Free Los Angeles Attractions!


Another 10 Free Attractions in Los Angeles!

Since many found my article about free excursion destinations in Los Angeles interesting, here follows part 2!

Attractions can be explored everywhere in Los Angeles, many of them in vain. The beach is not far away, there are many hiking trails and the desert and mountains are also nearby. All these are ideal places for outdoor activities such as sightseeing, hiking, jogging or relaxing.

Our grandson could spend hours watching the skaters perform their tricks. Of course, we enjoy it a lot and that's why we all like to travel to Venice Beach together . Mostly we get a little something to eat, for example, a hot dog or a German Currywust, sit next to the skate park and enjoy the sun of California.

Young or old, boys and girls everyone is skating here and many are really talented too. What some people conjure up with his board, is already worth seeing. You can watch this exciting spectacle for some time, especially when kids are skating.

It's really unbelievable, what even the smallest do for tricks!

After the skate park, we usually go along the boardwalk, which makes Noah happy because he can always choose a little something. In the many colorful shops, there is a wide selection and he always finds something that he would like. On the Boardwalk you meet many street artists like painters, artists and musicians and I think that you can not see so many different people like you on a square.

The only thing you have to get used to is the smell of marijuana that floats in the air and that you can buy here on every corner.

Close to Downtown Los Angeles and Union Station is Chinatown.

We were there in the early morning and it was quiet and not so crowded, so we could leisurely stroll through the streets and look around. The shopping scene is quite colorful and there are many restaurants and lots of typical shops. The Chinese food tastes very good and is very popular with gourmets, so there are usually long queues.

A small cozy Chinatown that you should have seen.

Listening to Los Angeles, many think of great mansions, palm trees and a beautiful landscape, all of which can be seen by driving along Mulholland Drive. This street, which is very well known to tourists, winds its way through a beautiful landscape and offers from many vantage points a wonderful view of Los Angeles and the Hollywood Sign. On the way you will pass many dream villas which mostly include celebrities and of course you will also see great cars.

Many photos show a building high on a hill in the Santa Monica Mountains in Griffith Park, Los Angeles's largest park. On the way up you have an impressive view of the skyline of Los Angeles.  

If you are early enough there is still time to visit the observatory . The interior is very informative with lots of interesting information about the earth and its solar system. There are models of all our planets and the sun and they are all in the right proportions, and there are pictures of space. Everything is done great and the explanations on the topics are easy to understand.

The observatory offers free outdoor telescopes that are open when the sky is clear. With that you can look at the many stars when it is night over Los Angeles.

It was a breathtaking experience to watch as the sky over Los Angeles darkened more and more and the lights slowly turned on.

When traveling in Los Angeles, you also want to stroll through this well-known street where the rich and famous of Los Angeles spend their money. Many also know the Rodeo Drive from the movie Pretty Woman , because here Vivian (Julia Roberts) went shopping.

Also, if you do not want to spend any money here, it's a great place to get a glimpse of luxury living by looking through the shop windows.

The port, after which the place is named, was artificially created and is probably the largest artificial marina in the world. Over 7000 impressive boats, ships or yachts are anchored here, who wants to see the luxury yachts, that's right here. You can take a leisurely walk along the harbor, or sit on one of the many benches and watch the action from there.
Of course you can also book a harbor cruise or ride on a speed catamaran.

This wide, kilometer-long and almost deserted beach is one of our favorite beaches in LA. The beach is beautiful and the view of the Pacific is just breathtaking. It is well maintained and much quieter and less crowded than the one in Venice or Santa Monica. You can spend there undisturbed a nice time with the family. Children build sandcastles and splash in the water and parents enjoy the sun in a relaxed mood. In the evening you can experience a spectacular sunset together with the locals.

The beach is a real insider tip and not so easy to find but worth it.

Downtown, downtown Los Angeles has many popular and free attractions in the city. For example, the Union Station known for its architecture, a city train station or The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, a church that is very popular with tourists and of course the 310 meter high Bank Tower. Bradbury Building, Farmersmarket, Olvera Street, the Stables Center, Civic Hall and many more are in the city center.

You can spend hours walking around this neighborhood with its skyscrapers and discover free attractions.

