10 free excursion destinations in Los Angeles!


Free excursion destinations in Los Angeles, explore the city for free!

Los Angeles is a vibrant metropolis with blue skies, bright sunshine, sprawling beaches and surrounded by nature.

There is a lot to explore and the list of things to do in and around the city is very long. Seeing everything can be very expensive, but you can have an eventful and good time for free. Many of the city's most famous attractions cost no entry and are easy on the wallet.

There are over 100 free excursion destinations in Los Angeles from which we have seen many during our stays.

The Chinese Theater is one of the most popular attractions in Los Angeles on the Walk of Fame. It is well known for the hand and shoe prints as well as the signatures of celebrity stars immortalized in damp concrete in the entrance area of ​​the cinema. Here you can have a look at how to climb into the footprints of Arnold Schwarzenegger or compare his hands with those of Tom Hanks.

The Pacific Coast Highway is one of the most famous streets in California. Leaving the city behind and enjoying the coast with the windows lowered, makes you feel like you're in another world. It looks like the PCH embraces the coast and you have breathtaking views of the shimmering Pacific Ocean on every corner. Of course you like to sing along, if on the transmitter 102.7 KIIS FM   Justin Timberlake sings, you really can not stop the feeling of freedom.

There are ways to peek behind the scenes of a popular TV show, and tickets to a variety of shows are free. Whether Jimmy Kimmel, Jeopary, The Late Late Show or Dancing With the Stars everywhere you can be there and you are close to the stars.

But you should try early enough for a ticket, because the waiting list is very long.

The Los Angeles City Hall!

A beautiful view of Los Angeles can be enjoyed from the observation deck of the City Hall, the city hall of the metropolis LA.

After the security checks and the examination of the personal details, take the elevator up to the 27th floor. There is the platform from which you have a magnificent panoramic view of the city with its skyscrapers. You can also see the Disney Concert Hall, the Olvera Street and in the distance even the Hollywood Sign. After enjoying the great view, you should take a walk through the surrounding park.

CityWalk kann man sich vergnügen, e s ist ein fantastischer Ort um sich die Zeit zu vertreiben. You do not necessarily have to visit Universal Studios , you can enjoy yourself on the CityWalk, it's a fantastic place to pass the time.   witzige und manchmal auch kuriose Artikel A little stroll and in the shops funny and sometimes curious article   Discover or eat a snack in one of the well-known restaurants. auch das Hard Rock Cafe, sollte man einmal gesehen haben. In the colorful candy shops you should definitely take a look and also the Hard Rock Cafe, should you have ever seen. With the huge guitar in front of the door, it is already a real eye-catcher from the outside.

The walk through the CityWalk is accompanied by music that can be heard all over the place and makes for a good mood.

You can not imagine visiting a burial site while on vacation, but it's really something special. At this tourist-frequented spot in the heart of Hollywood, you can see the tombs of famous people such as Dee Dee Ramone, bassist of the band Ramones, Georg Harrison and Chris Cornell.

In the summer movies are shown on the wall at the weekend and many meet there for a picnic. Many well-known musicians are also using the place to organize popular live concerts.

The Santa Monica Pier is one of Los Angeles' most popular attractions. There is the terminus of Route 66 and there is a small amusement park. The Pacific Park is not big, the rides are not spectacular, but it's fun to ride in the roller coaster or ferris wheel. From there you have a wonderful view of the Pacific and West Los Angeles.
The pier is always lively and it does not get boring. You will find painters, musicians and many stalls where you can buy souvenirs, drinks or ice cream. But of course there are also good restaurants such as the Bubba Gump.

When visiting Los Angeles, this Hollywood Hills landmark is high on the list of many tourists and is not hard to find. There are many ways to get there, but one thing is for sure, it offers breathtaking views without tasting anything.

We usually take the road from Hollywood, Franklin Avenue and Beachwood Drive north. At the Ledgewood Drive we turn left and go uphill to the triple crossroads, there we turn right onto the Deronda Drive. There it does not continue with the car and you can walk further towards Sign .

If you want to get to know the origin of Los Angeles, Olvera Street should not miss the heart of this city.

The birthplace of Los Angeles's El Pueblo de los Ángeles is located in downtown Los Angeles. The historic district of Mexican culture and traditions has been named Olvera Street since 1877. This street offers a really interesting contrast amid the skyscrapers of Los Angeles. Many visitors from all over the world stroll through the small Mexican market with its many souvenir stands.

Avila Adobe is also located on Olvera Street and is the oldest building in Los Angeles. It is open to the public as a museum and furnished with great attention to detail, in the style that was customary in 1840. Admission is free and you get a guide and detailed explanation of each room of the house from volunteers.

There are a lot of free excursion destinations in Los Angeles which I will introduce to you from time to time.


