Interesting things about the people of California!


What I learned about the people of California!

During my vacations with my family in Los Angeles, I learned a lot about the people of the golden state. There are some things that people in California like or dislike, things they fight for, but also where they are misunderstood.

People in Southern California, for example, in the Los Angeles area like it when it rains. The weather is usually very dry and not always pleasant and the drought of the country is very much at risk for fires. In addition, people sometimes find it nice to recover from the blue sky and monotonous weather and feel the rain on their skin.

Only when driving in the rain, they panic, because it is not so much rain here, they are not used to it. They drive slower to reach their destination, causing a lot of congestion on the highways and more accidents.

The people of California are among the last to experience the truly magnificent views of the sunset on the mainland. Locals and tourists stand side by side and enjoy the nightly show. They line up every night in places like the Santa Monica Pier, Mandalay Beach or the beach of Caipinteria.

Again, something that I learned from my daughter-in-law, a breakfast with her green smoothie or Acai Bowl is no longer possible with her. It's no exception, as healthy food is the norm in California compared to other places in the US.

Of course, being a vegan is not difficult in a state like California. The many farmers' markets offer a wide variety of products, and most restaurants also have vegan dishes on the menu. There are also bakeries in Los Angeles offering vegan biscuits from biscuit to cake.

On my first visit to California, of course, I packed a few pairs of high heels in addition to sneakers. I love to wear high-heeled shoes in Germany and I would definitely use them on vacation.

That was wrong, because no matter what the weather is, whether it's cold or hot, the people of Southern California are almost all flip-flops. Whether in the hotel, while eating or shopping you can always see them in these shoes. In Germany, driving is prohibited with such footwear, but in the US it is allowed and no problem at all.

Half an hour waiting for an ice cream, a burger or a place in the restaurant, no problem for the people of California. They like to stand and wait, because where there is a line and you have to be patient, it tastes good. With empty restaurants one assumes that the opposite is the case.

They love to fight for what they think is right. There is always a reason for the Californians to get involved. There are rallies everywhere, such as environmental protection, human rights or animal welfare, and equality and clean energy are also being fought.

Many people in California are not as likely to find In-N-Out as you might expect, even though the burgers are delicious and reasonably priced there. Sure, the animal fries are awesome and the shakes taste perfect but it's just fast food. Many Californians prefer to go to good restaurants rather than cheap burger chains.

To master the heavy traffic in California you need self-confidence and speed. Not always the drivers are slow, change the lanes quiet or wait for a signal from others to change them, some drivers are also aggressive! Turn signal on, they should even remember and off regardless of the next lane.

You always learn something when you're there, but that's for sure!


  • Those are cool facts and super summarized! You can not imagine that someone wants the rain! I am happy if it does not rain a week 😀 Great contribution!

    Love Linni

  • Very interesting facts you wrote down there! 🙂 Especially with the rain I find exciting, here with us it is exactly the opposite. 🙂
    Nice post!
    Love Liv

  • a really great insight my dear Sigrid!
    Since I like to watch vlogs on Youtube and also like to see some from California, I already knew a lot of preferences - California really seems to be a Mecca of vegan food choices, a dream! and sunsets and beaches also 🙂

    Best regards too,
    ❤ Tina from

  • Great facts have you collected there.
    I always find it fascinating to read something like this and get a glimpse of it.
    Thanks for your contribution

    LG Sabana

  • Once again learned very interesting things!
    Those who love their sunsets, I can understand more than 🙂
    Greetings Sarah 🙂

  • again an interesting and informative contribution! That they like the rain, I can understand. That you can eat well and healthy, I've read before. Looking forward to more interesting posts from you!

    lg from Norway

  • I can really imagine how happy they are, when it rains, you can also understand, if it is otherwise only dry. I think it's really good that it is so natural to eat healthily and also to feed many vegans. I like it. Would I stay there I would totally enjoy the sunsets too. The photos look really nice. 🙂

  • A very interesting contribution! I already like the Californians, everyone from reading. 🙂 They are cool on it! Especially the vegan food is appreciated I like, is not the case here.

    best regards

  • oh I like such facts 🙂 haha ​​really bad that they wear so much flip flops!
    as forgiven, it is certainly easier there than with us!
    great insider contribution!
    glg katy

  • That they are good for rain, I can well imagine. Do not want to experience it while driving. That's definitely like in big cities when it's snowing. 🙂

    Best regards,

  • Dear Sigrid,

    I have already had some experience in California. eg those with the undecided motorists ... have experienced little understanding as a foreigner with lack of local knowledge. I can understand that with the rain and the vegan trend is great too.

    Thanks for these insights!
    Have a nice evening!

