Sweet and Like constant companions on a California vacation!


This is a post with some tips on California!

My son has animated me to do that. He lives in sunny California, has to deal with it every day and is therefore very familiar with it .

Sweet and Like!

I was like ... 10 years old I was like .... this little nerdy kid that literally did not have ANY friends.Like ... everyone hated me.

This sentence means nothing else than:

When I was about 10 years old, I was a little nerd who really had no friends at all. Everyone hated me.

In the south of California, "Like" is used as a gap filler to represent things exaggeratedly. Meaning in the strict sense does not have the word in this context. But it goes on:

Stranger: "Where are you guys from?"

Tourist: "We're from Germany"

Stranger: "Germany huh? Sweet ... "

Please do not start a fight! The 'sweet' in this case is meant very commendably, it means as much as respect!

Here is another LA s>

One speaks to each other with the first name!

If somebody asks you for your first name on your holiday in California, it has nothing to do with disrespect. There it is customary that one addresses each other with the first name even if one does not know each other. Age and status do not matter.

Cardinal directions and Freeway numbers!

Arriving at the LAX (Los Angeles Int. Airport) the question of the direction to the hotel usually arises. Therefore, even if you have hired GPS, it is advisable to ask the nice seller of the rental company for the way:

Tourist: "Excuse me, our hotel is in Woodland Hills. How do I get there? "

Vendors: "Oh it's easy to take the 405 north and the 101 west. Get off at Topanga. You can not miss it!

City names are not named on the highway signs. As a rule, only street names are mentioned at the exits of the motorway. In this case, it would be the Topanga Cyn Rd. The freeways in southern California are referred to as "the 101", "the 405", "the 5" etc. In the north of California, this is omitted when describing highways.

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