10 Free Las Vegas Attractions!


Las Vegas a mecca for every gambler!

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Las Vegas is a desert oasis made to pull the money out of people's gambling money. Already, when you get off the plane on arrival, and enter the airport, slot machines line up at slot machines.

As you leave the airport, you have a breathtaking view of the Las Vegas Strip.

In this street, lit up by thousands of colorful neon lights in the evening, there is one luxury hotel next to the other and each one has a casino. But also in every shop that is located on the Strip are slot machines and there are also lucky knights cavorting.

For people who are not just gambling in this city, this city offers much more, and even for free.

Free Las Vegas Attractions!

Hotel Bellagio is one of the largest hotels in the world and one of the most beautiful in Las Vegas. If you read an article about this city in the desert, the hotel Bellagio almost always graces   the title page with its famous water features.

Several times an hour a day, the fountains bubble into the sky in front of the beautiful backdrop of the Bellagio Hotel. This, with tourists very popular and impressive show, is of course always accompanied by changing music.

A unique spectacle that every Las Vegas visitor should watch both day and night.

When in Bellagio, be sure to check out the small botanical garden located in the middle of the hotel. It is really impressive to admire the works of art, which were designed with great attention to detail from real flowers.

With a lot of creativity, there is always something new shown matching the season or festivity.

The atmosphere at the Hotel Mirage Las Vegas meets what one would expect from a Las Vegas hotel. The ambiance in the casino is great, not as bright as the Venetian and not as dark as the Luxor. It does not seem as sterile as in many other hotels on the Strip.

The volcano eruption, which takes place every hour in front of the hotel, is very popular with tourists. He offers with his musical accompaniment a really great and worth seeing spectacle.

In 1946, the Hotel Flamingo opened its doors in Las Vegas with the associated casino. It is one of the oldest hotels on the Strip of Las Vegas and has certainly seen better days but it has everything a visitor needs in Las Vegas.

Amid all the flashing lights and the noise of Vegas, there's a little piece of paradise where you can spot exotic birds, fish, and especially flamingos. A small oasis with a waterfall, not very big but all nicely designed and wonderful for a little walk away from the hustle and bustle.

If you stroll through the shopping mail of the Hotel Venetian , you need not be afraid of the scorching heat of the desert. You are comfortably air-conditioned under a blanket that simulates the times of day and looks like the right sky.

It is unique to be accompanied by the song of a true gondolier while strolling through the artificial canals of a miniature version of Venice. Each shop and restaurant reflects Italy with its Venetian façades and remains true to the theme.

Of course you can rent a gondola and let yourself be driven by a singing gondolier, but this is not free.

Unfortunately, the fight between the two sailing ships in front of the Treasure Island Hotel is over. Unfortunately, the show, in which men and women dressed lightly from pirate ship to pirate ship, was canceled. But the theme world in front of it with bars, restaurants and of course the impressive is still very worth seeing.

The Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign is one of the most popular photo opportunities in Las Vegas and definitely worth a visit. Every day, hundreds of visitors are photographed in front of the sign, including many wedding couples who have just married in Las Vegas.

The best time to visit the sign is the early morning, as it is not that hot yet and the lighting conditions for a photo are great. Practical is that since 2008 there is a regular parking lot with about 20 parking spaces directly in front of the sign. So you can easily park and take some photos for free. However, you have to bring some patience, many have the same thought and the snake is long.

You can not really imagine what there is to see. 4 floors packed with funny items, sweets and crazy around the colorful chocolate lentils.

The business is always an experience, and we visit it every time you stay in Las Vegas. It is never possible for us to leave the store empty-handed with the variety of the offer. We just can not resist the temptation even if $ 7 for 50 grams is not exactly cheap.

e liegt zentral gelegen am Strip direkt gegenüber vom Hotel Ceasars Palace. The LINQ Promenade is centrally located on the Strip, directly opposite the Hotel Ceasars Palace. This new little boulevard on the strip offers everything the Las Vegas vacationer desires, from small boutiques, great bars and restaurants, to live music and nightlife.

At the end of the promenade lies the Las Vegas High Roller , a truly technical masterpiece. It is 167 meters high and thus currently the highest Ferris wheel in the world. At night it is brightly lit with more than 2,000 LED lights.

If you want to escape the hot temperatures for some time, this mall offers to stroll. We love this mall, it's one of the best shopping malls in Vegas, and it's right on the Strip. We usually go only to look, because the goods are very high priced there. On some days you can also make a bargain in the brand shops there.

When it starts to dawn, from the 2nd or 3rd floor, you can watch the many colorful lights on the Las Vegas Strip.

These were some free sights in Las Vegas, but there are many more that I'm going to introduce soon.

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  • Really great! These are really great opportunities to offer - especially the fountains in front of the Bellagio Hotel are great!
    Best regards,
    Cindy ❤ http://www.fraeulein-cinderella.de

  • Thank you dear Siegrid! I feel like I've just moved back to Las Vegas! In the Fashion Show Mall, I have already left a few euros and visited the food court there quite often!
    Best regards, Ina

  • Dear Sigrid,

    I'm a big Las Vegas fan and every stay was an experience. There is just so much to see and how you write, many things are free. In general, I find Las Vegas (if you're not in the casino cheering his money) relatively cheap. I hope I'll be back soon.

    best regards

  • I love such insider tips so totally! Sometimes you do not even believe what you can discover for free - that's especially noticeable to me in such city trips 🙂

    Best regards too,
    ❤ Tina from http://www.liebewasist.com

  • Find that always great that in such cities also many free attractions are offered. So you can travel budget friendly! Thanks for the contribution!

    Best regards,

  • Las Vegas, a city where I definitely want to go. I'm always impressed when I see pictures of it on TV. A dream that I must definitely have seen once in a lifetime.

    Especially the Bellagio must be madness.

    All the best,

  • Oh how cool, there is a lot of money. I've never been to Las Vegas, but would definitely use your blog and insider tips for a trip 🙂


  • Very nice to see that the city has so much more to offer than just gambling! So far, I've never been there, but it just looks gorgeous and visiting the US would be a lifelong dream ❤️
    Many greetings
    Wioleta from http://www.busymama.de

  • Las Vegas has to be awesome. All this action and great hotels ... There is so much to see and do 😉

  • I did not know that there is so much free to see in Las Vegas, so very interesting contribution. I would like to have a look at the city, but not because of the games of chance, because I can not do anything with it. I would then rather look at the things you suggested.

    Thank you for the lovely compliment Sigrid <3.

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