If we want to recover from the tourist centers, we like to go shopping at The Grove, which is an outdoor mall right next to the Farmers Market , in the heart of Los Angeles. You can walk but we go with the classic opened tourist train from the Farmers Market, because this makes our grandson a lot of fun.

Of course you can also find the usual luxury brands like Michael Kors, Diane von Furstenberg, La Piazza, Barnes and Nobles and many more. You do not have to buy it is fun.
In the middle of the market are idyllic water features and fountains that move in time to the music. There we like to sit down and watch the happy goings on.
These were again some interesting and of course free attractions in Los Angeles, more to come soon!


  • Oh yes, Los Angeles is great, too. I've never been there either. Great pictures you have made here. I think your tips are really great. You do not always have to spend a lot of money for an experience and especially if you want to experience the city it is better to stay away from admissions and simply stroll through the city. That's how I get the best feeling for a city. I always like the old trains. So beautiful vintage 🙂

    I'm looking forward to the next tips.

    Best regards,

  • I always find such tips super helpful! I mean - what does it mean to be poor in a city after a few days, because you have to pay admission everywhere ...? Gladly more of it!
    Best regards,

  • Venice Beach is such a highlight anyway, that you have to have seen and visited - no matter if for skating or strolling 🙂
    And Marina Del Ray I would not resist ... I LOVE beaches!

    great impressions love Sigrid!

    Best regards too,
    ❤ Tina from

  • In LA is something free? ha ha ha ... I would not have expected!

    Best regards,

  • Hey you.
    I think the tram is really great and would probably drive it all day. Thanks for this post.

    Dearest greetings,

  • At some point I have to go back to LA. With your great photos, you immediately feel like traveling there

  • Really dreamlike goals and great photos love Sigrid. Since I know your contributions, I know more and more that I absolutely, and I mean by all means, in the US and especially here to LA and SF must. A heartfelt thank you!

    • I can really understand that very well. If I had the money I would go there immediately.
      best regards

  • Wow, so many nice pictures and great tips, someday I should definitely fly to LA!

  • With the many great sights, it is really difficult to decide for a favorite ^^ I think I would choose Marina Del Ray, because I like the photos s.besten

  • Very interesting contribution and so great pictures, because you want to put right in the plane. Free sights are always great. 🙂

  • Oh, I've heard a lot about the tram! That would be my first stop when I finally come to the city of angels! 🙂

    best regards

  • Dear Sigrid,

    the more you post from LA, the more I realize that I was far too short myself. I really need to find someone who can drive a car and then go back. Your tips are just great! 🙂

    Many greetings,


  • Again so many great tips! Venice Beach and the view from Mulholland Drive just look gorgeous. I hope to see LA soon. 😉

    best regards
    Sara | missesviolet

  • hydrogen peroxide

    I would probably visit all of it. Especially the sunset from the Griffith Observatory, that must be so impressive.
    But for a whole day I would surely hang out at the Venice Skate Park. I love to watch skaters and take pictures, even though unfortunately I can not do it myself.

    Greetings Anni from

    • That's really fun too. I always like watching kids skate. Unbelievable how perfect that can be ..
      best regards

  • Hello Sigrid,
    So if there is water and sand somewhere, then I prefer to be there! I would love to go shopping where the rich can shop and choose at least one thing 😀
    Very great contribution!

    Love Linni

    • Dear Linni, I'm totally with you. Sun and beach and a little shopping, what more could you want.
      best regards

  • Wow so I did not realize how much there is to discover in Los Angeles. Yes, of course the city is big, but that does not necessarily mean that there are many places worth seeing. Like the first part, I find the second part very helpful in planning your trip, because you certainly will not find many places in the "normal" travel guide.

    Greetings, Milli
    ( )

    • That's right, I know many things only through my daughter-in-law, who grew up there.
      best regards

  • Dear Sigrid,

    LA is so great! I love this city and the madness of what it has to offer. Except for the Marina Del Rey I know your places and was also very excited. I especially enjoyed skating along the beach ... just wow! By the way, since I read your blog, I've always been wanderlust ... <3!

    Have a nice evening

    • There you are like Verena, many do not like Los Angeles but I love it. The lifestyle, the people, the weather, this is Californiafeeling as I imagine. In May we are finally back with our family.
      best regards

  • Thanks again for this wonderful report and the summary of all the sights.

    All the best,

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