Christmas in the USA | Santa Claus is coming to town!


Hardly a country celebrates Christmas like the Americans?

Christmas is always a very magical time in the USA. There is a lot of Christmas decorations on houses and in the gardens and many events to get you ready for the upcoming festival.

Very well known are the Christmas Lights in Camarillo, where months of time and work are invested to decorate the houses and gardens with countless lights. In the Advent season you can admire illuminated cartoon characters, railways, Santa Claus with his reindeer and much more.

Or you visit the Los Angeles Zoo Lights , where you will find lovingly made, colorfully lit subject areas. For example, there is a huge illuminated weeping willow, lighted palms, reflecting balls high in the trees and singing frogs and colorful water features to admire.

Very popular in the run-up to Christmas is a visit to Disneyland Anaheim. It is a winter fairy tale for children and adults at this time. Everything is gorgeous, festively decorated with a multitude of lights, garlands, flowers and bows and there is a Christmas parade.

spielt in den USA keine so große Rolle wie bei uns, was schon etwas komisch für war, als wir das erste Mal mit unserer Familie in den USA Weihnachten feierten. Christmas Eve is not as important in the US as it is here, which was a bit weird when we celebrated Christmas with our family in the US for the first time. We went to church together on Christmas Eve, had dinner afterwards, and then the traditional stockings for Santa Claus were hung on the fireplace.

His parents have explained to our little grandson that Santa Claus   in this night   . his reindeer stretched in front of the sled and flies from house to house to bring gifts . Strümpfe auf oder legt die Geschenke unter den Weihnachtsbaum. He comes through the fireplace, refills the stockings or puts the presents under the Christmas tree. So that he certainly does not fly by the house he has to put milk and biscuits for Santa Claus and carrots for his reindeer. For him, barely a year old, everything was new and very exciting.
Of course we were all very curious how Noah reacts the next morning. When he sees what Santa has stuffed into the boots, put in front of the fireplace or put under the decorated Christmas tree.

Santa Claus is coming to town!

Very early on the morning of December 25, he was awakened by his parents, saying, "Santa was here! Wake up Noah! " He looked in astonishment at the empty glass of milk by the fireplace and the carrots for the reindeer were all gone.

Santa Claus was there and brought many gifts for him, because his children's eyes shone and he could not wait to unpack and play everything.

In the evening there was the traditional Christmas Dinner, a huge, stuffed turkey with vegetables, salads and potatoes.

In the evening our little darling was tired of playing with his gifts and fell asleep happily. We adults watched traditional Christmas movies. For us in Germany that would have been three nuts for Cinderella or the little lord, in America it was, It's a wonderful life, and A Christmas Story.


  • Dear Sigrid,

    nice as you celebrate Christmas. That sounds great! I love the Christmas lights in America and the turkey looks extremely delicious. My mouth is watering.

    Have a wonderful Christmas, dear Sigrid <3!

  • Dear Sigrid,

    I find it very exciting how differently Christmas is celebrated. And the Christmas lights in America would definitely be something for me. Above all, the illuminated subject areas in the zoo would be my first point of contact.

    Thank you for allowing me to dive into your tradition.

    Merry Christmas for you and your family,


    • I'm happy, that you like it. I also really like it when it's flashing and lit.
      I wish you happy holidays.
      best regards

  • It all sounds very magical, especially milk, biscuits and carrots for Santa and his reindeer. Very cute! Merry Christmas ?

  • I find it totally interesting how different Christmas is celebrated. I definitely want to experience Christmas in the US once again. Somehow you have an approximate idea throughout the Christmas films. Nice that you give with your contribution still a deeper contribution.

    best regards

  • Hi,

    I love the exaggerated ... because I just love the feast and the decoration!

    Would like to experience it all there.

    Merry Christmas 🙂

  • that in the US very expansive and also fires a bit extravagant Christmas, I already thought 😉
    It's great that you listed it again in such detail!

