Mandalay State Beach, the most beautiful beach in California!


Los Angeles surrounded by dream beaches!

Many friends and acquaintances who know that we often vacation in Los Angeles ask the same question again and again. "Where is the most beautiful beach in California , which are worth seeing there?"

This question is not so easy to answer, because just Los Angeles is surrounded by beautiful beaches. Many of them are known throughout the world through film and television. Who does not know the Venice Beach where Schwarzenegger trained, or the Zuma Beach in Malibu from Baywach with Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff.

We have quite by chance, on one of our trips, a new dream beach. Not even my son, who has been living near Los Angeles for 5 years, knew him 10 minutes from this beach.

After parking the car in the associated paid parking lot, we made our way to the beach. We walked through a beautiful natural landscape always the dunes in mind, without suspecting what is behind it.

Arriving on the dunes he lay before and, for us the most beautiful beach in California so far, this hidden secret on the Gold Coast. In front of us, a broad, endless, almost deserted sandy beach spread, just as you know it from movies. Some dog owners went for a walk and some jogging on the edge of the Pacific. The very brave even had fun in the water, even though it was quite windy and a bit cold.

We preferred to walk on the beach and were fortunate enough to see dolphins playing very close to the surf.

Mandalay State Beach is a sheltered beach in the Californian town of Oxnard. Part of the 92-hectare site is a nature reserve, also to protect nesting sites of various bird species. We sat down on one of the many benches to enjoy the sound of the surf and the sun. Klaus was able to take some great pictures on the occasion.

After a while we finally made our way back. We wanted to rent a bike at the adjacent Mandalay State Beach Hotel and explore the grounds along the beach.

The drive went through a large park located near the sea. Picnic tables and grills everywhere, smoking and buffing.

It was Sunday, families took the opportunity for a nice day outdoors. While the adults are barbecuing their steak, for example, the children frolicked on the existing pirate playground.

Right next door is the Mandalay Beach Hotel if you want to spend a long time there.

In short, the Mandalay State Beach   is a dream, for us one of the most beautiful beaches in California .


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