Travel Town Museum at Griffith Park Los Angeles!


When we visit our family in Los Angeles, we often travel with our grandson to Griffith Park. There we like to walk with the dogs, have a picnic, or admire beautiful sunsets from the observatory.

Of course there are other things to see and do in Griffith Park, such as the Travel Town Museum, our grandson's favorite spot.

The museum is a quiet place that is little known by tourists. That's why mostly only locals meet with their children to make a trip there.

It is accessible for free and there is a large car park where you can always find a place at the weekend or during the holidays.

Travel Town a journey into the past!

Travel Town has been around since the 1950s and offers train enthusiasts an impressive display of locomotives, trains and wagons. For survivors from this period, a visit there would certainly be a journey into the past.

The exhibits give an idea of ​​how life on the rails used to be. There are trains from different eras and they are not really models, they are real ones from the time. Some of them are very old and it is amazing to see how traveling has changed over the years.

Everything in the Travel Town Museum is within easy walking distance!

The place has a unique charm and of course you can also walk through some trains to get an impression of the train ride in the 1940s.

Also in a real historic steam locomotive you can climb, which is of course a great experience especially for children and has also made our grandson a lot of fun. Feeling like a conductor and touching objects or pulling levers, what could be better for a little boy?

However, you should be a bit cautious when getting in, because the steps are a bit high for children.

Apart from the trains from different eras, there is also an exhibition hall, where old cars, carriages or wagons from the past are exhibited. In the hall is also a huge miniature railway plant built, of which especially children are very excited and could watch hours.

What would a visit to the Travel Town Museum be without a train?

A highlight, especially for children, is the train ride that runs twice around the grounds of the museum. The trip costs about $ 3 for all over 18 months and takes about 5 minutes.

Birthday at the Travel Town Museum!

There are countless picnic tables, where you can rest and enjoy the food brought along. You can also celebrate your birthday or other parties there.

We saw a children's birthday party and admired the huge pizza. We had never seen one like this before and of course we had to take a picture of her, which we were gladly allowed to do.

It was about one square meter in size and we were also offered a piece of it.

The Travel Town Museum is a great place to spend time with children or to feel like a kid.

Of course there is also a small gift shop and clean toilets. Children can romp anywhere without danger and have their fun and for nothing.

If you are close to Griffith Park and looking for a quiet spot, a visit to the Travel Town Museum is highly recommended.


  • Dear Sigrid,
    I like destinations that are not too busy, also much better! On the one hand, the goals are actually more interesting and, on the other hand, much more enjoyable when large crowds do not walk around and mutually step on one another's feet.

    Many greetings
    Wioleta by

  • Sounds great. Especially the mix of park and museum is very personal to me. Thanks for the presentation!

    I'm curious, what you will report in the new year so everything. Slips well over!

    Best regards,

  • Nice destination. The link I pass on to my sister-in-law, they are always looking for great goals.
    All the best

  • This really looks like a great trip. I like such museums and find it exciting to travel a little back in time


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