Mountain High family friendly paradise for hiking and skiing!


Many associate Los Angeles with blue skies, bright sunshine and extensive beaches, but it is much more than that. In about an hour you can reach the beach, desert or the mountains that are covered with snow in the winter months. There you can swap the surfboard with the snowboard within a day and race down the slopes.

During our visit to Los Angeles in September we had temperatures above 30 degrees almost every day, of course ideal for water activities of all kinds. But lying lazily on the beach every day is not our thing, we prefer to look at the area to find new favorite places to discover.

One morning we went to Mountain High with our son and grandson. This is just under an hour and a half from Los Angeles and is the most visited ski area in Southern California in winter. Our son told us that you can not only have fun there in the snow, but all year round, because there are many hiking trails that offer great views.

The journey took us via Interstate 10 to the Barstow / Las Vegas exit and further on Interstate 15 towards Wrightwood. Then it went about 5 kilometers in serpentines up the mountain, which became narrower and steeper. The view was really gigantic, but since I can't stand sitting in the back of the car so well, I couldn't really enjoy it. At every turn I hoped it would be the last and I can make it to the top without vomiting.

At the top we were offered a wonderful, already autumn landscape with cool 7 degrees and strong wind. It's hard to believe that people were swimming in the water or on the beach just over an hour away.

We wisely took warm jackets with us and were able to go on a long discovery tour with our grandson.

After the hike, we stopped at the North Lodge to warm up a bit. Since our grandson Noah was hungry, we ordered a sandwich for the little one and homemade chili that tasted great for us.

Then we made ourselves comfortable in front of the blazing fireplace, it was so cozy, we could have sat there for hours.

Then we looked at the slopes, which Noah likes to unsafe with his sled in winter. Then it was time to head home if we didn't want to get into the dark.

Now it went down the winding road and unfortunately my grandson couldn't do what I did on the way there. He couldn't keep his food with him and shot it through the car in a high arc. We had to stop, move it and clean it a bit, which wasn't easy with the bottle of water we had with us. The rest of the way home was not exactly pleasant with the smell of vomit in the car.

The three different ski areas that are close together are called West Resort, East Resort and North Resort. They offer slopes for snowboarders, sled drivers and skiers from beginners to professionals.

Mountain High West is very popular with snowboarders, here they can even ski down the slopes in the dark. Mountain High East is ideal for skiing and for cross-country skiers and Mountain High North is a family-friendly paradise for beginners and children.

Here is also the North Pole Tubing Park, the largest toboggan park in Southern California.

Just a few weeks after we left, we got these photos of how our grandson frolicked on the slopes in the snow and the cars are lining up.

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