Carpinteria State Beach a dream beach near Santa Barbara!


Carpinteria State Beach a real insider tip!

When we vacation with our family in California, we all go to Santa Barbara every now and then. The Mediterranean atmosphere, the moderate climate and the cleanliness of the beaches make this city a popular destination for us.

There we walk with our grandson on the beach or walk through the city and then sit down in front of a street cafe or restaurant. Here we observe for some time the hectic activity of the tourists and inhabitants of Santa Barbara, who are playing on the sidewalks.

On the way back to Los Angeles, we almost always make a detour to Carpinteria. This is a small beachfront town located 16 kilometers south of Santa Barbara. This hidden gem near the posh Mondecito is a real insider tip and is very popular with locals and rarely tourists.

Without doubt, the main attraction of the town is the Carpinteria State Beach. It is considered by many to be the safest in the world because of its gentle waves breaking in shallow water. It is not as crowded as the beaches of Santa Barbara or Santa Monica, but it can compete with the wide and fine sand.

We were really pleasantly surprised on our first visit!

A beautiful beach with volleyball nets and a children's park nearby!

Noah loves to romp on this very family-friendly beach and run away from the waves. A large green area near the beach is ideal for ball games of all kinds or great for kite flying.

Afterwards it goes to the sanitary facilities, which are only a few meters from the beach to get rid of the sand on the body and feet again and change. Everything is very clean and well maintained and of course free.

A walk along Linden Avenue!

This street is the main thoroughfare of the city and has the typical Californian look. High palm trees line the roadside, and colorful shops and restaurants exude Californian charm. There are grocery stores, pharmacies and many other small shops with everything you need.

There is nothing better than to watch a romantic sunset on California's coast. This impressive spectacle, when the sun disappears on the horizon with an impressive play of yellow, orange and red on the horizon and sinks into the sea, is always a nice experience for us.

The sunsets at Carpinteria State Beach are just as breathtaking as those at Santa Monica Pier. Only it is quieter there, because mostly local and rarely tourists are traveling.

The Carpinteria State Beach is a real insider tip, it is definitely worth a stopover there!


  • another area that I did not know so far! but in such sunsets that can only be a dream beach - so a very great insider tip, you should definitely write on the list 🙂

    Best regards too,
    ❤ Tina from

  • Oh, what would it be nice to live there! Honestly, it's a dream! Your pictures really invite you to dream, thank you very much. Life is better at the beach.

    Greetings, Bea.

  • In my mind, I'm away for a bit! Thank you for the mental vacation?

  • This is a real insider tip, because I've never heard the name of the beach. But it looks really awesome! Is already earmarked for the next USA trip.
    LG Ina

  • Wow, that sounds great and the pictures look very nice too. The sunset I imagine myself in Natura especially beautiful 🙂

  • the sight of the many palm trees, the beach and the sun makes me feel the wanderlust again. you have shared such beautiful pictures - especially the streets with the shops and with the houses. such a great feeling. I would like to be here now and not in cold Vienna. 🙁

    all the best,

  • Dear Sigrid,

    This is once again a great insider tip from you. I have never heard of this beach and alone your photo of the sunset makes you want to make a detour there.

    best regards

  • Thanks for this thought trip and the great insider tip! Santa Monica Pier is certainly very nice, but if you think that the State Beach is much less visited, of course, I find the latter automatically better! 🙂

  • Thanks for your great insider tip. I hear about it for the first time. Unfortunately I have not been to the States yet, at least not in the long term on the mainland. But I remember your tip in any case.

    Best regards,

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