Bearflag official state flag of California!


We love the USA and California where our family lives has become our second home by now. In order to have a little bit of memory of this land of our dreams always with us, already on our first visit an American flag was packed in our suitcase.

On our last visit to California, my daughter-in-law gave me the Bearflag, the official state flag of California, on her departure. Since then, the stars and banners fly on the mast in our garden.

The gift of my daughter-in-law gave me reason to do some research on the flag.

Because even if I've seen the bear on several products, I never thought that he could decorate the official state flag of California.

The Bearflag was designed by William Todd (nephew of Mary Todd Lincoln, wife of Abraham Lincoln). It was raised for the first time on June 14, 1846 in revolt against the Mexican rule to proclaim the independent Republic of California.

The flag of California is white and has a broad strip in red below. In the middle is a running brown bear on a green meadow strip. Below is the name California Republic and in the upper left corner is a red five-pointed star.

The most striking of the California flag is certainly the big running bear in the middle. He bears the name Monarch and symbolizes the last wild grizzly bear in captivity. The bear is the official state animal of California and stands for great strength, strength and inflexibility.

In the upper left corner of the Bearflag is a red five-pointed star, this is supposed to be an allusion to the state of the lonely star. This refers to the state of Texas, which is also called the Lone Star State, because there is only one star on its flag.

What does the red, wide horizontal band on the flag and the white background mean?

The red is not only to symbolize the border with Mexico but also the courage of the people of California. The background color of the Bearflag white stands for purity.

In 1911, the flag was officially recognized as the national flag of California. It has not changed since then and stands as a symbol of freedom.

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