Candy Canes an American Christmas tradition!


Candy Canes, a popular symbol for Christmas in the USA!

Every year in the run up to Christmas comes a package from my California family. There are always plenty of decorative items for Christmas and the typical American sweets such as Hershey's, Nerds and Jelly Belly. We like these small jelly sweets with Chocolate Pudding and Pina Colada flavor.

Swiss Miss Marshmallow Lovers are also there, they taste delicious all year round, not only on cold winter days. Of course, the Panda Express Orange Sauce, which I always keep in stock, is also missing. With it I cook my absolute favorite dish from the Panda Express, Orange Chicken!

Without these candy canes with peppermint flavor, a Christmas package from the US would not really be complete.

These sweets in the form of small sticks or shepherd's sticks are a popular Christmas custom in the US and a Christmas without Candy Cane would be unimaginable.

The perfect Christmas includes nuts, gingerbread, mulled wine, cookies, and the Christ Child. In the US hanging stockings by the fireplace and Santa Claus with frizzy bear and his reindeer.

There is the stuffed turkey standard, with us the stuffed Christmas goose. While we usually have a real fir in Germany, you can find almost only artificial Christmas trees in the USA.

They are beautifully decorated with balls, bows and angels and candy canes!

Since the 19th century, the candy canes have been an integral part of American Christmas and a traditional decoration for the Christmas tree. Even in this country you can already find them on many Christmas trees. Meanwhile, there are the candy canes in different flavors and many colors. But the most popular is the red and white striped traditional peppermint flavor.

Who does not know them, the striped candy canes decorating the Christmas tree in the USA?

Legend has it that they remind of the true meaning of Christmas through their shape and colors. The original candy cane is shaped like a shepherd's stick, you turn it and turn it upside down to recognize the letter J, like Jesus. She is white with red stripes. These are meant to remind us of his suffering before his death and of the blood he shed on the cross for humanity. The color white stands for purity Jesus and the hardness of the candy cane symbolize the strength of God.

Candy canes are very popular and are sold many millions of times at Christmas time. There is even a Candy Cane Day   in the US, every year on the 26th of December.


  • hydrogen peroxide

    The candy canes I find actually pretty cool, even if they are not represented in Germany so strong. Somehow they just fit perfectly for Christmas 🙂

    Greetings Anni from

    • Meanwhile, they are also available everywhere to buy. I think they are also part of it.
      best regards

  • Christmas without Candy Cane for my American husband and thinkable 🙂

  • A family in the US, but I'm jealous! Especially for Christmas, I imagine that so great! A friend of mine is currently in the US AND will spend Christmas in New York, so I'm really jealous 😀

    I also tried the Candy Canes before and was horrified that they like peppermint. Somehow I was not aware of that 😀 But I find the meaning very interesting, I always thought they would look like that because it's just decorative.

    best regards
    Mrs. Kröhnchen

    • Thanks for your nice comment! Yes, on the one hand it is nice to have family in USA. But on the other hand I miss my son and his family very much.
      best regards

  • Christmas in the USA ... wonderful! And never without Candy Cane. Have we here now, the kids love it.

    Wishing you a great first advent,

    LG, Bea

  • Wow, I did not know that the candy canes are so iconic! Thanks for this interesting info!

  • I think Candy Cane is super, has something traditional for me. Too bad that it is not so common here.



  • I always think the candy canes are really cool. But I do not want to eat them. Wish you a nice Advent season.

    LG Jasmine

  • Is there someone who is still Christmas madder than the Americans? But the candy canes are always on our tree. He is multicultural!

  • We also love candy canes for years! My Stifffather had seen this on an American tree and wanted some. Since they were very difficult to find in Germany, my parents used to buy and hoard these in expensive candy shops if mice did not find the packaging 🙂
    Fortunately, candy canes are now available in every shop because they are just for me at Christmas. And my daughter likes to eat her.
    What I am still looking for is such a big candy cane as a decoration for the wall, but I will surely find that in the next few years. I have time 🙂

    • She always sends my daughter-in-law from California. They are an indispensable part of our lives and just belong to our Christmas tree.
      best regards

  • Hello,
    I think the sugar booths to look really great, but I have never tasted a 😀 I think, then I would also get a sugar shock!

    Love Linni

  • Hey my love.
    I would also like to have such on the Christmas tree. I like that.

    Dearest greetings,

  • even though Christmas is already over, I still find it nice to take a breath of fresh air 😉
    Candy Canes I think is really great. they look so beautiful - and have you ever tried to pepper those typical peppermint flavored hot chocolate? yummy I say only 🙂

    Best regards too,
    ❤ Tina from

    • Really, I'll try it right away, I still have some there. Thanks for the tip, dear Tina!
      best regards

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