Must-Do's in Los Angeles that should not be missing from any list!


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Many associate Los Angeles with sun, beach, surfers and celebrities, but it's much more than that, it's a paradise for all kinds of activities. Within an hour you can reach the beach, the mountains and the desert, making the stay very varied power.

When we vacation with our family in California, we have goals that we enjoy visiting again and again.

Animal Style At IN-N-OUT Burger!

Pretty much the first thing we do after arriving in Los Angeles is a visit to the In-N-Out at 9149 South Sepulveda Blvd, which is just 3km from the airport. There we always get our favorite burger, a double double cheeburger with tomatoes and onions. In addition, pommes in animal style with melted cheese and a special sauce with fried onions.

We had to wait a long time, then we feel right!

This train museum is an absolute favorite place of our grandson. Travel Town Travel offers an impressive display of locomotives, trains and wagons. Noah likes to climb into the real historic steam locomotive and play the conductor, that's always a lot of fun.

The museum is a quiet place that is little known by tourists. It is usually only locals who make a trip there with their children.

Admission is free and there is a large car park where you can always find a place at the weekend or on vacation.

Junkyard a unique restaurant!

The Junkyard offers an extensive and interesting menu and a great junkyard atmosphere.

It's like a museum for old and interesting things. Curios and antiques hang from the ceilings and walls. You can spend hours looking at old car parts, machines, Barbies and more.

The food is excellent, the portions are huge and the staff is super nice and hospitable.

We love the winding road up to the Griffith Observatory . Once at the top you have a magnificent view of the never-ending LA to the coast. The famous Hollywood Sign is also very visible from there.

At nightfall, when the sun slowly disappears on the horizon with a fantastic play of colors on the horizon, you feel like you are somewhere between heaven and earth.

It is always a breathtaking experience to watch as the sky over Los Angeles darkens more and more and slowly lights up.


There are over 36,000 McDonald's restaurants around the world, but none is comparable to this one in California. A visit to Downey 's oldest active McDonald's restaurant in the world is like a step back in time.

Here you have to order at the counter, the staff wear fashion from the 50s and music from these past years flows from the speakers. One is greeted by the cooking mascot Speedee, not by Roland McDonald, who came later as well as the Drive Thru.

There you get the classic varieties, such as strawberry, chocolate, etc. but also special variations such as peanut butter, cotton candy and cheesecake. There are a variety of ingredients to choose from. Including various fruits, smarties, cereals, chocolate pieces, nuts and many more.

It is interesting to see how the desired ice cream is created on the cold marble stone, which is right next to the ice cream cabinet. The ice is pressed onto the cold stone , the smarties are added and then chopped with two ice cream spatula and mixed. Then chocolate sauce is mixed in, then everything comes in a waffle or a cup.

Klaus and I are big fans of the series Californication, which mainly plays in the district Venice in Los Angeles and goes over seven seasons. The focus is on the writer Hank Moody played by David Duchovny, who desperately wants his family back. The failing Hank shows in this series marked by humorous mockery, a Los Angeles coined by drugs, sexuality and alcohol. In many scenes of the series you can see his house or the Venice Canals.

Picturesque pedestrian bridges connect the canals on both sides of the canals . Of course, we were looking for the one where Hank Moody is often seen in the series.

Amoeba Music is an American independent music chain with locations in Berkeley, San Francisco and Hollywood. The first store was opened in 1990 in Berkeley and in 1997 San Francisco followed.

In November 2001, Amoeba Music opened its largest store on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. Considered the largest independent music store in the world, it presents the largest and most diverse collection of music and films ever seen under one roof. For us and every music lover it is one of the absolute must-do's in Los Angeles.

Almost everyone knows that Los Angeles has skyscrapers, beautiful beaches, beautiful coastal roads and, of course, Hollywood with its celebrities.

But only a few know that there is an asphalt basin up to 40,000 years old, which is visited by nature lovers of all ages. A place where there are still active tar pits and is still dug for fossils today.

Located in Hancok Park, between the skyscrapers of central Los Angeles, La Brea Tar Pits is considered the largest site of historical bone finds.

After an event at the Convention Center in Los Angeles we wanted to have a snack. My daughter-in-law wanted to eat at Hooters Wings, she said there are the tastiest and tastiest in the city. We made our way through the turmoil to the Hooters, which is just across the street.

I was a bit skeptical at first, but I had to agree, the wings tasted really great and so did Klaus Fisch Tacos.

The Hooters is great if you want to eat something fast and cheap before an event in the Stables Center or in the Convention Center.

Wilshire Boulevard! The Petersen Automobile Museum on Wilshire Boulevard!

Must-Do's in Los Angeles. This museum is sure to be a must-have for any fan of great and worth seeing cars in Los Angeles. tändig wechselnde Ausstellungen. It has three floors and there are constantly changing exhibitions.

Every car fan will love the different cars like Ferraris, Porsche and different Mclaren and Bugattis. Of course, there are also cars from Hollywood movies like the Batman from Batman, Christine from Stephen King or the Delorean from Back to the Future.

Randy's Donuts is close to the airport and is hard to miss with the great Donat. He has also appeared in many movies including Iron Man 2 and crocodile Dundee or television series such as Californication.

The selection is varied, the taste is excellent, the Donats are large and reasonably priced. I've already eaten some donuts and I have to say that Randy's is really one of the best.

Farmers from the surrounding area offer a wide variety of all kinds of fresh local produce. We were overwhelmed by the many fruit and vegetable stalls with their rich offer of regional goods. I have rarely seen such fresh fruits as apples, orange bananas and melons. Vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes, salads and carrots make every vegetarian's heart beat faster.

From the studio tour at Universal Studios Hollywood our little grandson can not get enough and we visit her at least once a week. You get a little insight into how it goes behind the scenes of a film production and experienced how films are made.

During the journey, numerous background stories, general information about the studio and excerpts, of the movie set turned on cinema hits were shown on monitors. You also got hints on what to look out for so as not to miss anything.

With an Annual Pass of 12 months you have the opportunity to see everything in peace, without stress and as often as you want.

Origin of Los Angeles, El Pueblo de los Ángeles!

The birthplace of Los Angeles's El Pueblo de los Ángeles is located in downtown Los Angeles. The historic district of Mexican culture and traditions has been named Olvera Street since 1877. This street offers a really interesting contrast amid the skyscrapers of Los Angeles.

One of Los Angeles' most popular tourist destinations, Olvera Street is one of America's top five most popular streets.

Instead of frozen meat, as in other well-known burger chains, only fresh minced meat is used. Since there is an open kitchen, you can see how the burgers are freshly prepared and grilled by hand. On each burger come two of these delicious and juicy pieces of meat.

At Five Guys, the chips are cut by hand and baked in 100% peanut oil. A fine thing for those who are struggling with their cholesterol, because this oil has no cholesterol.

These are some must-dos in Los Angeles that should not be missing from any list.


  • Hello Sigrid,
    I have never been to LA, but my girlfriend is going there soon. Send her your list 🙂 I would like to eat a burger like that. Have often heard that it should be delicious!

    Have a good time!

    Love Linni

  • Dear Sigrid,

    I love your tips because they are not in the typical travel guides. I've been to Los Angeles many times but never to those places (except the Farmer's Market). I hope I'll be back soon ... and the burger looks delicious! I do not care about cholesterol ;-).


  • LA is so high on my bucket list, I really want to go there. Great and informative report.

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