Lake Mead largest artificial artificial lake of the USA!


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Las Vegas is a very popular destination for lucky knights and night owls from around the world. We also love this vibrant city around the clock, but sometimes we need a break from all the neon lights, luxury hotels and shows. Then we sit in the car and look at the area.

There are so many places around Las Vegas to escape for a short time the hustle and bustle of this big and turbulent city.

During our visit to Las Vegas this year, we decided to take a trip to Hoover Dam. This world-famous imposing structure is located just off the Arizona-Nevada border in Boulder City and about half an hour from Las Vegas.

On the way to the dam , you pass Lake Mead, the largest water reservoir in the USA. Located in the heart of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, it is one of the largest and cleanest reservoirs in North America supplying drinking water to the states of California, Nevada and Arizona.

The stunning desert landscape and sparkling blue waters of Lake Mead and its surroundings are a true oasis in the desert. With its diverse landscape of canyons, valleys, mountains and lakes it is a very popular recreation area in the USA.

The lake is a perfect place for boating, swimming, water skiing and fishing. But that's more for local visitors, as you have to have a valid fishing license in the US states of Arizona or Nevada.

But Lake Mead is more than just a lake, if it's an ideal place for activities in and on the water. Even outside the water, there is much to do and discover. You can go hiking or explore the area on horseback or mountain bike.

It then runs one or the other little animals on the way.

You can also bring your dog to Lake Mead as it is a pet-friendly park. He just has to be on a leash and you should stay away from the designated swimming areas.

A very special experience is to look at the lake and the dam from above and shoot great photos.

This is also possible because you also have the opportunity to do a helicopter tour there.

Anyone looking for a break from Las Vegas will definitely find them at Lake Mead!

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  • Bodyguard4you

    THAT are pictures ...

  • I am very skeptical about Las Vegas and the reservoir. Always. The water consumption for this city is simply incredible and irresponsible. It is depleted of such valuable resource water for the shows, hotels, huge number of tourists every day .... and all in the middle of the desert. Because the environment and nature simply take such incredible damage. But unfortunately, the least worry about that. Maybe I can use this comment to make something stop! Thank you ! VG, sir

  • Wow, I also wanted to experience something like that. Such a helicopter tour is definitely great, great photo and a very interesting contribution.
    Greetings Katrin

  • I was in Las Vegas in May! Hoover Dam I had also considered, because of time constraints, it has unfortunately not worked so well. Hopefully next time 🙂

  • Great impressions that you share with us. I would like to travel to this area. I imagine that very adventurous. Until then I like to read such exciting travel reports and dreams.

  • That you need a break from the hectic Las Vegas, I can understand well! Great that the area offers so many possibilities.
    If you write that the park is dog-friendly, it means you always take your dog to the US?

    Many greetings
    Wioleta from

  • Wow, that looks impressive. No wonder that this is also a popular destination. Your photos really make you want to go hiking there. A helicopter tour is certainly an unforgettable experience.

    Many greetings,

  • Hi Sigrid,

    which animal is this please, whom you met here? Looks a bit like an alligator, but the color is not quite right, right? Unfortunately, we did not stop by Lake Mead during our West Coast tour, but who knows, maybe it will take us back to the area. For me, New Mexico is high on my US list; maybe we'll connect it again with a more extensive west coast tour. 🙂

  • Unfortunately, I have never been to this area, but the pictures speak for themselves.
    best regards
    Anja from

  • Wow that really looks really impressive! Thanks for the impressions, that I am going to continue!

    Best regards,

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