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Los Angeles County Museum of Art!

We were with our grandson on the way to the La Brea Tar Pits a 40,000 year old asphalt pool, which is visited by nature lovers of all ages. The Tar Pits are a place where there are still active tar pits and where even today fossils are being dug. You can find them in Los Angeles on the famous Wilshire Boulevard in Hancock Park.

But what we did not know until then, right next door is one of LA's most interesting art museums, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. It offers one of the largest and largest art collections in the country, with more than 130,000 objects from antiquity and the present.

It would have been a bit exhausting for our grandson at the age of three to visit two museums in one day. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Tar Pits Museum in one day, would have given him a bit overwhelmed. Then came the hike through the tar pits, which also took some time. That's why we decided to visit this museum very extensively on our next visit to Los Angeles.

The centerpiece of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is undoubtedly the Urban Light Exhibition, which consists of over 220 different restored and antique street lamps. They have been on our list for a long time and this year, more or less, it finally happened by chance.

This lantern exhibit, which has become one of the most famous tourist attraction in Los Angeles, was built in 2008. Chris Burden had the ingenious idea of ​​putting old lanterns from the 1920s and 1930s on display and painting them there.

One of the most photographed attractions in Los Angeles!

The lanterns have become very popular through social media and are now one of the most photographed attractions in Los Angeles. Hardly an Instagrammer misses to take a selfie here to let his followers participate in this great moment.

I have to admit that we too could not resist the temptation, but after a few snapshots we continued towards Tar Pits.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art Levitated Mass!

Our path took us past a huge rock that hung over a long concrete ditch. Actually, we did not say anything special until we noticed the tourists standing under the stone and taking pictures.
Klaus also wanted to play the strong man once, as many others out there with the camera.

Levitated Mass the artwork of Michael Heizer!
The artist Michael Heizer spent ten years figuring out how to get that 340-ton rock into the LACMA. It was transported in 2012 a distance of 169 km on a 90 meter long truck with 206 wheels to its current location. The whole company cost $ 10 million, a huge sum just to transport a big rock.
On the opening day, crowds had fun making their way under the huge granite boulder. We were a bit skeptical when we looked at it more closely, but our grandson immediately ran away with his mom.

Then our way finally led to the La Brea Tar Pits, because that was our goal for this day. Of course, it was a highlight for our grandson to see the skeletons of prehistoric animals. They are painstakingly assembled from excavated bones and exhibited there.


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