Fremont Street Experience Show Without End!

Incidentally, as soon as you enter the Fremont Street Experience on Las Vegas' first paved street, it's like being in a different world. The fantastic atmosphere, the happy people, the many lights, everything seems a little more carefree and unreal than on the strip.

In 1995, Fremont Street, which was previously open to normal traffic, was converted into a pedestrian zone. This entertainment mile, called Fremont Street Experience, is home to many bars and shopping, as well as some of the city's most famous casinos.

SlotZilla, a popular attraction in the Fremont Street Experience and not too expensive compared to other city ziplines.

For $ 29 or $ 49, you can fly up to 65 kilometers per hour sitting or flying the zip line in a superstyle. You have a great view of the turbulent happenings below.

In 2004 the pedestrian zone was roofed with millions of LED lights. When the dawn begins, there is a party going on, because then the spectacular Viva Vision Light Show, the highlight of the Fremont Street Experience, begins and everything dances and sings along.

The Light Show can be seen every hour from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. The approximately six-minute performance features music from the Imagine Dragons, Greeen Day, The Who, Bon Jovi or Linking Park.

Free dance and music events are held every night on several stages in the Fremont Street Experience. There you can rock and sing along to music of all genres without a break.

A large, cheerful audience gathered in front of the stage at Rock Steady to show off on cover songs by Bonjovi, Queen and many more.

That was exactly the right thing for us to celebrate, because we had married shortly before our visit to Fremont Street. We quickly got a beer at the nearby bar and mingled with the singing and dancing crowd.

Of course, the charm of the Fremont Street Experience also includes the many crazy street artists and actors who are everywhere. There are dancers and show girls such as women who have lined up in front of the Golden Nugget and were looking for victims.

Klaus was happy to join in the fun and had the lightly escorted young women handcuff her for a souvenir photo.

Hotels and casinos!

On the entertainment mile are some of the most famous hotels in Las Vegas, where you can gamble if you need a break from the party. Of course we played a little bit in some of them like the 4 Queens, Freemont Casino or the D.

With the classic Las Vegas atmosphere with music, shows and activities, the Fremont Street Experience is a highlight for every Las Vegas visitor. It is louder, more colorful, crazier and cheaper than the strip and we also liked gaming there better.

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