Top activities on Santa Monica and Venice Beach which you should visit!


The beaches of California are full of life and that makes them especially attractive to tourists as well as locals. The best example of this is the endless and turbulent beaches of Los Angeles.

No matter how hectic and frightening this city may seem, when you arrive at the beach you suddenly change your mind. There in the districts of Venice and Santa Monica namely the most famous beaches of the United States.

Many know the pier and ferris wheel of postcards or series and films that play in Los Angeles. It is picturesquely situated on the coast and was built in 1908.

With the Ferris wheel about 40 meters above the Pacific Ocean, it is still one of the most famous sights in Los Angeles. Especially at night it looks very impressive due to the colorful illuminated rides and is already visible from a distance.

Driving through the illuminated arch, which indicates the already over 100 years old pier, you are already in the middle of the action. There are shops, restaurants, a sign that marks the official end of Route 66 and, of course, Pacific Park with its rides and ferris wheel.

If you are lucky, you can also enjoy concerts and shows on the pier.

The Santa Monica State Beach is a beautiful and seemingly endless sandy beach. There you can walk along the beach in the white sand or lie lazily in the sun and enjoy the view of the blue water. It's just as you know it from movies and the beach life in California imagines. The sea is a bit cold but also very refreshing after a volleyball game or other activities at the Santa Monica and Venice Beach.


Santa Monica is directly connected to Venice Beach and there is a great walking path along the beach. You will be accompanied by joggers, cyclists and skaters and will soon be back on the famous Boardwalk on Venice Beach. It is a well-known and fascinating attraction for tourists.

Musicians, joggers, beautiful skaters in skimpy bikinis and street performers with breathtaking shows that earn their livelihood. Even musicians who offer their CDs and Althippies who want to sell something, can be found here. My daughter-in-law calls it, how many Americans, freak show.

The connecting path along the beach is popular with cyclists, joggers and skaters. So if you want something more active, you can rent a bike and drive along the path lined with palm trees. But careful, because especially on weekends, many people are on the move, which one must avoid.

The sky over the Venice Beach is deep blue and pumped up muscle men lift their weights at the well-known Muscle Beach. There, where Arnold Schwarzenegger already trained, curious tourists gather. The bodybuilders can not be bothered by this and pay little attention to the curious crowd.

If you want to train at the legendary place where Arnold Schwarzenegger was a regular guest many years ago, you should make a detour to the world-famous Muscle Beach. There you get a day ticket for $ 10 and can train with a view of the Pacific.

You can find the Venice Canals not far from the beach. It is a quiet area with great houses in bright colors and lush flowering and lovingly decorated gardens. Ducks swimming quacking in the shimmering water and everywhere you can hear the chirping of birds.

They were built by Abbott Kinney, who was once so excited about his visit to Venice, Italy, that he decided to build such canals on what is now Venice Beach. He wanted to bring the name of Venice Canals the beauty and culture of Italy to the people in California.

The activities at Santa Monica and Venice Beach should be taken as a starting point to explore other Los Angeles locations. It's not far to West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and the Hollywood sign, which every LA visitor should see.


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