The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a popular tourist attraction!


Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles!

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a famous street attraction in Los Angeles and in Hollywood the main attraction for tourists. It stretches for 18 blocks on Hollywood Boulevard and is about 2.5 kilometers long. The Walk of Fame is a public sidewalk, free and always open and well visited.

There are many well-known but also lesser-known actors or musicians who have been honored for their remarkable achievements. Celebrities such as Tony Curtis, Harrison Ford, Bruce Willis, John Travolta, Brian Adams, Nicolas Cage or Michael Jackson knows everyone.

Each star is made of pink terrazzo and includes the name of the artist and a brass icon in the middle indicates the category in which he was honored.

Michael Douglas and David Carradine, for example, were honored in the television category, Christina Aquilera in the category of music, and Bruce Lee for his films.

Of course, with a quick glance you can see many stars on the sidewalk that you know. But looking for his favorite star can take a while, because there are thousands of stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

We went in search of the star of Michael Jackson. When we found him, however, the rush was great, although it was early morning. There were fans who knelt in despair and weeping in front of the star and others who took care of it, everyone wanted a picture.

Marilyn Monroe's former Norma Jeane Baker, was a well-known American actress and singer. She was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on February 8, 1960. Of course, her star also shows the symbol of an old-fashioned camera for her success in the film business.

Of course, Nicolas Cage also has his own star here, which he honored in 1998. Of course, as a big fan, I wanted to see his star.

Nicolas is known from films such as Face, Ghost Rider, Next or Con Air and was born in Long Beach. He is an actor and film producer and received an Oscar for Leaving Las Vegas. His uncle is the well-known director Francis Ford Coppola.

Star Doubles by Johnny Depp, Wolverine!

The Hollywood Walk of Fame shows a lot of doubles by stars. Above all, they can be found in front of the Grauman's Chinese Theater and the Kodak Theater. There they earn their money by posing for photos. Visitors love this and like to pay for a picture with X-Men, Mickey and Minnie, Edward Scissorhands or Marilyn.

Some visitors are disappointed and had expected more, but it is just a sidewalk that became an attraction. Of course there are places away from the center that are dirty and in need of urgent repair, but it is always worth seeing.


  • It must be a great experience to see the stars in real life.
    I would not put myself on it,

    Seems that you had a great time.

    best regards

    • Some are very blatant, but it's nice to see it.
      Best regards and nice sunday.
      best regards

  • Oh that's exciting - I could probably have taken thousands of pictures. 😛
    Best regards,
    Marie <3

  • That looks really great there.
    Would you like to visit? Very nice contribution

  • No question, the Walk of Fame is an absolute must when you're in Hollywood! I'm not that affine with stars and celebrities, but hey when you're there, that definitely belongs to the program 😀

    Best regards too,
    ❤ Tina from

  • So if I ever get there, I'll look at the stars too. Nice post.

  • Again an informative contribution! Well, I do not really have to see that, I'm not the Promifan, but I'm sure it's an absolute dream for fans.

    Lg from Norway

  • Hi my love

    I'm not a huge fan of the Walk of Fame now either and do not visit him anymore when I'm with my family in the US. But I think the Double very funny, some costumes are really very elaborate :)
    Have a nice start to the week,

  • Since you get right back wanderlust!
    I also like to go to the Walk of Fame!
    LG Sarah <3

  • Hello Sigrid, I did not realize that the Walk of Fame is really that long. Always nice to read your reports.
    Best regards Claudia

  • That was a very informative post. And I can well imagine that some are disappointed once. Because you always imagine it soooooooooooous. That the posing with the doubles is so popular, I like to believe. So you have a nice souvenir photo.

    Best regards,

  • I also always thought the Walk of Fame was very bombastic. Thank you for not even showing the great corners.
    I would also like to have photographed Nicolas Cage's star, as well as Johnny Depp's 😀 I'm a huge fan of the two!

    best regards

  • I think that's popular. I wonder if I'm really impressed when I actually see him myself.

    Best regards,

  • I can imagine that it must be great as a fan to be something "closer" to his idol. I myself must honestly say that America does not really irritate me as a destination. I'd rather go to Africa. But the nature of America I find already very impressive!

    best regards

  • The Walk of Fame is still on my travel list. Now that I read your post and see the pictures, I really want to go there.

  • I have to honestly say that this corner in LA is just too crowded for me. Unfortunately, the Walk of fame has become a true mass tourism thing. So I prefer the relaxed Venice. 🙂

    Love, Daniela

  • Dear Sigrid,

    clear! the Walk of Fame was the first thing I visited in LA ... and I'm looking forward to it again! Since so much has happened since my last trip ... just awesome! I think the idea alone is great!

    Have a nice evening!

  • Hahaha, the star doubles are really funny! 😀

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