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Six Flags Magic Mountain is an amusement park very popular with rollercoaster fans, just 50 minutes from Los Angeles. It offers some of the world's largest, highest and fastest roller coasters in the world. If you're looking for the ultimate thrill and adrenaline rush, then you're in the right place.

I've always been a brave roller coaster, but they really surpass everything I've ever seen in our amusement parks. Whether hanging, standing or lying it goes at incredible height at breakneck speed, through multiple loops or screws.

My courage left me there and I limited myself to driving the somewhat less spectacular attractions with my grandson. For children there is also a large selection of rides such as Wonder Woman or Road Runner.

Then we made our way to the children's department, where there are many things for children including the Looney Tunes Lodge where they can let off steam.

On the way we met Wonder Woman, who happily took the time for a chat and a funny photo.

Six Flags Magic Mountain offers spectacular rides as well as seasonal events such as Holiday in the Park during the winter season.

From the 23rd of November to the 5th of January, starting at 5 pm, the park will be transformed into a small, magical winter wonderland. After entering the park, immerse yourself in a magical world of red ribbons, Christmas decorations and a large illuminated Christmas tree.

Millions of brightly colored lights illuminate the trees and houses, and atmospheric Christmas music is heard everywhere. The artificial snowflakes delight large and small visitors and create a magical, romantic atmosphere. It's hard to believe you're in Southern California as you stroll through this wonderland of snowy figures and Santa Claus.

Of course, a cup of hot chocolate is best for a hike through this small, enchanting winter world. If you buy the cup as a souvenir, you can refill it for free, as often as you have an appetite for it. There are many, because everywhere in the park you can see people with a cup in their hands.

The chocolate is crowned with a cream cap and a small marshmallow and goes well with the Funnel Cake and other festive delicacies offered in the park.

Our little grandson moved to the S'mores fire pits, which can be found in the park. He loves this sweet treat very much and we often do it at home on the terrace. He can hardly wait until it is finally ready and he can hold his wooden skewer in the fire.

In the park you can buy a ready-made pack with Graham crackers, marshmallow, Hershey's chocolate and of course the long roast stick. It's off to the fire pit, where you can toast your marshmallow, especially kids love it very much.

The trek continues through the new Gleampunk District where thousands of lights illuminate the trees and pots of this newest and largest theme area of ​​Holiday in the Park.

There you can also take a picture in a legendary sled if you want.

Of course you can not ride a horse-drawn sleigh through the snow at Holiday in the Park, but you can fly through the night sky on a roller coaster.

Apart from the shows and lights throughout the park, some open roller coasters, rides and attractions provide thrills.

Much do not want to give it up, because without the visit to the Six Flags would not be complete for them.

Holiday in the Park offers a wonderful time with countless lights, atmospheric music, activities and shows for the whole family.

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