  • that's super cool love Sigrid! I love to explore such excursion destinations in a foreign city ... of course you can do the complete sight-seeing-round, but these insider tips are also so exciting 🙂

    thanks for that - they will surely be explored when I land in LA 🙂

    Best regards too,
    ❤ Tina from http://www.liebewasist.com

  • You give me a taste of LA! I will save the tips and hopefully implement them soon.
    I wish you a happy easter!
    Glg check

  • These are really cool tips! I also want to go to LA someday - absolutely. Thank you for giving us these tips. 😉

    Greetings and happy Easter!
    Sara | missesviolet

  • abookishloveaffaire

    Great tips love Sigrid!
    Anyway, I'm the guy who walks around town with his eyes wide open and looks at everything and drives around in the car when visiting museums, amusement parks and more. Therefore, my trips are always quite cheap in terms of running costs.
    Experience more, pay less 🙂

  • I always find such tips great! One often does not mean how cheap one can design city trips!

    Best regards,

  • That sounds great! In fact, I have never been to America before, so far, I have always preferred all sorts of destinations in Europe. But who knows what is not, can still be and then I will remember your tips. 😉

    dearest greetings
    Andrea from Chapeau Blog

  • Dear Sigrid,
    Since you have put together a nice little selection.
    El Pueblo de los Ángeles reminds me of the atmosphere very much Texas 🙂
    I think it's good that you introduce free sights. Especially in the last few years, I have experienced time and again that simply everyone is required to enter and that you have to stand in line for hours. Especially as a student you travel rather with a small budget, as your tips are super thank you 🙂

    Greetings and happy Easter

  • Dear Sigrid,

    I like to go back to LA ... such a great city and as you can see, not everything costs a lot of money. You can do a lot of things that are completely free :-)!

    Thanks for this nice post!

  • The excursion destinations sound fantastic.
    LA has been on my Travelbucket list for too long, unfortunately I could not fulfill this dream yet. But hopefully soon. Thank you for the great impressions.

    check out my BLOG and INSTAGRAM

  • Hehe a really cool summary, because you may want to instantly want to. I have been only one day in LA because of the outward flight, but I could not really discover anything. I would like to catch up sometime. LG, Cindy

  • Grrr I finally want to go to LA And that you can do so many great things completely free of charge only once more provides an incentive. Will I save for my (hopefully soon to be held) LA visit 🙂

  • These are great ideas. I also prefer exploring places on your own and like to look at blogs for insider tips. Although I do not think that we will come to LA, but still these are very nice tips.

    Greetings Dany?

  • As you read your blog, I'm always overwhelmed with wanderlust! Thank you for the nice summary, there are some corners, which really irritate me! All the better that this is even possible without having to dig deep into your pocket!

    Happy Easter and greetings from Tyrol,

  • Hello Sigrid,
    These are some things that you can do for free. So I would like to see such a TV show. And Kimmel is really so funny! I would not want to miss that 🙂 Thanks for the tips!

    Love Linni

    • I'm waiting for a ticket for Dancing with the Stars or Shark Tank, so I want to be part of it.
      best regards

  • The excursion destinations all sound really cool. Unfortunately, I have never been to the US and would probably fly to New York rather than to the West Coast. But LA seems to have really great spots worth visiting 🙂

    Greetings, Milli
    ( http://www.millilovesfashion.de )

  • Such insider tips are gold value. Thank you for that. I would also like to go to Los Angeles, so I'll save your tips right away. I will do a hike to the Hoolywood sign. All the best Marie

  • Wow! Now I really want to make my way to LA ... there is a lot to see and the photos really make you want more. Thank you for collecting so many tips that do not cost anything. That's just perfect!

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  • What a great contribution! 🙂
    I have (unfortunately) not in the near future to go to LA, because I just can not afford it.
    But I'll definitely plan it someday.
    And that's where your contribution fits perfectly. Especially because you also save money and still experience great. 🙂

    Wishes, cat

  • These are great tips! ? Some things are familiar to me, while my LA visit is already 20 years ago. Maybe I should plan a trip there again. You made me feel like it ☺

    Many greetings,


    • The city is worth visiting again and again. There are so many things to see!
      best regards

  • Great insider tips, thanks for that. I've never been there before, but it's really an enchanting place. Would like to make a trip there.

    Dearest greetings,
    Sarah // http://www.vintage-diary.com

    • We love Los Angeles very much and are fortunate enough to have family there.
      best regards

  • Hey my love,

    great post, I am particularly impressed the "oldest" house and the birthplace of the city!
    I also like to hear Lana del Rey! 😉

    best regards

    • Thank you, such a concert on the cemetery is something quite different.
      Greetings and a nice weekend

  • Shades of Ivory

    Nice posts and great pictures. Unfortunately I have never been to LA, or I have never been to America before. But LA is right at the top of my list - I really want to do a West Coast tour in the US.

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