    • Without local knowledge or navigation you are really stuck there, because they send you everywhere. Usually you meet people who are also tourists and do not know each other.
      Greetings and a good night.
      best regards

  • Great summary! As you lose a little the fear of the unhealthy life in the United States, you should go there on vacation 🙂

    best regards,

    • I'm looking forward to getting strawberries on the market again, they taste so delicious, much better than ours.
      best regards

  • I do not like empty restaurant 😉
    But hire for a burger or something, eh, not my case ^^.
    I find your insight very interesting and always exciting.

    All the best

  • A beautiful good evening,

    Man - the Californians are always sympathetic to me, thank you! I did not think you could do it as well as vegans in the land of burgers 😉

    I wish you a good start to the week,
    Best regards,

    • I know that only since my daughter-in-law has become a vegan. I did not really deal with that before, because I like to eat my burger.
      best regards

  • Oh Sigrid, I love your reports about America and I'm more and more convinced that I definitely have to go to San Francisco and Los Angeles. More of that!!!!

  • Dear Sigrid,

    oh, i love california ... lots of sun, relaxed people and flip flop weather. Perfect for me! And I also love sunsets about everything <3!

    Have a great start to the week my love!

    • Since you are like me dear Verena, I also like it warm and sunny. 2 months and I'm back in California.
      I wish you a wonderful week.
      best regards

  • California and its people - a dream! The weather would be really great for me, but many see it that way. The pictures are really great! I am not surprised about the diet, in California everything is a bit different than in the rest of the country.

    Best regards,


    • Of course, the diet is very easy in California. They have season all year round and everything is available in the markets.
      best regards

  • The post I really liked, it was fun to read it 🙂 The vegan food I find very interesting, I never thought! I hope I can travel to California soon 🙂

  • How I love this Californian way of life. And I also noticed the thing about the flip flops. I think that's where I copied it. In the summer I carry these things almost exclusively.

    Love, Daniela

  • So I have to admit that I can understand many things: D!
    Very exciting what you can always learn about the people and with an empty restaurant, I can understand well whereby I rather reluctant to wait but if people are inside it must be good; D!

    Many greetings

  • Hello Sigrid.
    I think it's funny that they do not like driving in the rain. Is with us so rather normal. For this, many turn on when it is snowing. Can you compare well with each other.

    Did not you write recently that you like to wear winter boots, or was it somewhere else in America?

    LG, Nati❄?

  • Have you ever experienced the traffic in Stuttgart? It's not the same here. 😉 Rain is probably snow there like ours. There is nothing here. But because of me they can have my rain, I take their sun for it!

  • Super interesting post!
    Unfortunately, I have never been to California. But I really want to go there.

    dearest greetings

  • Dear Sigrid,

    interesting points! The shoes are a bit surprising: Do you not wear high heels in chic bars or clubs?

    In New York everyone walks around in flip-flops (only in summer) or other flat shoes, because we are running a lot and far in contrast to California cities :-), but in the bag many ladies have a few heels to change they then z. For example, you can bring it to the bar, and at social events as well as in some (office) jobs, paragraphs are indispensable. I would like to know how it works in California.

    best regards

    • Dear Petrina,
      It depends on where we go to eat. I usually put on high-heeled shoes but my daughter-in-law's flip-flops or very flat sandals. In Germany she accuses high heels but at her home I know her only in flip flips or the other extreme UGG boots.
      I really do not really need my high heels, but I usually catch it. It has happened to me several times in the mall that I have been told my shoes are so great. Of course I am usually the only one who goes shopping with it from time to time.
      best regards

      • Dear Sigrid,

        that's certainly fun for you in the mall! Thank you for the explanations - I always think it's nice to see differences in how big and diverse the US is. Even when it comes to shoeing. 😉

        best regards

  • Again something learned. I know that with the rain. Even though it often rains only in Vienna, they always panic.

    The fact that so many people are vegans in California, I did not know to experience really interesting.

    Thanks for the wonderful insight!

    All the best,

    • Glad Julia, I can only communicate something new about the USA.
      Have a nice sunday.
      best regards

  • Had to smile as I read the post! I can only confirm that with the flip flops and the vegan food. I lived in USA for 5 years and realized that most European prejudices about Americans were wrong. But most of the time, the US is also a pioneer of trends and things that only land here 5 years later.
    Thanks for the great contribution! VG, sir

    • Thank you for your nice comment Sirit. I also had these prejudices, but I was taught otherwise.
      best regards

  • I also love sunsets, but no rain. Maybe because we have too much of it. Incidentally, the love of the flip flops is quite big in other parts of the earth as well. I know that from Asia, they have no other shoes.
    Thank you for this informative post.
    Playful Grüßle

    • I like the sun better than the rain, but for the Californians, rain is essential to life and therefore welcome after 7 years of drought.
      best regards

  • Interesting post love Sigrid! The mitden the flip-flops I find very funny ☺️ And driving with the car, I can imagine very well
    Glg check

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