Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills | Shop like the stars!


Pure luxury, the Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills!

Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills is known worldwide as an expensive and worth seeing shopping street in the heart of LA. Probably even one of the most expensive streets in the world.

During our visits to Los Angeles, of course, the detour to Rodeo Drive may not be missing. There is really a luxury boutique to the other. Gucci, Prada, Cartier, Armani, D G, Roberto Cavalli, Dior, Louis Vuitton, here are all international luxury brands represented with very expensive, exclusive offer.

Some, who are in Los Angeles, would like to take a look at the shops where the rich and famous of Los Angeles go shopping. Even if you do not intend to buy something there, it is worthwhile to at least have a look through the shop windows. Prices will be found in the expenses but none. Those who do not care about the money are not interested in the price, they can let off steam here. Here you will find everything the luxury heart desires.

Also Julia Roberts in the movie Pretty Woman went shopping here. The Rodeo Drive Beverly Hill s leads directly to the hotel Beverly Wilshire in which the film was partially filmed.

The Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills and the luxury cars!

Of course, shopping for rich and famous people is also reflected in the many luxury cars parked in front of the shops and along the roadsides. We even saw a yellow Rolls Royce with yellow rims. Ferrari, Bentley, Porsche, Lexus, everything can be found here.

Not to forget, of course, the black yellow about $ 1,700,000 Bijan Bugatti Veyron of the late fashion designer Bijan Pakzad. This is right in front of the boutique on Rodeo Drive stands.

Prominent customers in this boutique include Barack Obama, the Russian President, the British Prime Minister and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

At the intersection of Rodeo Drive and Dayton Way, a sculpture in the shape of a female torso by the artist Robert Graham stands on the green strip in the middle of the street.

The Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills just under 2 miles long, is an exclusive shopping area with very impressive, worth seeing facades lined with beautiful palm trees. Sitting here in a cafe, watching the rich go shopping and enjoying the atmosphere is definitely a lot of fun.

The Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills, almost everyone has heard of it!

This Beverly Hills street looks just like you know from movies and TV. Many people also know Rodeo Drive through the movie Pretty Woman. He is very popular with tourists who visit this place, of course in the hope   To see celebrities.

You can park in a parking lot at the eastern end of Rodeo Drive.


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