    Merry Christmas too,
    ❤ Tina from

  • Ohhh I think it's always great to see other Christmas people celebrate.
    I wish you a nice Christmas Sunday.
    Greetings Lisa <3

    • Thank you very much, he was very nice and calm. Today my whole family was there, that was a bit stressful but I love my banana.
      best regards

  • Wow, that's really celebrated. With us it's actually a day like any other ... except that I'll cook something. 😉

    I wish you a merry christmas!

    All the best,

  • If life is not beautiful, I was really wrong yesterday, who is actually always a tradition for us ... but that with the gifts in the morning, I think it's awesome! This takes away the pressure of razs and is much easier to realize than parents!
    Merry Christmas!

    • I think so, it was much more relaxed than ours. Even you and your family still happy holidays dear Verena!

    • I know some families who do it here in Germany. Simply because a parent has to work Christmas Eve. Then there is the Merry Christmas on Christmas morning. We had already when we had Christmas Eve emergency service. Works great. ??

  • Always find it very exciting, as other countries celebrate. Thanks for the great contribution. I wish you happy holidays

    All the best


  • I love the weakness of the Americans for Christmas and I wish that would also spill over to Germany here a little more! Then I would not care if the gifts are only on the 25th in the morning 🙂 Only turkey I'm not a fan (of goose or duck or turkey, but not synonymous) and would exchange the meat for chicken.

    • I was also a bit negative, because I'm always used to goose, but it was really delicious.
      best regards

  • orange diamond

    Hehe! I just have to grin because I've read turkey!
    I have to write that I was fortunate enough to have been in New York myself at Christmas time and know some traditions!
    Only the one with the 25th was not that well known to me! 🙂

    Written nicely!
    Best regards,

  • Dear Sigrid,

    The Christ Child should come to us on the 25th of 12th in the morning 😉 ... everything would be more relaxed ... but that would confuse the Bible 😉 ... waiting for Christkind on the 24th of December is kind of exhausting ... both for the Children, as well as for the parents. My two would probably not go to sleep on the 24th ... but wait until the 25th in the morning. Because they keep a night off easily ... unlike me ;-)!

    best regards

    • I know that very well from my children, dear Verena. Time goes by so fast and when you grow up you miss all these things.
      best regards

  • Dear Sigrid.
    I wish you a nice 2nd Christmas holiday.
    I hope you had a nice party with your family. ?
    Best regards, Nati

    • Dear Nati, thank you, I had a quiet holy evening only with my husband and my 89jrg. Mummy. On the first holiday was then the whole family (15 people) with me to celebrate.
      Today it was a bit quieter again and tomorrow I have the Altag again. It's terrifying how fast time passes, do not you think?
      Lovely wishes

  • I think the pictures from the USA are great, how everything is decorated and shines! Really cool that you could experience it live.

  • Really classic USA Christmas ... Very nice!

    Yes, we always find it very nice.

  • thanks for the report! always interesting to learn the differences, we have lived in a camphill and since it has its roots in England, we also had the gifts on the 25th and with kids, that's really not so bad ;-).

    Lg from Norway

  • I find it very exciting how other countries celebrate Christmas! Thanks for the insight. 🙂

    best regards

  • Hey, I always find it exciting to see other cultures celebrate Christmas. In America everything is one size bigger. 🙂 We also have a few customs from here in Germany!
    Best regards,

  • one hears and sees of these ultimate traditions with the Americans for Christmas only in the well-known Hollywood stripes - but I already thought that this is somehow so true

    very pompous, but where it fits, that is certainly a very great tradition to celebrate!

    Best regards too,
    ❤ Tina from

  • So I know Christmas in the US from the television. Somehow I find the idea, to bring only on the 25th and in the morning, not at all wrong. So the kids can play with it all day long. It equalizes the whole thing a bit.

    I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas this year.

    Greetings, Bea.

  • ... the Christ Child was here tonight ... in the USA everyone still has to wait ;-). I find it funny how different the customs are. Thanks for your contribution. This is always interesting to see how others celebrate.

    best regards

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