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Hollywood is one of the most famous neighborhoods in Los Angeles and developed from a small settlement that was founded in 1781 to the worldwide film industry. With its attractions, it is the main attraction for tourists from all over the world and is still today like no other place for glamor, success and wealth.

There is the glamorous Hollywood and the less glamorous, but there are many beautiful things to discover and they do not cost a penny!

Amoeba Music is an American independent music chain with locations in Berkeley, San Francisco and Hollywood. The first store was opened in 1990 in Berkeley and in 1997 San Francisco followed.

In November 2001, Amoeba Music opened its largest store on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. Considered the largest independent music store in the world, it presents the largest and most diverse collection of music and films ever seen under one roof.

The Hard Rock Cafe is located next to the world famous Dolby Theater and just steps away from the Chinese Theater and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The cafe offers ample seating on 20,000 square feet, a live music bar and two shops selling limited edition Hard Rock Cafe goods and souvenirs. There we always get shirts as a present for our family.

The Academy Awards ceremony, better known to us as the Academy Awards, takes place every year at the Dolby Theater . This coveted movie price has a size of 34 cm, weighs about 4 kg and is coated with a thin golden skin.

We were in Hollywood last spring and took the opportunity to mix with the crowd on February 28th and watch the Star show off the red carpet. In order to catch a glimpse of stars or starlets, some have even stayed there and then waited many hours in a stifling heat. We were lucky and had a pretty good place, but as early as left. Quite disappointed in this event, which closed the Walk of Fame well before the movie theater, we left the venue.

Chance has come and gone and shared in the spectacle. The street was closed and red carpets lay in front of the theater, it was brightly lit and everywhere there were billboards with Vince Vaughn.

The reason was the Hollywood premiere of Delivery Man . Many onlookers and autograph hunters had gathered to have a look at their stars or even take a selfie with them.

Film premieres and special events take place throughout the year.

The CityWalk in Los Angeles is a popular outdoor mall and is located directly at Universal Studios. Admission is free and even without visiting Universal Studios, the CityWalk is always a popular destination. In the many souvenir shops the browsing fun and you will find funny and sometimes curious articles on the themes of Universal Studios. You do not have to go hungry, there are many restaurants and the well-known fast food chains are represented. A great movie theater where you can always watch good movies or premieres like The Walking Dead.

The world-famous Hollywood logo is nine letters on Mount Lee in the Hollywood Hills, where the letters are attached. Each letter is about 14 meters high and the lettering together 137 meters long.

The sign is the symbol of the US film industry and the location of many American films. It is a place that almost every tourist in Los Angeles would like to visit for a souvenir photo. Unfortunately, this place is widely closed off.

The theater is one of the most popular attractions in Los Angeles on the Walk of Fame. It is well known for the hand and shoe prints as well as the signatures of celebrity stars immortalized in damp concrete in the entrance area of ​​the cinema. The first impressions were made on April 30, 1927. They are from Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks. There were about 200 more stars in the coming decades.

Here everyone finds imprints of a star, in whose hand or footprints he wants to be photographed for the photo album.

The Walk of Fame is a famous street attraction in Los Angeles and in Hollywood the main attraction for tourists. It stretches for 18 blocks on Hollywood Boulevard and is about 2.5 kilometers long. The Walk of Fame is a public sidewalk, free and always open and well visited.

Once or twice a month, new stars will be awarded to celebrities there. The stars honor performance in the entertainment industry, for example, from actors, musicians, directors and producers, and now there are more than 2500 of them.

The star ceremony takes place in public and you can be there for free. On this occasion you can see the honoree up close. Dates for this event and others can be found on

The Hollywood and Highland is right on the Walk of Fame. From there, stairs lead to the three-storey, 36,000 square meter shopping center. Of course, this includes the Kodak Theater and the TCL Chinese Theater.

There are over 70 shops and boutiques in the mall , from jewelry to clothing to gift shops and cosmetics. Well-known names such as Victoria's Secret, Guess, Hard Rock Cafe, Louis Vuitton, Sephora and Skechers are represented here. For the physical well-being is of course also taken care of, in the mall there are also numerous restaurants, whose visit is worthwhile. There are delicious pizza and salad at California Pizza Kitchen, juicy steaks at Dave Buster's and fantastic burgers at Johnny Rockets.

There are many tattoo studios in L.A., but none are as popular with tourists as Kat von D's High Voltage Tattoo Hollywood from the TV reality series L A Ink - Tattoos for Life. The studio is an attraction, but not only for fans of the show, but also for someone who loves to see tattoos.

Of course you can also get a lasting memory there, but spontaneously only from one of the employees of the tattoo queen.

Diesen Ort zu besuchen macht wirklich sehr viel Spaß. Egal ob Musiker oder nicht, es ist ein Mekka für jeden Gitarrenspieler und Musiker. In diesem Musikladen findet man alle Arten von Gitarren z. B. A kustikgitarre , E-Gitarre, Bassgitarre in unglaublich großer Stückzahl. Diesen Ort zu besuchen macht wirklich sehr viel Spaß. Egal ob Musiker oder nicht, es ist ein Mekka für jeden Gitarrenspieler und Musiker. In diesem Musikladen findet man alle Arten von Gitarren z. B. A acoustic guitar , electric guitar, bass guitar in unbelievably large quantities. Aber natürlich gibt es auch eine große Auswahl anderer Musikinstrumenten mit jeweiligem Zubehör. Man kann Stunden damit verbringen, Gitarren und natürlich auch alle anderen Instrumente auszuprobieren. Ich war wirklich überwältigt von der Menge der angebotenen Artikel.

In 1985, the Rockwalk opened in front of the entrance of the Guitar Center, the world's largest music retailer on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. There, many rock legends and guitar greats who were major musicians left their handprints and signatures in cement blocks.

Hollywood may not always be what you expected, but it is still worth seeing. Among the top attractions in Hollywood but there are also off the beaten track interesting places to explore.

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