Where can I find the Aquarium of the Pacific?


Where can I find the Aquarium of the Pacific?

It is located at 100 Aquarium Way, Long Beach, CA 90802, USA

The Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific is one of the best in the world. One should, during a stay in Los Angeles a visit there in no case to miss.

The facility is located in the center of Long Beach and is one of the largest in the United States. It is located on a 20-acre site and has about 1.5 million visitors a year. In addition, the aquarium is the only one in the world that focuses primarily on the Pacific Ocean.

The complex is very good and well arranged and you can easily go through it with his children. There are two areas, one inside and one outside and for the overview information sheets in many >

Through huge, floor-to-ceiling windows you can see the life of plants and animals under water!

There are large pools in which many colorful fish frolic around a brightly lit neon light coral reef.

In other pools you can observe sea dragons, which look like a branch with leaves. You really have to look very carefully to be able to distinguish them from the plants.

The Aquarium of the Pacific Long Beach is known for its large number of huge pools of sharks, rays and other large fish. Here you can take a look at many species of the Pacific Ocean.

Aquarium of the Pacific Long Beach, petting zoo for sea creatures!

There is plenty to see and touch in the outdoor area.

A highlight not only for children are the pampering. In these sea creatures cavort like rays, bright starfish, sea urchins, anemones, sharks, penguins and other sea creatures. Many even baby sharks can even be touched. Everywhere you will find stations where you will learn interesting facts about the life habits of the animals from staff of the aquarium.

The Long Beach Aquarium is a great attraction for all ages. Entertaining, instructive and playful, life in the sea is brought close and the individual animals explained. But you should take some time to enjoy the beautiful, unique atmosphere and of course by no means forget your camera.


  • It is beautiful. Thanks for pictures!

  • Wonderful, especially to see the sea animals live, must have been very fascinating.

  • Oh, I love such aquariums. Find that always so exciting and could often sit for hours before it.
    Find your post really well written.

    All the best

  • Oh, that looks almost the same as the Florida Aquarium I was in. (Have also diligently stroked a ray ";-)) Very nice there!

  • tomatoes island

    Wow, the pelvis in the third picture is so high. Seeing the animals so close for children is certainly a great experience.
    LG Melli

  • It looks very nice there! So I should come in the next few years times in the vicinity I have to look at this: D! Unfortunately, we had no time for it during the last stay in LA (I'm really sorry for the moment I see your pictures like this: S)

    Many greetings
    Denise of

  • Wow what a great aquarium, looks really great.
    The pictures are awesome.

    LG Jasmine

  • Unfortunately, I have never been to the Long Beach Aquarium myself! That looks really great! ... and these pictures are beautiful! Oh, how I would like to look at myself ... hopefully this will work out.

    Thanks for this nice and informative blogpost! You already know that I'm a big fan of your blog anyway!

    Have a nice evening!
    best regards

  • Dear Sigrid,

    a beautiful contribution - I love the sea and the photos are just gorgeous! I want to go there too ...

    Have a nice evening!

  • Wow how awesome, I was not there, I love aquariums! Instead, I visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium - watching the free-living otter is great, too?

    Greetings, Isabelle

  • Wow, that looks stunning!
    Best regards,

  • That sounds great. I will put that on my list.

  • wow, great pictures! Definitely an impressive experience. Totally great!

  • I am also such a "sea man" ... have already spent my summer on the Baltic Sea 🙂
    most comfortable feel just on the water! that would be something for me!

    Best regards too,
    ❤ Tina from http://www.liebewasist.com

    • I also love the sea and spend my holidays there rather than in the mountains. Such an aquarium is already a great thing, especially the petting zoo was very interesting.
      best regards

  • I was so excited about the aquarium here in Singapore!
    These pampering pools are great, but the animals are certainly not so "amused",
    if they are gossiped all day long.
    I love the colorful corals and there is a jellyfish pool with colorful lights that looks great!
    I will link the article below my report from the SEA Aquarium in Singapore 🙂

    Greetings from Singapore <3

    • Dear Michelle, I really liked the petting basin, especially the little baby sharks. I'm very happy about your link, I'll check it out and read your post.
      Greetings to Singapour Sigrid

  • Wow, unfortunately I will never get there, but I enjoy the great photos.

    Thanks for your interesting contributions. Here I like to rummage again and again

    LG Sabana

  • Sounds great. That was definitely great for the kids! The photo of the shrimp fish has become really nice?
    Greetings Claudia

    • My little grandson loves to watch the fish, he wanted an aquarium for his home and he likes to sit in front of it.
      best regards

  • Oh, that's great, your pictures are very pretty! I love life under the water. I'm just always wondering who cleans those basins? Because I have here 3 mini-aquarium against this and brush my fingers already sore. Thoughts of a mom stop 😉

    Nice post, I love him!

    Love from,


    • The clean with that would be really worth a question. I have to give you the right to clean such an aquarium is always a lot of work, I had a long time and have always tried to pass the work ... laugh.
      best regards

  • anja pink shape

    Wow. That sounds great and really great pictures. Your report really makes you want to visit.
    best regards
    Anja from https://pinkshape.de

    • Thank you Anja, I'm looking forward to my next visit to an aquarium. There are quite a few in the area and in May we are back in California.
      best regards

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