Fascination Los Angeles | Interesting about the city of angels!


The metropolis of Los Angeles has a lot to offer!

Every year, 40 million tourists visit this vibrant city and they are truly offered a very diverse mix.

LA offers visitors five major theme parks such as Universal Studios Hollywood. In addition, the metropolis has many zoos and aquariums, which are very suitable for family trips. There are over a hundred museums, many of which specialize in art, but there are others such as La Brea Tar Pits, where you can see fossilized dinosaur bones.

The area of ​​the city includes more than 120 kilometers of coastline with beautiful beaches where all kinds of water activities are possible. If you want to go hiking you will definitely find something among the hundreds of kilometers of hiking and biking trails and the nearby mountains.

If you want to go on an expedition, visit one of the many parks, such as the Griffith Park!

For example, we did not know that Los Angeles is the world leader in entertainment productions and owns most television channels. We also did not know that the city has more Korean, Japanese, Thai, and Indian inhabitants than any other in the US, and most residents have at least a bachelor's degree. Also new to us was that Los Angeles has the largest income growth in the country and the most extensive highway network.

Many of us think the city of angels is a dirty city with too many cars, exhaust fumes and smog. In fact, it is a leader in many environmental protection areas.

The city has over 500 Energy Star buildings and has been ranked first in all of America for five consecutive years, making it a leader in solar energy.

Los Angeles is also at the top of the recycling list. With a rate of 76.4%, it beats all other major cities in the United States.

With so many cultures to be found in this city and, of course, its location on the Pacific Ocean, Los Angeles offers many culinary delights. The most well-known chefs serve their guests daily delicious masterpieces . Even the vegetarians are not forgotten, because the city has the most vegetarian restaurants in the country. Of course, there are also many fast food outlets offering a wide range of food for the little hunger or the smaller purse.

The climate of the city is characterized by warm days and cool nights. The fresh ocean air that moves over Los Angeles at sunset brings a welcome cooling in the very warm summer months.

The average daily temperature in Los Angeles is 72 degrees Fahrenheit, which is just over 22 degrees Celsius.

What we did not know is that this vibrant city was built in a desert basin. Without a water supply that sends millions of gallons of water into the area, Los Angeles would be uninhabitable for millions of its residents, as it rarely rains there.

LA owns the country's most extensive motorway network. These many freeways, stretching hundreds of kilometers, connect the various areas of the city.

The best known of these are;

The Interstate 101 , the Hollywood Freeway or Ventura Freeway is the main coastal north-south route and the longest highway in California. It leads from Downtown on the Hollywood Freeway and on through Hollywood to the San Fernando Valley.

Interstate 405, the San Diego Freeway, mostly runs along the coast. It is one of the busiest freeways and the most used freeway to Los Angeles Airport.

Interstate 10, Santa Monica Freeway / San Bernardino Freeway starts at the Pacific Coast Highway at Santa Monica and leads night downtown.

State Route 134, the Ventura Freeway , runs east of Hollywood and leads to Pasadena.

Interstate 5 of the Golden State Freeway or Santa Ana Freeway connects LA to San Diego and Sacramento.

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