Manners and manners in the US!


Americans, unlike us Germans, are looser, happier and in general very open and communicative.

Nevertheless, there are some rules of behavior when dealing with them, which you, as visitors from Germany, should be aware of.

Welcome to California please smile!

In California, people are very friendly and you see smiling people everywhere.

You just have to return the smile if you smile in the early morning and in the late evening, and believe me, that's going to happen all the time. They are happy to live in a state where the sun is almost always on and that makes them smile.

Also, we have a constant smile on our faces during our visits, with all the beautiful things we have to offer.

Conversation in the USA!

On our first visit to the US we were very surprised that all people met us very friendly. We were in a flash with strangers and were showered with compliments. At the time, we did not know that most people were just saying that and it was just American small talk in which the Americans are real champions.

Entertainment should be limited to neutral topics such as the weather, the environment, nature and attractions or hobbies. Political or religious issues are to be avoided and also criticism of the US should not be expressed. Americans are very focused on their own country and would consider that an insult.

Sex is also a topic of conversation in the USA, which one does not address if possible. Men should not give women too many compliments and avoid ambiguous jokes. Americans find this intrusive and it can be seen by men especially as sexual harassment.

If you have an urgent need and need a toilet , but do not know where it is! Please do not ask for the toilet in any case, that Americans find extremely unappetizing.

No matter where you are at the moment, at the grocery store or fast food restaurant, you'll always need a toilet for a restroom, lady's room, men's room or bathroom.

Should it not be his first visit to the US, American toilets will work differently.

The toilet bowl is always at least half filled with water. Due to the amount of water, the odor is lower, the leftovers are immediately largely surrounded by water and disposed of without sanding marks. That is why you will find in the US rarely a disgusting, contaminated with bacteria toilet brush, since the water vortex cleans the toilet.

Gazing at people is frowned upon and is considered very rude in the US.

In the elevator, the rule is not to stare at the other people, rather look at a point on the floor or the door. It was not that easy for us, as we are used to looking at each other and sometimes exchanging a few words.

You should also avoid entertaining when driving a lift in the USA and if at all you should only talk very quietly. By the way, phone calls with a mobile phone are not welcomed and are annoying.

When we were asked after dinner with our family by the waitress in the restaurant, if we wanted a doggy bag for the leftovers, we were a bit surprised. Food leftovers for the dog to take home we found a strange offer.

Our American daughter-in-law noticed our astonishment and clarified us quickly!

In American restaurants, it is common to pack everything you do not eat, and take with you. So a so-called doggy bag is provided by the staff and takes the leftovers home.

Baby Shower does not mean showering a baby, which many might think.

No, the Baby Shower Party in the US is a tradition and means a party in honor of the expectant mom. There she is overwhelmed with gifts from friends and family for herself and the baby and you spend a nice day together.

Of course, a baby shower includes a lavish decoration in the color of the sex of the new earthen citizen. Everywhere rompers, bodysuits, balloons, pacifiers, rattles, cheesy and playful, everything is allowed.

Drinking in public is banned in many states in the US, and drinking alcohol is not welcomed in this country. Already when shopping in the supermarket, the purchased bottle of whiskey was packed in a brown paper bag, because alcohol in California has to be sold in paper bags. Many USA visitors may have already seen the beer drunk from this brown paper bag. This is an attempt to hide the fact that you drink alcohol in public.

That too is one of the manners and manners in the US!

One should, if Americans sit at the table as possible to speak English. They do not like it when German is spoken in their presence, because then they feel they are talking about them.


  • Point stare: This could take the Germans, especially those in my city times a role model. I hate to be stared at, or at least have that feeling (sometimes it may be imagination).

    • This is also something that I find very pleasant in the USA! In DE you are often patterned from top to bottom!

  • The last point is only valid if you do not speak Spanish at all 😉

  • Quote:
    This is an attempt to hide the fact that you drink alcohol in public.

    From this one can see how hypocritically this prohibition is handled in public.
    Because everyone knows what is in such bags.

    I would be interested to know if the US police intervene, or only if you see the bottles without this packaging.

  • Great post, my love! I am very excited. Really, I also think it stupid when others speak in other >

    In England you do not ask for the toilet, as you ask "Where can I powder my nose?" Typically English, right?

    Baby Shower and Doggybag I really think a great thing. I should probably emigrate, it fits very well to me.

    Greetings, Bea.

  • I just received an e-mail with a new post from you that can not be found. Too bad.
    But I can still say what I intended: Your contributions are always very interesting! Should I travel to California, which I would like to do anyway, I have enough tips!

  • I did not know these things at all. Of course it is in some countries, that you do not ask for the toilet, but if I have to go urgently, then I have to say Men`s Room 😉

    And with the policy is clear, because the fronts are sometimes so hardened, there is no need to start a normal conversation

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