How do Americans celebrate Halloween?


Halloween in the US is one of the most important festivals besides Christmas and Thanksgiving, but how do Americans celebrate Halloween?

Already in the weeks before the actual Halloween on the 31st of October the Americans are decorating their houses and gardens with great attention to detail. In the front gardens you can find tombstones, ghosts and witches. Black cats, cobwebs and bats adorn the window sills and illuminated, creepy ornate and carved pumpkin faces adorn the front doors. These ghastly grimaces and horror motifs are intended to deter evil spirits who are up to mischief on Halloween night.

If such a pumpkin in front of the house or the door, he shows children dressed in Halloween on the neighborhood, that there will be something to nibble here.

All October there are events for scary friends. Many American cities offer special events for Halloween. Attending the Original Farmers Market in Los Angeles or a Pumkin Patch makes kids fun and shows classic cars to parents.

Oldie exhibition in front of Thousend Oaks Mall

For the adults, it may be a bit scary. In the Universal Studios Hollywood the Halloween Horror Nights take place almost every day from mid-September. We were there twice and it was a lot of fun to walk through the scary labyrinths or ride the Terror Tram. It's an event that every scary fan should treat.

The event lasts daily from 7:00 pm to 2:00 am and is sold out very quickly.

Now the time has come, 31. October, Halloween!

Trick or Treat, Trick or Treat is called by children when the door opens. They move through the neighborhood in ghostly or even funny disguises. Only after this call they get sweets of all kinds. If this is denied, the children play a small trick on the residents.

Since this custom has been a popular Halloween ritual in the USA for about 100 years, of course, almost everyone joins in and already has his candys ready.

Biggest Halloween street party in the world!

For the parents who want some action, head to Santa Monica. Half a million people visit the West Hollywood Halloween Festival every year on Santa Monica Boulevard. There are live music, food stalls, pumpkin-Schnitz competitions and much more.

How do the Americans celebrate Halloween, in any case always with a lot of fun!


  • Yes, Americans know how to enjoy themselves on the 31st of October!

  • Nice post! We once had the pleasure to spend Halloween in Florida with friends in Orlando. That's something very special. Perhaps best to compare with the carnival in Cologne, just rather in your own neighborhood or in certain places.

    • Halloween in the US is just great. It's amazing how creative they are and with how much attention to detail they work on their costumes and decorations.

  • I think it's really cool that Halloween has spilled over to Germany. The children from the village always ring the bell and we decorate the house totally exaggerated 😀

    best regards
    Nadine from

  • That sounds like a dream to me * O * I have to spend Halloween in Amiland. It is one of the few holidays, or holiday, that I ever celebrate. I think it's just so great to dress up and really admire the elaborate costumes of some of the celebrations I then visit 😉
    This year, I have even made an effort and have almost finished my costume ...

    best regards


  • Dear Sigrid

    I have to say if I live in America, I would love to celebrate it all and think it's great!

    Here with us ... I do not know, somehow nobody really does, not like in the US and that's why I do not enjoy it!

    With us it's just a hoax of sweets and nothing else, nothing is adorned with us or something!

    Thank you for your great report!

    Have a nice weekend!


  • Hello Sigrid,
    I think I would never want to be in America for Halloween 😀 I can not even see Harry Potter and the Americans are known for their Halloween parties 😀 I would die!

    Love Linni

  • Thanks for the report! So I find Halloween class u. What some show for creativity is always great to see.

    LG Ina

  • Hey,

    I would like to experience that ... Halloween in America, certainly totally exciting and exciting. Alone the photos are awesome ... even if I would get a bit scared for sure 😉


  • Hello Sigrid,
    I love the way Halloween is celebrated in the USA! And I always love to be inspired by American blogs and then do things together with my kids. But for Halloween in the US ... That would be something!
    Best regards,

  • Great contribution!
    I'm also a little Halloween freak and whenever I'm in the States, I cover up in Halloween stores with props.

    Many greetings

  • Thanks for the great report, that sounds like a great Halloween. Unfortunately, I do not like it that way.

    LG Jasmine

  • I lived in Wales for a year and then Halloween is celebrated too. The custom comes from the Celtic and I love it.

  • Great contribution! that would be interesting to witness this.
    LG Larissa

  • I love how Americans raise Halloween and compete with each other 😀 I would love to go to Halloween in the USA!

  • I only know Halloween from the American series and that's exactly what I would like to have here with us too! hach yes that is rigorously elibrated and I think the deko sensational and the disguises! I would like to experience something like that.
    glg check

    • It is truly unique, Americans have a creativity that is incredible. Many live in my place, because of the proximity to Grafenwoehr and therefore come with us many children at the door and want sweet or sour.
      best regards

  • How genius. So I would like to be there! I love Halloween!

  • That really sounds like an event that you should join in 🙂 I think it's just always a pity here in Germany, when the kids are wild with eggs around ... had to scrub the whole front of my grandparents' house 🙁
    I hope they behave better this year 😉
    Love from

    • With us it is actually well-behaved, yesterday I had about 50 small visitors but no egg on the wall. It's different in the Witches' Night, when it's time to chew eggs and paint cars.
      best regards

  • Dear Sigrid,

    Wow! In America, real Hollywood cult is operated ... because we can not compete in Austria. Although I'm such a scaredyard ... for me, the program for adults would be too intense anyway ;-).

    best regards

    • Dear Verena,
      Halloween in the US is really unbeatable. I live near Grafenwöhr and many Americans live in our village,
      Of course, more of this spectacle can be felt here. With me yesterday about 50 children rang and wanted sweets or sour.
      best regards

  • Halloween in America would not be mine at all? I can not see scary movies and the Americans are known for their Halloween parties? would die!

    Best regards too,
    ❤ Tina from

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