on wheelbarrows box by box. Sometimes, however, also driven by tractor and celebrated on the trailer.

I find the tradition that this day is celebrated and celebrated as a day of honor for the father, a beautiful idea.

On this day, the children in the US honor their father, grandfather or stepfather and thank him for his love and affection. They celebrate Father's Day with a lot of enthusiasm and fun, in which the whole family usually participates. Also, the foreign children arrive to celebrate the day with their father, to celebrate and to spend time with him.

On this day, the fathers in the USA, like the mothers, receive gifts from their children on Mother's Day.

The smaller children bring their Daddy breakfast to bed and there are kisses, little flowers painted hearts or even chocolate. Some present poetry or sing a song for their beloved father. The older ones make trips together with him and these special activities with their father are unforgettable for the whole of their lives.

By the way, on Father's Day, there are parades in the US everywhere in honor of the Father!

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  • I also think fair, if there is a father's day. Here he is really always pretty much submerged, the only thing you can see are drunken groups that pull on the cart over the land. It does not have the same seriousness as Mama's.
    best regards
    Dorie from

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