Panda Express my favorite fast food store in the US!


bei Panda Express! Orange Chicken My Favorite Dish at Panda Express!

Advertising by name!

Panda Express is my absolute favorite among fast food chains in the USA. It does not matter if it's Las Vegas or Los Angeles, it's mostly found in the food courts of the numerous malls.

But no matter what city or mall, Panda Express is always recommended. There are a variety of meat dishes, rice, pasta and vegetables to choose from, but orange chicken is next Teriyaki Chicken probably the most popular and famous dish.

Sweet, spicy, spicy or with mushrooms, of course there are other chicken variations. But there are also meat dishes in different flavors, just like shrimp or shrimp. As side dishes there are Chinese noodles or fried vegetable rice and crunchy vegetables.

If you are difficult to decide on the variety of dishes, tastings are offered.

But my personal favorite is the Panda Express Orange Chicken with fried rice, already writing, I get an appetite for a double serving of it . Klaus prefers the Grilled Teriyaki Chicken with Chinese noodles, but everyone has his favorite.

If you really want to eat enough and like the Asian cuisine, is in good hands with Panda Express. You get large portions for little money and everything is always fresh and delicious.

Unfortunately, we do not have a Panda Express to quickly get a serving of Orange Chicken, so I have to do it myself if I'm hungry for it. I'm fortunate to have an American daughter in law who gave me a recipe for Orange Chicken.

On the flight home I always have some bottles of original Panda Express orange sauce in my suitcase. You get them directly in the fast food shop, but also in various supermarkets such as the Vons or Ralphs.

My son regularly sends me packets from the USA, also there is always the orange sauce.

The recipe goes fast and you do not need many ingredients if you have the original sauce!

For 4 people you need;

800 g chicken breast, 2 eggs, flour and some cornstarch, oil, salt and pepper.

Wash the chicken breast, pat dry, cut into bite-sized pieces and set aside.

Now in a bowl whisk eggs with salt and pepper and in another bowl, mix flour with cornflour.

Now roll the pieces of chicken first in the eggs and then in the flour.

Heat the fat in the wok and fry the pieces of chicken until they are crispy. This is very fast, about 4 minutes. Remove the meat and drain in a colander. In the meantime, remove the grease from the wok.

Now add the pieces of meat again, add the original Panda Express Orange Sauce and let it get hot.

Good Appetite!

I am already looking forward to my next visit to the US and to the original Orange Chicken.

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